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Sherman H. Skolnick

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litary of the regime in their home country. One of the apparently good features? For the the first time in living memory there, the ultra-rich folks were forced to pay taxes. But it did not last.

We, by the way, on our public access Cable TV Program, cablecast within the city limits of Chicago, from time to time, have had guests as candidates for high state office. Guess what I as moderator dared ask them? "If you are elected Illinois Governor, would you do something about the American CIA flooding Illinois with dope, to raise funds separate from Congress for secret operations?" The candidate said, "Governor is a local office. I do not know anything about the CIA". And I stated, "Really, that is all you have to say?" Candidate, "yes".

And I also have asked, "if you are elected Governor, would you tax the ultra-rich who currently pay little if any taxes, such as the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the DuPonts, and the Marshall Fields?" The candidate usually refused to answer, or looked up at the tv studio ceiling. After the taping ended, I asked one campaign manager, why his candidate tolerates me at all. "Sherman, if they can handle your big mouth, they can handle any opponent. And you do have a big audience in this town."

Since at least 1995, we have been writing about and also mentioning on talk radio, a few details about the small U.S. Military Group vowing to arrest at the time Clinton as their Commander-in-Chief,. the second hat Bill had as President. In simple terms, it was a real life version of the fictional book and movie, "Seven Days in May". [Book by F. Knebel, HarperCollins, hardcover, 1988. Movie, 1964, with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas.]

If Clinton had them arrested for mutiny, they intended, if they were not assassinated, to defend themselves, showing that the person using the name "Clinton" has committed treason, such as with the Red Chinese Secret Police. [Elsewhere, we have discussed why we call him William ROCKEFELLER Clinton. See our website series,"Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police".]

This small group of U.S. Admirals and Generals, called in the military trade, as flag officers, had repeatedly tried, to no avail, to remove Clinton while he was Commander-in-Chief.

April 19, 1995, occurred what some have described as the multiple bombings of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Details have come out through alternative media, that there was prior knowledge in the White House, just like Pearl Harbor, 1941. The bombings permitted "Clinton" to wrap himself in the flag and say he was going to combat the local Militias trying "to overthrow the government". This helped Clinton divert attention from the defeat in 1994, with Congress getting a GOP majority in the Election.

April 17, 1995, two days prior to the bombings, a planeload of U.S. Military brass died when the military Lear jet, exploded in the air near Alexander City, Alabama. Thus snuffed out among the reputed coup plotters, were Clark G. Fiester, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for acquisitions, since previous May, when he was former vice president and general manager for the electronic defense sector of GTE Government Systems, in Mountain View, California and he had worked at GTE 36 years before joining the Defense Department; Air Force Major General Glenn A. Profitt II of West Layayette, Indiana, director of plans and operations for the Air Education and Training Command; Major Hubert B. Fisher who researched sensitive information technologies.

They had onboard with them a person not supposed to exist. Namely, a Prisoner of War from Viet Nam, knowledgeable as to why and how the Defense Department and the White House continues to cover up the POWs from the Viet Nam War. That is, those who were pushed into becoming "mules" for the Southeast Asia dope trafficking supervised by General Colin Powell and his crony Richard Armitage, and their illicit-dealings business partner, George Herbert Walker Bush. [On alternative media has been shown the video interview of a Burmese General describing how Powell, Armitage, and Bush are his dope trafficking business partners and arranged at U.S. government expense to build a highway into the jungle to facilitate the transporting of dope headed for the U.S. trade.]

Families of the victims of the airplane explosion were not permitted to retrieve any belongings nor be given any details of what happened. A heavily-censored story was given to the pressfakers to distribute. Such as, the Associate Press report, Washington Times, 4/19/95,"High Air Force official mourned after jet crash"[Washington Times is owned and operated by the Korean CIA and Rev. Moon]. Chicago Tribune, 4/18/95 [Tribune owned in large part by the Queen of England and British Monarchy. See our items about the British Monarch in business with the Bush Crime family.] Also, Washington Post, 4/18 and 4/19/95. [The Post and their CIA pals, see our item, "The Late Dragon of the Washington Post".]

