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THE OVERTHROW OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC - Part 42 - The Public Execution of John F. Kennedy

Sherman H. Skolnick

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Some of these reports had titles such as "The Gemstone Files", and "The Torbett Document", and were copied and re-copied, and shared as background by various political assassination researchers. These details were often discussed when such researchers got together at meetings.

According to some alternative commentators, these notes were to be read and considered in conjunction with the book "Farewell America". Published in Europe about 1968, and circulated in about fourteen languages, the book was no t permitted by U.S. postal and customs authorities to be imported into the U.S. to be sold in bookstores. This censorship in the U.S. ended about 2002, when began selling a paperback edition of the book now listed on their webs ite. Until 1973, I was only one of two researchers in the U.S. who found a way to get "Farewell America", in English, in hardback, into the U.S. At nationwide college seminars by me, I gave them away to students in return for small donations to support our work.

Here are matters necessary to understanding the political wipe-out of JFK

Starting in 1841 and continuing until the first year of the 20th Century, were the visible results of violent struggles between the Vatican/the Jesuits and the Protestant Church in America as well as the efforts of Great Britain t o take-back the American continent, reverting the inhabitants to being mere subjects, not U.S. citizens, of the British Monarchy and returning this land to being puppet colonies of the Crown.

In furtherance of these ends, five U.S. presidents were assassinated for the benefit of Great Britain and the Vatican/the Jesuits.

===William Henry Harrison, killed by being poisoned, in 1841, a month after being inaugurated as President. U.S. Senator Thomas Benton in his book stated as to President Harrison, "that the deceased President had been closely preceded and was rapidly followed by the deaths of almost all of his numerous family, sons and daughters." Only one of President Harrison's eight children, a son, was permitted to live. "Thirty Years' View From 1820-1850" by Thomas Benton.

===Zachary Taylor, like Harrison, killed by being poisoned 1850, during the slavery controversy, called the Compromise, instigated by Great Britain to divide up and conquer the United States. These efforts by England eventually led to the American Civil War, also called The War Between the States, in which England financed and outfitted with weapons the Jefferson Davis Confederacy, breaking away from the United States of America.

===Abraham Lincoln,, assassinated, as a symbol, on Good Friday, April, 1865, a few days after the South surrendered. Part of the plot against Lincoln included the guard at the door of Lincoln's box at Ford's Theater. The guard fled to the Vatican and was sheltered as part of the Vatican Guard. The Vatican, through various strategies, including making their presence and power known to a U.S. jury, effectively kept the guard from being convicted and jailed for being part of the plot ag ainst Lincoln,upon the guard returning to the U.S.

===James Abram Garfield, murdered 1881. He was against England interfering with the industrial development and finance of the U.S.

===William McKinley. Prior to his first term as President, he promoted U.S. industrial and financial interests in opposition to Great Britain by the McKinley Tariff. In his first Presidential term, he promoted U.S. imperialism, in the U.S. war against Spain, in opposition to England. Like Garfield, he was opposed to Great Britain interfering with U.S. industrial and financial development. He was assassinated in 1901, a few months after being inaugurated President for the second time.

===John F. Kennedy. The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified January 16, 1919 and repealed by the 21st Amendment, December 5, 1933. It prohibited the manufacturing, sale, and importation of intoxicating liquor within th e U.S., and exportation of the same from the U.S. The period was called "The Prohibition".

John F. Kennedy's father, Joseph P. Kennedy, during Prohibition, made the British royalty beholden to him for financial benefits. The Brits controlled the manufacturing and export of booze from England and Scotland. Joe Kennedy arrange d to smuggle into the U.S. the British royal products through a transit point, being a small French island in the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Old man Kennedy distributed the spirits in the U.S., in violation of Prohibition, mainly through his financial arrangements with gangsters, in Boston, Chicago, and Detroit and the massive bribery of state and federal U.S. officials. &n bsp;The British royals, for their financial gain, tolerated Joe Kennedy, despite the fact they considered him a lower level being, as an Irish Catholic. In the 1930s, as a reward, despite Joe being a Catholic, he was made U.S. Ambassador to England.

