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Sherman H. Skolnick

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8, 2002, stated

"Secret documents obtained by an IRA spy network included transcripts of telephone conversations between Tony Blair and President Bush, security sources confirmed yesterday....The disclosure that terrorists gained access to confidential information is likely to provoke FURIOUS REACTION IN AMERICA. David Trimble, Northern Ireland's First Minister and leader of the Ulster Unionists, compared the republican espionage as '10 TIMES WORSE THAN WATERGATE', WHICH LED TO THE RESIGNATION OF PRESIDENT NIXON." (Emphasis added.)

The details between the lines and left out of the story, read like from an-edge-of-the-cliff spy novel. Various foreign journalists, working on the story, are aware their editors deleted revealing details reportedly contained in the secret transcripts and other documents purloined by the IRA.

Some background necessary to understand the nature of the happening..

The IRA are reportedly in a position, among other things, to blackmail certain concessions out of the London government, in respect to the long-standing Irish Catholic grievances against the British domination/occupation forces in Northern Ireland. The British contend, however, they need to be in Northern Ireland to prevent violence between the Unionists/Loyalists, that is the Orangemen the Irish Protestants, and the Irish Catholics.

Scholars of British/Irish history contend that the true rulers of Great Britain were the Royal House of Stuart, Catholics, of which Princess Diana was a direct descendent. The House of Windsor, the purported current monarchy, have been basically German and are perceived by some as usurpers and pretenders, not a genuine British monarchy. A profound understanding of this would help explain why some continue to firmly believe Diana was murdered by British Intelligence on orders of the House of Windsor.

On several of our television shows, we had experts who demonstrated documented studies showing the British Military, about 1840, conducted genocide against the Irish Catholics, falsely described by pro-British historians as merely "The Potato Famine". [On our website home page, click the red-marked portion for tv segments.] Such matters are rare, if ever, discussed on the American monopoly press which is heavily pro-British and anti-Irish.

The secret transcripts and other high-level documents grabbed by the IRA reportedly prove the following, according to those familiar with them

[1] In discussions with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, George W. Bush admits he is greatly troubled by suppressed documents of the American CIA proving there is no danger by Saddam Hussein and no basis for a pre-emptive military attack by the U.S. aided by the British on Iraq. Blair and Bush discuss the oil question. Namely, that in several years Saudi oil reserves will have passed their peak. On the other hand, Iraq has huge untapped oil reserves.

In the past, Texaco got a lof of their crude oil from Iraq. As a result of a bankruptcy situation caused by a monstrous court judgment against Texaco by Pennzoil, that Pennzoil has a great financial interest in Texaco. The Bush Family historically have been financially interwoven with the founders of Pennzoil. Texas state high court judges, beholden to the Bush Family, reportedly were corrupted to nail down the largest court judgment in U.S. history, eleven billion dollar verdict by Pennzoil against Texaco, causing Texaco to petition the bankruptcy court for protection. The U.S. Supreme Court, beholden to the Reagan/Bush Administration, refused to grant a remedy to Texaco.

[2] As apparently shown by the secret transcripts and other stolen documents, George W. Bush expressed his concern to Blair who agreed that Saddam Hussein, if left in power, and alive, is in a position to blackmail the Bush Family and the Queen of England.

In our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", we attached documents of secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing the Bush Family, through their investment front Martwell, have a joint account with the Queen of England at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. The documents show the secret authorization code of Alan Greenspan, Fed Chief. One of the documents, showing the secret password used, listed the ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS transaction, shared by the British Monarch and the Bush Family, stemming from a clandestine private partnership of Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein. [Subject of an unpublicized federal court case. See our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]

The Queen ordered a top official of her private bank to become an official of the Bush Crime Family-linked Carlyle Group where Daddy Bush has been a paid consultant to the bin Laden Family who are NOT on the outs with Osama bin Laden. "The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, TO THE CARLYLE GROUP, the US private equity firm". Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001. (Emphasis added.)

The Bush/Blair discussions and related documents, referred to Daddy Bush, as former head of the American CIA, helping by arranging political murders, to put Saddam Hussein in as Iraqi strongman in the late 1970s.