Later, we obtained exclusive details of how the U.S. Government was blocking an Alabama Federal Grand Jury probing the sabotaged crash linked to an attempt coup.

Originally, there were 24 flag officers who felt authorized under the Uniform Military Code to arrest Commander-in-Chief Clinton. If arrested on charges of mutiny, they were prepared to defend themselves with documented charges of treason against Clinton. Such as, that Clinton from time to time ate with and met with in the White House, the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun. The flag officers had proof that Clinton gave him as part of a sworn enemy of the United States,financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets of the U.S. Wang Jun has also been the head of Polytechnologies, a Red Chinese military owned business making and marketing AK-47 submachine guns intended for shipment to U.S. inner city narco-terrorist street gangs to cause havoc in shoot-em-ups with big city police.[Contending they are under-staffed, U.S. customs has been able to apprehend only SOME of these weapons into the U.S.] Kenneth W. Starr for four years as "Independent Counsel" ran after Bill and Hillary yet after expending some 50 million dollars came up only with the sex episode of Monica Lewinsky, used to amuse some on the television. Starr spent most of the time in PRIVATE law practice and who was his private law client? Why, Wang Jun. Furthermore, Starr was the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese Government at Bejing. So the whole situation was a joke. The Clinton Justice Department could have jailed Starr any time they wanted to. [Monica and Chandry Levy as foreign intelligence operatives, with Rahm Emanuel, visit our website two part series, "The Chandra Levy Affair".]

The 24 flag officers, out of uniform, took up residence in a Paris suburb, under the protection of the French CIA who faulted Clinton for covering up the downing in 1996 of TWA Flight 800. The plane took off from New York destined for Paris, having onboard 60 French nationals, 8 of which were members of the French spy agency. Their team official, however, refused to board Flight 800 and took a later flight. The French contend that Clinton, to avoid problems with his 1996 re-election campaign, covered up that Flight 800 was downed by missiles.

Since 1995, ten of the original 24 flag officers as coup plotters were assassinated [that does NOT include those snuffed out April 17, 1995]. One of those murdered was General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. Another one was Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest naval officer in uniform. [For some historical and traditional reasons, the U.S. Navy Officers and the Office of Naval Intelligence have to be at least in part, in charge of any attempt to arrest the Commander-in-Chief for treason.]

In Part 8 of this series, we mention the Split in the American aristocracy that has to be considered. Also to be figured into the equation, is a coup for public good or one for evil.


Prior "experiments". U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff had a plan to instigate U.S. public commotions by way of instigating grounds to bomb and invade Cuba. This was in 1962, a year AFTER the CIA's debacle being the aborted invasion at the Bay of Pigs. The top U.S. military were planning to arrange to bomb U.S. commercial air flights, immediately blaming Cuba. Also there was to be other bombings and violence in the United States, instigated by the highest level of the U.S. Military, and with the co-operation of the captive U.S. media, to blame it all on Cuba. All in all, it was to be a test on how to overthrow a regime.

The scheme was called "Operation Northwoods". It is detailed in "Body of Secrets Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency---From the Cold War through the Dawn of A New Century", by James Bamford, hardcover, 2001, pages 82-91, 300, 301.

In 1972, the CIA/Military think tank, Rand Corp., came out with their little-known report, "Operation Star", at the behest of the Nixon White House. The document deals with how to persuade ordinary Americans that it is somehow okay to suspend the U.S. Constitution and call off if not terminate elections. That is, how to conduct a coup against the American Republic and the organic law, that is, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. By the fall of 1973, after "The Saturday Night Massacre" where Nixon lopped off those probing him and Watergate, the U.S. came very close to a test if not actual imposition of martial law.