Joe Kennedy made the Rockefellers as well, beholden to the Kennedy Family. The Second World War started September 1, 1939. Three weeks into the war, England arranged a secret supposed "peace-time" arrangement between Rockefeller's Stan dard Oil of New Jersey with the German chemical and synthetic rubber cartel, I.G. Farben. With the corrupt aid of Ambassador Kennedy, the deal was fraudulently back-dated as if arranged prior to the start of the war. The Rockefellers treasonously shared profits with I.G. Farben, through supposed South American neutral countries, all during the war. See "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" by Joseph Borkin.

Joe Kennedy, in October, 1940, gave up being Ambassador and returned to the U.S. Being heavily anti-Jewish and pro-Hitler (similar to the British royals who were actually German royals from the House of Hanover), Kennedy tried to persu ade President Franklin D. Roosevelt for the U.S. to stay neutral, since Kennedy was convinced Hitler would win the war against England. After delivering U.S. weapons to Britain, U.S. ships sometimes returned, not empty to U.S., but with loads of liquor from the British Royals spirits industry headed for Joe Kennedy's firm, Somerset Imports, Ltd., even during World War Two.

What happened to Joe Kennedy's son John F., was similar to the supposedly fiction book "Winter Kills" by Richard Condon who was also author of the political murder thriller "The Manchurian Candidate". "Winter Kills" is about an Irish p atriarch, thick with hoodllums, who through them, arranges to get his son elected President. And then the gangsters join with others to assist the assassination of his son. (For a while, the movie version of the book was blocked from presentation in the U.S. At a limited showing at the Art Institute theater in Chicago, I taped an interview with the movie producer, how the Kennedy Family went about destroying him.)

Joseph P. Kennedy's booze firm was Somerset Imports, Ltd., with offices in Chicago. I taped an interview with the company manager who told how the ownership changed hands exactly at the time of the murder of President Kennedy. Despite that, he said, the Kennedy Family continued post-assassination to get financial benefits from five out of eight British/Scotch booze labels distributed in the U.S. We also interviewed a key salesmen from the firm.

John F. Kennedy in an extremely close election against Presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon, won the Electoral College vote and hence the presidency, by Chicago gangsters stealing some eight thousand votes used to have JFK carry Ill inois' necessary electoral vote.

Shortly after being inaugurated in 1961, President Kennedy proceeded with the plan, started by President Eisenhower, to invade Cuba at the "Bay of Pigs". In so doing, JFK, nominally a Catholic, violated Catholic Church canon law and do ctrine, by proceeding to make war against another Catholic country, namely Cuba, and its leader, Fidel Castro, a Jesuit. The invasion plan became a fiasco when JFK refused to have U.S. war planes aid the invaders on the beach.

Joseph P. Kennedy had a financial interest in toppling Fidel. Through a bank he owned in Boston, the elder Kennedy owned North Cuba Railroad Bonds, made worthless by Fidel but having value if he was removed.

Catholics in the American CIA considered John F. Kennedy a traitor and a butcher. Three weeks before the Dallas murder, President Kennedy ordered a coup against the devout Catholic South Viet Nam government in Saigon. Murdered on Kenne dy's authorization for geopolitical reasons, was the South Viet Nam premier, Ngo Dinh Diem, and his two brothers. The premier's widow, Madame Ngu, taking up residence in Paris, supervised the American CIA's assassination of JFK, using French assass ins previously part of a failed plot by disgruntled French Generals against French Premier DeGaulle. (The French military was sore at DeGaulle for not defending French interests in Algeria.)

Madame Ngu was in charge of huge dope funds from the "Golden Triangle" of Southeast Asia. In later years, participating in the financial benefits was the unholy trio of George Herbert Walker Bush, Colin Powell, and Powell's sidekick, R ichard Armitage. The American CIA arranged for General Powell to avoid being prosecuted for war crimes in his role in the vast murders of Vietnamese women and children known as the My Lai Affair.

To harass the Lyndon B. Johnson administration, Madame Ngu used part of the illicit funds to finance the American CIA's agents provocateurs posing as supposed leaders of the anti-Viet Nam War Movement, 1966 and thereafter. A fake peace-nik leader, Rennie Davis, had his father as consultant in the later war-mongering Nixon White House. Because I early on with my associates investigated Rennie and the Madame Ngu links to the peace fakers, I was numerous times falsely arrested or threatened with arrest.

Every U.S. president following the murder of JFK, either assisted the assassins in some way, or participated in covering up the CIA/Nazi War Criminal murder of Dallas witnesses, or kept incriminating U.S. records from being revealed.

