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Sherman H. Skolnick

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to be decided by a five-person Junta of the nation's highest court. At least four of the ignoble five, ea ch had their own terrible conflicts of interest yet they were not about to remove themselves from deciding the case.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist was overheard by close confidants as saying that if Albert Gore, Jr., were to be President, Rehnquist could not retire, as he had planned, yet Rehnquist was of an advanced age. Sandra Day O'Connor, having survived a bout with serious illness, likewise had been overheard by those close at hand, as saying that if Albert Gore, would becomePresident, it would be terrible for the country,would greatly interfere with her personal wishes and plans for retirement. Clarense Thom as---he of the few words, installed years before after a bitter U.S. Senate commotion, with some outspoken persons of his race angrily calling him an "Uncle Tom" bad for the black people---his wife was with a group tightly tied to the Republican Party.

Justice Antonin Scalia's son was part of those presenting the ticking bomb, Bush versus Gore, to the hurry-up reckoning of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court was in a rush because supposedly it would interfere with the process of t! he Electoral College.

Justice Scalia's position, as expressed in what he wrote in the decision, was that Americans had no constitutional right to vote for President.Only the right to vote for Electors who came to be called the "Electoral College", and they, not the American voters, decide who is to be President. The fact that the Electoral Process had come to be an historical appendix, not needed or used for the survival of the body politic, was of no interest to Scalia and the other members of the Junta.

No lawyer member of the U.S. Supreme Court bar would dare confront, in writing, Scalia, with his serious conflicts of interest. He and two federal appeals judges in Chicago had previously been fellow law professors at Rockefeller's University of Chicago Law School. That is, Chicago 7th Circuit Judges Richard Posner and Frank Easterbrook. [How these two Chicago judges, one step below the high court in the District of Columbia, commit blatant judicial perjuries and perpetrate frauds upon their own Court , visit our website story, "Chief Crook Enters Microsoft Case".]

This troika, two in Chicago and one in Washington, represent while on the bench, the multi-billion dollar stock and bond portfolio of the University founded, maintained, and controlled by the Rockefellers and their role in the oil cabal. Each of the thr ee has reportedly violated Federal law requiring that they file, under oath, each year, their annual mandatory financial disclosure report. They have never in their required annual reports disclosed what they are a part of and what they, on the bench, r epresent. If forced to tell the truth, how could they have continued to decide many corporation controversies, whose stock and bonds they represent, without having disqualified themselves? Like some of their purported written decisions, their annual fin ancial disclosure reports are just another monstrous judicial perjury.

[To understand judicial perjury, study our several-part series, "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts", on our website.]

In their late-night disclosed "ruling", the High Court Five made the strange statement that this decision was NOT to be used as a binding precedent, such as on lower courts, in any other voting or other case involving the Equal Protection of the Laws, a provision guaranteed to each American under the 14th Amendment. To his credit, Justice John Paul Stevens, in a blistering dissent, stated the ruling of the Five undermines public confidence in the Courts.

We were apparently the only ones, on a timely basis, that pointed out the situation seemed in many ways very like the strange election of 1876. Like Gore, Samuel Tilden handily won the nationwide popular vote. Rutherford B. Hayes and his gang had stolen the Electoral College vote by corrupting the Election Board Commission in the State of Florida whose electoral votes were among the keys to the "Electoral College". Like in 2000, the 1876 election turned on who supposedly got Florida's Electoral vote.

Also, bribed or otherwise corrupted was an important Judge on a Congressional Commission set up to resolve the 1876 mess.

Strangely reprinted in the Spring of the year 2000, was Gore Vidal's book entitled simply "1876". His opus seemed to be a blueprint for what was done in respect later to the 2000 Presidential Election. [Some of Albert Gore, Jr.'s family had been overhea rd to grumble that their cousin, Gore Vidal, related to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy of the Kennedy, Auchincloss, and Bovier families which Vidal apparently badmouthed, seemed to be against supporting cousin Albert.]

On Inauguration Day, 1877, apparently rightfully considering himself the duly elected President, Tilden approached the ceremonial stand where the new occupant and resident of the Oval Office was to be sworn in. But Tilden was blocked going any closer ap parently by troops.Thereafter, because of the stink left from the 1876 debacle, Hayes was referred to widely as RUTHERFRAUD. [The Hayes gang had made an unholy cover up deal to block and reverse progress of blacks post-Civil War, when for a brief period some blacks held positions in some Southern State legislatures.]

In its simplest form, Albert Gore, Jr., is the duly elected President NOT INAUGURATED. We prefer to call George W. Bush as BUSHFRAUD, merely the occupant and resident of the Oval Office.