Why prior coup attempts to do public good or evil have failed. [1] Other high military officers, because they were too "chicken" or simply wanted to be around to collect their pension, did not aid or join the original 24 flag officers. [2] The newfakers kept diverting public attention from Clinton's treason. Such as, at key times when it might have been mentioned, Clinton ordered the bombing of Iraq. ]3] In 1999, Clinton's treason was not part of the House Impeachment Resolutions. AND, the Senate considering whether to remove Clinton, had key members blackmailed. Such as then Senate Judiciary Chairman, Orrin G. Hatch (R., Utah) was subject himself to be federal criminally prosecuted for bribery charges relating to the downfall of Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI. Also, Hatch was subject to being prosecuted for bribery in the Salt Lake City Olympics bribery scandal. [4] Right after the Senate refused to remove Clinton on impeachment charges, Clinton ordered the bombing of Serbia. Yet, Yugoslavia never attacked or invaded another country in their history and was long-known as friendly to the U.S. In violation of the Geneva Conventions as to the international law of wars, to which the U.S. is a signatory, Clinton ordered the bombing in Yugoslavia of hospitals, schools, and churches. Clinton ordered the Red Chinese embassy in Belgrade to be bombed on the censored accusation that they were assisting the Serbs with U.S. military data. The Chinese anger was controlled, since they were part of Clinton's previously mentioned treason.


In view of the earlier unsuccessful efforts within the U.S. to conduct an overthrow, whether for the public good or for power-grabbing evil, the Pro-Bush faction in the American CIA and U.S. Military decided to conduct an experiment in Venezuela, home of what once was called Creole Petroleum, set up and owned by the Rockefellers.

>From the standpoint of the Bush Crime family, Venezuela was ideal to figure out the best way to conduct a coup. Some years ago, Daddy Bush was a major owner of Texas Commerce Bank which had a unit in Venezuela. Daddy Bush installed there to head up that branch son Jeb Bush and his latino wife. They reportedly co-ordinated the huge proceeds from the dope trafficking from neighboring Colombia. Also, corrupt top officials of the American Drug Enforcement Administration shipped planeloads of dope to the U.S. from Venezuela on the excuse they were conducting a "sting". Also to be considered is that Daddy Bush and his cronies in the American CIA spend a great deal of their efforts, worldwide, as the oilfields police, guarding the properties of the Oil Cartel.

The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press recently tried hard to explain away the coup and counter-coup experiment and testing in Venezuela. Reliable sources contend that Daddy Bush, supervising Bush, Jr., arranged for the CIA funding of military coup plotters to arrest Venezuela's properly elected President. The New York Times seemed to reveal the most, in their story headlined "Bush Officials Met With Venezuelans Who Ousted Leader", 4/16/2002. " 'We were not discouraging people', the [Defense Department] official said. 'We were sending informal, subtle signals that we don't like this guy. [Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez]. We didn't say, 'No, don't you dare', and we weren't advocating saying, 'Here's some arms; we'll help you overthrow this guy.' We were not doing that' ". And the New York Times added, "The disclosures come as rights advocates, Latin American diplomats and others accuse the administration of having turned a blind eye to coup plotting activities, or even encouraging the people who temporarily removed Mr. Chavez. Such actions would place the United States at odds with its fellow members of the Organization of American States, whose charter condemns the overthrow of democratically elected governments."

So, was the Venezuela coup and counter-coup an experiment how to do it in the United States, to Overthrow the American Republic? The coup plotters apparently started to arrest judges of the Venezuela high court, and other judicial, legislative, and executive officials.

Cynics claim many American do not know how to spell COUP. And that they would be helped by coo-coo clocks as follows

At 4 p.m., the coo-coo clock's little doors would open and out would pop George W. Bush, proclaiming "I'm the occupant and resident of the White House!". At 5 p.m., the clock doors would open on the coo-coo signal, and out would pop Jay Rockefeller [John D. Rockefeller 4th, (D., W.Va.)], a pretender to the throne waiting in the wings otherwise, stating, "I'm in charge here!". At 6 p.m. out of the coo-coo clock pops Albert Gore, Jr., hollaring, "Down With Big Oil!". [The clock has no provision to point out Gore won the popular vote in 2000; the high court in Washington, corruptly installed Bush as the resident and occupant of the White House. Hence, Gore is actually the elected president NOT INAUGURATED.]

Naturally, these coo-coo clocks are made by Coup D'Etat Manufacturing Company, in a suburb of Paris, France. Guess who owns THAT company?

[For background, visit our website item, "The American Troika".]