===LYNDON B. JOHNSON, just prior to the JFK assassination, told his mistress, who later wrote about it, that "after tomorrow that bastard Kennedy will not be able to embarass me anymore". Johnson's war industry cronies stood to make bi llions from the Viet Nam War that JFK opposed spreading out. Johnson abandoned JFK 's order to issue Two Dollar genuine U.S. Paper money, NOT phony-baloney Federal Reserve notes masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar". (More on this later.) Johnson using the fraudulent Gulf of Tonkin Affair to justify enlarging the Viet Nam struggle, pandered to the Aristocracy financially benefitting, as they do, from Wars and Depressions, to the great detriment of the American commonfolk.

Johnson appointed the Warren Commission to whitewash the high-level murder of JFK.

===RICHARD M. NIXON. According to writings by the highly-skilled assassination researcher, Penn Jones, Jr., and others, there was a meeting in Texas, just prior to the assassination, of U.S. Generals together with FBI dictator J. Edgar Hoover, Richard M. Nixon, and others, plotting out all the details. Living in the Dallas suburb of Midlothian, Jones found out plenty and wrote about it.

After leaving office as Vice President, Nixon, as little-known, headed-up and supervised, for the American CIA, the plan to invade Cuba in 1961, at the "Bay of Pigs". Later, as President, Nixon kept blackmailing the Aristocracy on the high-level plot to murder JFK, the details of which Nixon knew. The CIA, through the instigated Watergate Affair, forced Tricky Dick from the Presidency in 1974.

By the way, the CIA through their Foundation fronts, sponsored the 1968 commotions in Chicago at the Democrat Convention, discrediting the Democrats and enabling Nixon to win the election as President on the GOP ticket.

Nixon's false statement, which ended up in the Warren Report, was that he left Dallas on the morning of the murder. He was there as General Counsel for the Pepsico Bottlers Convention. Years later, a Pepsico director who was on a Dallas radio program with me, confirmed from his own direct knowledge, that Nixon was there all that day. In fact, said the director, Nixon outraged others at the Convention by demanding that the Convention proceed even after JFK was killed just after h igh noon. Nixon stayed at a hotel next to a suite occupied by movie star Joan Crawford whose husband, heading up Pepsico, was apparently conveniently wiped out.

===GERALD FORD. Becoming President through the Rockefeller-instigated 25th Amendment, without an election, following the resignation of Nixon, Ford was in a perfect position for the JFK murder cover-up. Ford in 1964, had been a member of the infamous Warren Commission, falsely proclaiming a "lone assassin" killed JFK. Ford was a spy, for J.Edgar Hoover, on the Warren whitewash, and acted along with staff faker Arlen Specter to promote the ridiculous single-bullet theory. Specte r was later rewarded by the American CIA which purchased for him the position of U.S. Senator (R., Pa.)

As part of a scheme to stop Nixon, after resigning, from continuing to blackmail the CIA and others, Ford, without much formality, pardoned Nixon from any federal criminal prosecutions.

===JIMMY CARTER. Selected for the Presidency by the Rockefellers and the infamous Council on Foreign Relations (members of which flooded the Carter Administration), Carter was, like the other Presidents following the murder, a perfect choice. During the 1976 Presidential Election, a doctor with apparent direct data, claimed Jimmy Carter was actually an illegitimate off-spring of Joseph P. Kennedy, "Founding Father" of the Kennedy clan. Seldom-noted, the Kennedys remain silent about t he high-level plots that snuffed out JFK, the attempt in 1964 by a sabotaged plane crash to wipe out Teddy Kennedy, and the murder of Bobby Kennedy in 1968 as he was possibly on the way to occupying the Oval Office. The Kennedys, with the possible excep tion of JFK daughter Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, are reputed blackmailers. Unable to do anything about the high-level plots against the Kennedy Family, they get great financial benefits from their blackmailing the Aristocracy.

[More about the Kennedys, in our website series, "What Happened to America's Goldenboy", the murder of JFK, Jr.)