December 12, 2000, was a fateful time. Supposed Oklahoma City "lone bomber", Timothy McVeigh, had just informed the Denver trial judge in his case, that McVeigh did not wish to further challenge his conviction. And that the Judge should set the date for execution of McVeigh by lethal injection. Public statements by McVeigh could have exposed the Bush Crime Family. The months later disappearance of Chandra Levy was also related. [Visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh", also our two-p art series, "The Chandra Levy Affair".]

By December 12, 2000, Gore had reportedly been already advised by his economic wizards, that the U.S. was heading into a terrible financial meltdown, similar if not worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. That is, Gore was persuaded not to further challenge what was happening and to let the U.S. Supreme Court Junta, the unholy Five, arbitrarily with serious conflicting interests of the Justices, install George W. Bush as the new occupant and resident of the Oval Office. Sidebar Some months ther eafter, Russian Judges, visiting with the U.S. Supreme Court Judges, hit the target directly, with their remark, "Whatever you think of us Russian Judges in Moscow, we do NOT install our President by our Court maneuvers the way you did recently".

So Gore let Bush, Jr., as supervised by Daddy Bush as puppet-master, slide into his chair to become another Herbert Hoover. That is, to somewhere thereafter to be condemned and despised by a virtual army of hungry, unemployed, suffering Americans. Hoo ver, with a background as a worldwide engineer was clever. BUSHFRAUD is not. But like Hoover, Bush is not inclined to be benevolent to fellow Americans in an economic disaster.

After December 12, 2000, in the formality when the Electoral College vote tally was to be presented to Gore in his capacity as President of the U.S. Senate, Gore showed by his body language, particularly how he held his hands palm up, that he was not go ing to assist in any challenge to reverse the situation.

The difference between the Great Depression and the first decade of the 21st Century is evident to sharp-eyed types. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was swept into office as a Democrat to remedy the economic suffering. He came to be, however, the greatest COU NTER-REVOLUTIONARY in Western history. He snuffed out a gathering revolt against the Ruling Class, of which he and his family were long a part. With a new alphabet soup of Federal agencies and regulations, okayed by a rubber stamp Congress, Roosevelt op ened the food warehouses and fed the needy, he set up a federal agency to slow down the massive foreclosures on private residences caused by a real estate bubble bust. FDR tried to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with a greater number of judges than previou sly sat on that tribunal, to outvote the hard-hearted backward thinking judges infesting the place.

But, at that time, America was not ready for a long overdue Revolution, there having been no genuine Revolution in U.S. history, unlike Europe. We had at the time a great number of Europeans who had come to America early in the 20th Century. If times go t bad, they would not try to overthrow the American Republic. If cold and hungry, they were quite satisfied, nevertheless, to sleep under bridges when it rains, as long as it was in America, not Europe. [Some are finding out the hard way, that any overt hrowing of the American Republic is being done because of a terrible split in the aristocracy, and not by common folk, as set forth in this series.]

The understanding and positions of our elders in the 1930s is not the mindset nowadays.

Then came the mid-term elections of 2002. Usually and historically, the White House party loses many seats in the American parliament, the Congress. [Unlike British parliamentary procedures, America has no vote of confidence to quickly remove Presidents , instead the cumbersome impeachment process.] One faction of the American aristocracy believes fascism is the only answer to a growing U.S. population. Simply put, they believe we now have too many people to be guranteeing to each of them, rights, priv ileges, and immunities as provided under the Bill of Rights With terrible bribery and election and judicial fraud, they have installed, as their would-be dictator, George W. Bush, pro-British as we have demonstrated. Savvy Europeans dismiss him as someo ne "who pisses on his own shoes", to quote some of them, a misfit, an incompetent, a mere puppet for Daddy Bush and his sinister gang in the secret political police, the American CIA.

To step by step cancel the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, this faction, having prior knowledge, allowed, permitted, condoned, and acquiesced in the events of 9-11. One explanation of Black Tuesday, circulating in the monopoly press, however, is t hat Bush was not obligated to react that morning of September 11, 2001, because the super-secret National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, had already scheduled for the same morning a test of how the government should handle a situation, wherein terrorists w ould slam a hi-jacked airplane into major landmark buildings, like the World Trade Center. Some apologists offer that explanation for why there was on that morning a military stand-down, and why Bush continued to talk to school kids about goats after ha ving been informed that two planes each crashed into the World Trade Center towers in lower Manhattan. That is, as if Bush thought it was only a "test" by the NRO.

Contradicting the story that some that morning thought it was only a "test", was that Bush in the summer of 2001, had told foreign diplomats that the U.S. will go to war against Afghanistan in October, 2001. It was the oil pipeline, stupid!