Both George W. Bush and Tony Blair, according to the secret transcripts and related documents,are concerned that Saddam Hussein, as a living witness, can give personal direct testimony, as to the treason by Daddy Bush in setting Iraq against Iran, and Iran against Iraq, resulting in the huge bloodshed in the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988. Used against Iran by Iraq was poison gas from ingredients reportedly supplied by a unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, of which Daddy Bush was a substantial owner and Hillary Rodham Clinton was a Director. [Related document is on the website] One of the purposes Daddy Bush fulfilled instigating the eight year conflict was to aid his pals, American/British financial interests, continue to control Persian Gulf Oil reserves and by bombings and fires, interfering with oil production in the gulf thus keeping up the price of oil.

[3] By their discussions, Bush/Blair show they understand that a full inquiry into the Iraq matter, will be detrimental, in that it would show that the Daddy Bush Administration, aided by the London government, supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical/biological weapons and elements toward a nuclear device, that were destroyed by the U.N. Inspection teams. [See documented study in the book "Spider's Web---The secret history of how the White House illegally armed Iraq", by Alan Friedman (journalist with the Financial Times of London), Bantam Books, 1993.]

Note Daddy Bush, because of the aborted assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, 1981; that Daddy Bush was actually acting as President for three terms, running the Presidency, 1981 to January 1993, in violation of the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

[4] As shown by the secret transcripts and stolen records, George W. Bush shared with Tony Blair, Bush's complaint that the Israeli intelligence agency, The Mossad, was blackmailing Bush by letting it be known that The Mossad gave the White House, the American CIA, and the Justice Department specific advance warning that there would be the events of Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Blair tells Bush that Blair was likewise put in a position of prior knowledge but was forbidden to take action by certain business interests. Both Bush and Blair, according to the secret transcripts, cursed "The Jews" for interfering with the Bush/Blair agenda.

The secret transcripts and documents and the reference to the same in the London Telegraph opens up several strange turns in the situation. On the one hand, the London Telegraph has been known all the years as the Queen of England's newspaper. For a period of years their investigative reporter, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, was stationed in the U.S. In his book he routinely refers to the newspaper as being tight with the Queen of England. "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton the unreported stories", Regnery Publishing, Inc., 1997.

British journalists familiar with the details of the secret transcripts and swiped documents show their editors/publishers have an excuse not to publish the details, whether in print, on the air, or on a website. It is called for short in British media slang, "D-Notice", a notice delivered to them from the London government having found out they are about to publish or go on the air with some highly troublesome details. The notice is a way of invoking the provisions of the British Official Secrets Act. Under that law, if the notice is violated or about to be violated, the London government can seize the printing machinery, electronic broadcasting or internet website facilities, offices, vehicles, and related items, to absolutely stop such stories from being made public.

Off the record, such journalists believe that on behalf of the Queen and her banking links to the Bush Family, that Prime Minister Tony Blair himself caused the leak of the story about IRA seizing the secret transcripts and documents of the Bush/Blair discussions, with the actual details not to be released. Blair is under extreme pressure from certain members of Parliament, labor union bosses, and business tycoons, demanding that he oppose the Bush plan to make a pre-emptive military attack on Iraq. A vote of no confidence in the British Parliament can cause a quick election and thus Blair moved out of Ten Downing Street shortly thereafter.

Blair also reportedly on behalf of the Queen and the London government, instigated the "D-Notice" to stop United Kingdom newspapers, radio, television, and websites, from circulating the actual details contained in the secret transcripts and documents of the Bush/Blair discussions. Also, the British Monarchy has been repeatedly threatened with financial cut-backs of the government subsidy to Buckingham Palace.

Although there is no Official Secrets Act in the U.S., the Bush White House nevertheless has threatened various reprisals against the monopoly press if they publish or otherwise circulate the details of the secret transcripts. Off the record American lap-dog reporters divide into two positions Some challenge the validity of the London Telegraph story about the IRA spy group having seized the secret transcripts and documents. Others more or less confirm they know the details but are not going to risk their jobs in an off year to even start working to add to the story