===RONALD REAGAN. For many years prior to being California Governor and U.S. President, Reagan was a stooge for General Electric and their propaganda series on network television, the "General Electric Theater". G.E. helped finan ce the rise of Adolf Hitler and their facilities in war-time Germany, Second World War, were NOT bombed. [See Antony Sutton's documented book "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler".] Hence, Reagan was as well entangled with the Bush Family and their pro-H itler past. [See "The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush" by Webster Griffin Tarpley et al., 1992.]

In the late 1960s, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison conducted criminal prosecutions of those involved in the Louisiana aspect of the JFK murder plot. Reagan, as California Governor, blocked the Garrison investigation by refus ing to extradict a key witness from within the California jurisdiction.

In 1981, a few weeks after being inaugurated as President, Reagan was violently reminded to keep his mouth shut. He was hit in the chest by some kind of a projectile while coming out of the entrance of a hotel in the District of Columb ia. Although some network TV reporters, as eyewitnesses, said there were multiple shots fired from several directions, the monopoly press blamed it all on John Hinckley, a member of the American Nazi Party, and whose father was in the oil business with George Herbert Walker Bush who as Vice President, itched to take over the Oval Office.

===GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH. The elder Bush, as shown by an FBI document, was part of the witness cover-up of the JFK murder. He was entangled with those who were part of the high-level plot against JFK. Bush played a role in supervi sing, with Nixon, the aborted invasion of Cuba, 1961, for which the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, called JFK "a traitor". No stranger to Nazis and Nazi war criminals then living in the U.S., Bush was implicated with the Nazis in the U.S. used to snuff out JFK murder eyewitnesses. [See the voluminous writings of the highly-skilled late assassination researcher Mae Brussell.]

===WILLIAM ROCKEFELLER CLINTON. The person using the name "Bill Clinton" is actually the illegitimate great grandson of old John D. Rockefeller, founder of the infamous monopoly Standard Oil. On our website, in various articles, we tel l why we feel justified in using Rockefeller as Bill's middle name.

From an early age, Bill Clinton was recruited for doing agent provocateur acts for the American CIA. He was most of the time under the supervision of the London Station Chief of the U.S. spy agency. Falsely posing as a draft-dodger (de spite the statements of the monopoly press, he was NOT but rather a cover story as CIA spy), Bill in the late 1960s traveled in Europe, while compiling reports for the CIA on the anti-Viet Nam War Movement in Europe. He helped keep track of Madame Ngu, widow of premier Diem in Saigon along with Diem's two brothers, ordered assassinated by JFK. She was stationed in Paris and headed up the CIA acts resulting in the murder of JFK and the killing thereafter of eyewitnesses.

Starting in 1970 and thereafter, at various seminars, I commented, to no avail, that JFK ordering the wipe-out about November 1, 1963, of the Diem brothers running the Saigon government, was instrumentally involved in two events. First , the aborted plot in Chicago, two and a half weeks before Dallas, to murder JFK at a football game. He cancelled his visit. All the details became part of a federal court lawsuit by me against the National Archives and Records Service. I attached eleve n documents to my lawsuit, April, 1970, apparently stolen from the government records repository. A judge previously CIA Counter-Intelligence Chief in Europe, put my lawsuit out of court without legal formality. Assassination researchers, spending all t heir book-authoring and lecture efforts as to which way the bullets went in Dallas, all the years ignored my lawsuit and often condemned me for not joining with them as to the Dallas aspect.

Secondly, Madame Ngu headed up the American CIA murder of JFK. More than thirty-three years after my revelations about this, a few details related to this came out in a book published November, 2003. "Triangle of Death The Shocking Truth About the Role of South Vietnam and the French Mafia in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy", by Bradley S. Leary and L.E. Seymour, World Net Daily Books.

A member of the Warren Commission, Congressman Hale Boggs (D., La.), in later years had misgivings about the "lone assassin" finding of the Commission. He began publicly grumbling about this and about the FBI Dictator J. Edgar Hoover s pying on Congress by wire-tapping. In October, 1972, a month before Nixon was re-elected President, Boggs was to take a private plane on a planned trip to Alaska. Guess who, as a young man, drove him to the airport? Why, none other than Bill Clinton!

Boggs' plane disappeared in Alaska. The CIA and Military Intelligence falsely claimed the plane was never found. Boggs' daughter, Cokie Robert (nee Boggs), knowingly made false statements that her father's plane was never found and, th at her father believed a "lone assassin", Lee Harvey Oswald, killed JFK. She was rewarded by getting a multi-million dollar per year position on Sunday morning programs on ABC-TV network.