Apparently opposing a Fascist-like solution to any American problems have been the Jacob Schiff family. For the benefit of the Czarist regime in Russia, they arranged, financed, and built the Trans-Siberian Railroad, a great wonder in its day. By giving great quantities of gold to Leon Trotsky while he was visiting the U.S.., the Schiff family financed the changing of the possibly backward Czarina (who was heavily pro-German as from her background) and Czar Nicholas 2nd. Some called what happened the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Congressional Committee documents compiled about 1976, show the true ownership of the Federal Reserve which includes the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, and the Jacob Schiff Family(part of a then New York-based publishing empire), among oth ers.

Albert Gore, Jr.'s daughter Karenna Gore, is married to Andrew Schiff, great gandson of the Schiff Family. Some narrow-minded sorts like to think only in terms of conspiracy theories. As if they could point to one racial, religious, or ethnic group and blame all the troubles of the planet on them. For example, one book blames all the world's problems on the Jesuits and the Vatican, "Vatican Assassins", by Eric Jon Phelps. The ultra-right wing, for religious and other reasons, wants to blame all the tr oubles of planet Earth on a "Jewish Conspiracy". They point to the great number of mass media types with Jewish surnames. Not pointed out is that these are MANAGERS not owners and the owners being non-Jewish, using Jews as a front to take the heat which is historically typical.

Others in the ultra right point to "Jewish bankers" meaning the Rothschilds who are not followers of Judaism and are the official bankers and transactors of the Vatican. Also, the term means to some, the investment and bond houses of Wall Street. Those with the German Jewish names still running the same have not been actual practicing Jews for several generations, having converted to other religions three generations ago and more. See the documented study, "The New Crowd The Changing of the Jewish G uard on Wall Street", by Judith Ramsey Ehrlich and Barry J. Rehfeld, 1989, Little, Brown & Co., Boston.

An authority on bank ownership, Martin Mayer has a lot of details in his book "The Bankers", Mass Market Paperback, December, 1975. He says he found only one bank in the whole United States that had as much as a vice-president, a Jew. By bank, he meant a bank-bank, a bank house building. For example, the major bank houses downtown Chicago make a practice as follows, as known to astute observers they will hire blacks and latinos, but generally only permit them to be vault guards or money counter telle rs. Someone who by name is plainly a Jew is generally totally unacceptable.

The ultra-right dismisses Jacob Schiff as merely a "Communist Jew", without realizing that a faction in the aristocracy used the Hegelian method, financing and creating supposed opponents, antithesis, to later form a synthesis. During the years when the Moscow government was considered "the enemy", war-mongers among the ultra rich used this to tax common Americans to further enrich the war-creators and their war production facilities. The late Antony Sutton, in several well-documented books, points ou t how the American big business financed the Soviets and supplied them with American high technology. [Clicking on books, on, you can see a long list of Sutton's books.]

The supposed top level of the Democrat Party were ORDERED not to make a major issue of the growing unemployment and the poor economy. Why? So the G.O.P. could appear to grab an armlock on all the levers of power in the United States. As a consequence, t he Grand Old Public-Enemy won control of both houses of Congress and has a supposed hammer-lock on the Central government and some State governors. [Did they hedge their bets by the apparent sabotage airplane murder of U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone (D., M inn.) with Senator Edward Kennnedy (D., Mass.) to have been on the death-warrant plane as well but Teddy having somehow changed his mind?]

Financial experts, off the record, predict a real estate bubble bust soon, that would hurt ordinary Americans even moreso than their private pension funds being bust because of stock market reverses. Some political strartegists think along the lines of military planners. Now steered into taking over total control of the central government, the G.O.P. has been led into a trap. They face being blamed, despised, and ridiculed for the increasing anguish of ordinary Americans trying to deal with an impend ing financial meltdo wn. In its simplest terms, Black Tuesday was a bloody dirty trick, for the moment, to delay and sidestep dealing with the expected Crash.

In plain terms, Bushfraud, perceived to be a latter day Herbert Hoover, will be widely blamed for either being unable and/or unwilling to propose or institute any effective remedy to the economic disaster. He may push a tax cut, yet because of declining tax collections in a recession, there is no money for the same. And issuing a flood of U.S. Treasury securities to make a tax cut possible will cause gold to skyrocket, a temporary inflating to come, followed by a devastating decline in value of homes and properties, the dreaded DEFLATION.

Some close to the matters contend this trap sprung on Bush and the G.O.P. cannot be corrected. Some go so far as to contend, from close at hand sources, that the trap was ordered by the Schiff family, part of the faction in the aristocracy that opposes scrapping the Bill of Rights and is against the Fascist-like plans of the Bush Crime Family, to rule this continent with an iron fist. That is, to Overthrow the American Republic.

Can Bush and his gang get out of the trap?