Our interviews with private investigators as to the Boggs' Alaska event, convinces us the plane was found and the matter covered up. This was a month BEFORE Nixon's re-election. A month AFTER Nixon's re-election was the murder of Dorothy Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar, E. Howard Hunt, and eleven other Watergators through a sabotaged plane crash in Chicago, December, 1972. [See my four part website series, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage".]

===GEORGE W. BUSH. Like his father, he has been part of the JFK murder cover-up. Bill Clinton, as Arkansas Governor, participated in the CIA weapons/dope smuggling through the Southern States, including through the tiny airport at Mena , Arkansas. Clinton co-operated in these illicit activities with Daddy Bush and Ollie North. Clinton, from time to time, visited at the Bush Family mansion in Kennebunkport. Maine and Bill is part of the Bush/Clinton Crime Family. [See the book, "B oy Clinton", by Tyrell, page 2.]

George W. Bush, like his father, surrounds himself with those with purported Nazi links, including Karl Rove. And Bush met quietly with Arnold Schwarenegger two years before Arnold became recall Governor of California. Arnold's immedia te family in Austria were Nazi officials under Hitler. Remember, as pointed out by the late master assassination researcher, Mae Brussell, the Nazi criminals quietly residing in the U.S., post-World War Two, were involved with their criminal specialty, murdering witnesses, in particular those who knew too much directly about the Dallas details.

The actual duly elected President in 2000 BUT NOT INAUGURATED, namely Albert Gore, Jr., to his credit as U.S. Senator and thereafter, told others in Congress he was in favor of getting to the bottom of who all was involved in the JFK m urder.

In sum, John F. Kennedy was the subject of a public execution, November 22, 1963, having his brains blown out in an open car in Dallas.

The motives for the Aristocracy arranging the political assassination of JFK, justifying at least to themselves why the murder was necessary for THEM to survive running the United States of America, WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

[1] Kennedy angered the oil tycoons headquartered in Texas where he was executed. He announced he favored scrapping the tax loophole enriching them, namely the oil depletion allowance. The once-banned book, "Farewell America", has a wh ole section on this subject.

[2] Kennedy antagonized the Aristocracy and their ownership of the PRIVATE central bank, pretending to be part of the U.S. Government, namely the Federal Reserve. A month before the wipe-out, JFK invoked a little-known provision of federal law, authorizing him to issue genuine U.S. currency paper money in the form of Two Dollar Bills. To counter this over the years, the spy-riddled, oil-soaked monopoly press made jokes about the Two Dollar Bill. JFK did not live to see his auth orization of the genuine U.S. paper money issuance to be carried out, the same having been nullified by President Johnson.

As ruled by the U.S. Court of Appeals, for the Ninth Circuit, headquartered in San Francisco, and not challenged or disputed, "The regional Federal Reserve banks are not government agencies....but are independent privately owned and lo cally controlled corporations." Lewis vs. United States, 680 F.2d 1239 (9th Circuit, 1982). [Can be referred to in a law library, the reference to be read as Volume 680, Federal Reporter 2nd series, starting at page 1239.]

[3] Kennedy angered the Aristocracy by threatening to wind down the Viet Nam struggle, depriving the Ultra Rich of war profiteering benefits.

[4] On the other hand, Catholics in the Aristocracy justified his execution on the basis he committed, even nominally as a Catholic, violations of Church canon law and doctrines. Namely, proceeding to attack a Catholic nation and leade r, Cuba, with Fidel Castro, a Jesuit. And ordering the assassination of the Diem brothers, in a coup, for geopolitical reasons, against the devout Catholic Saigon government.

[5] The most important motive for his public execution By his charming ways and speechs, he gave the impression to the American commonfolk that the era of the common man had arrived, a dangerous mindset that had to be quickly end ed for the Aristocracy to survive. This psychological trend was ended when JFK's brains were blown out, as a warning to would-be charming leaders who departed from the orders and rules of the Ultra Rich.

For additional and supporting details as to the foregoing, consult the book listing of one of the leading assassination book specialists The Last Hurrah Bookshop, 937 Memorial Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701 (570) 321-1150 (phone and fax ). http// For example, as to books about Lyndon B. Johnson being part of the plot, on their website, click on TEXAS/JOHNSON.