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Sherman H. Skolnick

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o more and more respect.

Still in all, far too many click on,, and, for supposed "news". That is, what we prefer to call "The Liars and Whores of the Press" (both men and women press prostitutes). Left out by what we call the "n ews fakers" are historical as well as other related items to help explain current events.


[1] In the 16th Century, Jordan was ruled by the Ottoman Turkish empire. The British grabbed land and power following World War One with the crumbling of the Ottoman Empire, a loser in that War. Formerly known as Trans-Jordan, the territory was separate d from the Palestine mandate in 1920 and in 1921, placed under the rule of Abdullah ibn Hussein. Britain carved out the territory, ignoring natural boundaries, as if it were a regular checkerboard design.

In World War Two, Trans-Jordan was loyal to Great Britain. So, in 1946, Britain recognized Trans-Jordan as a separate state. And in 1946, Amir Abdullah assumed the title of King. In 1951, King Abdullah was assassinated. His son Talal, heir to the throne , was removed, called deposed, because he was mentally ill. Talal's son, Hussein, born in 1935, became the new King.The territory in 1946 was renamed The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

King Hussein had to walk a tightrope between Israel on the West and surrounding Arab dictators pushing nationalism.

Starting with King Abdullah and continuing for the 46 years of the reign of King Hussein, the American CIA heavily subsidized the monarchy. In effect, the various Directors of Central Intelligence were in charge of Jordan and King Hussein was an obedien t puppet. On February 7, 1999, after 46 years on the throne, King Hussein died of cancer. Weeks prior, he unexpectedly removed his brother Prince Hassan, who had been heir apparent to the throne for some 34 years. King Hussein named his eldest son, Abdu llah, age 37, as the new crown prince. Without any political experience to speak of, but a military leader, King Abdullah II, was crowned on February 7, 1999.

[2] Two important events, related to this commentary, occurred in the summer of 1992. Fiirst, delivered to our public access Cable TV Show was a file cabinet. It contained the travel documents, secret terrorist meeting codes, secret names and addresses, and methods of contacts between smugglers of weapons as provided to known worldwide terrorist groups such as the deadly Abu Nidal Terrorist Gang. Included in the treasure trove of records were hand-written notations of some of the weapons providers, re lated notations, secret notebooks, copies of related telexes, and other communications.

These were the records of four Lesbian women partners that included Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose husband Bill was then running for president; and her business partner, Diane Lewis, who ran in Chicago, a supposed firm refurbishing and selling to wealthy sheiks and such, large airplanes for their use. The Lesbian link was important to the overall events.

Prior to taping our one hour program, we became privy to the direct eyewitness testimony and interviews, further corroborating the self-explanatory secret documents. Our long reliable sources within and outside the government confirmed that the American CIA, and the FBI, that is, America's secret political police, permitted and condoned this situation.

More about this first event, later.

[3] The second event of the summer of 1992 revolved around a purported "Christian" television station, at 38 So. Peoria Street, Chicago, a few blocks from out Cable TV studio. Called Channel 38 TV, it had previously been owned and operated in cramped q uarters elsewhere by the Catholic Archbishop of Chicago.

A head of Channel 38 at the time was linked to the Assembly of God. A close confidant of his was Diane Lewis. We found out that when Channel 38 bought the block square choice property, an American affiliate of Israeli intelligence, put up two million do llars to have Channel 38's lavish headquarters building built. The contractors, unknown to the Channel 38 bosses, had put into the walls, for monitoring, various listening devices. The Channel 38 boss, according to other sources, reportedly received lar ge private profits from dealing with the rogue international spy operation acting for the American CIA and foreign intelligence agencies, namely, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, which continued to operate under alter egoes and other nam es after BCCI supposedly went defunct in 1991.

A group calling themselves "Real Christians" in the summer of 1992, descended on Channel 38's headquarters. They marched with signs and placards, most stating, "CHANNEL 38, BOMBS INSTEAD OF BIBLES". They were referring to the details shown in the file c abinet of secret records, that the confidant of Channel 38's boss was supplying missile parts to known worldwide terrorists. The testimony and interviews showed that Diane Lewis used certain Channel 38 talk shows, taped and supplied to Mid-East outlets, as secret signals of upcoming meetings with terrorists. Certain props on the talk show set were placed or moved as signals.

I was there as a tv journalist. I was sitting right outside the glass door entrance to Channel 38, with a video camera operated right behind my shoulders by someone else. The glass doors opened slightly from inside. Two officials of the tv station, seco nd and third in command as they identified themselves, said to me, "Mr. Skolnick, you are not a Christian. We object to you being here. Why are you here?"

First, I explained about how the boss of Channel 38 reportedly received large profits from dealings with BCCI. They said, "Well, that is a private matter that does not effect us.Why are you here, you are not a Christian."

I answered, "Where is there a law or regulation requiring a tv journalist like me, gathering news, to be a member of some specific religion?" And I added, "I am here for humanitarian reasons. I found out from Israeli sources that they are grumbling abou t Channel 38. The Israelis keep invoking the biblical matter, of an eye for an eye. They contend that Diane Lewis, a close confidant of the head man of Channel 38, supplied weaponry used to murder 42 Israelis at a facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina. T hey talk in sinister tones, that there are approximately 42 people working inside this building, and the bible says an eye for an eye. I am here to possible stop further bloodshed."

The two tv bosses simply dismissed me and my explanations, further stating, "You are not a Christian. We should not be talking to you. Get away from our building."

[4] By way of the secret records and direct eyewitness testimony and interviews, we became aware that Hillary Rodham Clinton and her business partners, including Diane Lewis, had huge financial links to the Royal Bank of Jordan as well as Royal Jordan ian Airlines (ALIA), and certain related entities and enterprises linked to each. For example, at her Chicago-area residence, Diane Lewis had living with her an immediate direct relative of the top official running Royal Jordanian Airlines.

During the 1992 presidential primary in New York, a large newspaper there ran a story, ignored by others in the press. Namely, that Bill Clinton's wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her law partner in the Rose Law Firm, of Little Rock, Arkansas, Vincent W. Foster,, Jr., were accused by federal bank regulators including the private central bank, The Federal Reserve Board, of being implicated in massive overseas money laundering. Implicit in the story was that there were serious violations of U.S. nation al security.We became privy to the reporters' original story, censored in part by their editor, which left out details, such as the following

Such as the details of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Foster's massive secret dealings with and through the Royal Bank of Jordan and related entities and enterprises, and purported shipments of contraband, including weaponry purportedly to worldwide terrori sts through Royal Jordanian Airlines.

We were heckled, by the way, for our exclusive stories, ahead of other commentators, that Bill and Hillary were a "CIA couple". From an early age when each was separately in university, each had separate covert activities they did for the American CIA.

Theirs was a "marriage of convenience", often imposed on CIA couples even if they are not entirely socially or sexually compatible. During the surfacing of the Juanita Broadrick rape matter, she was quoting as stating that after Bill Clinton forced sex on her, he said, "Honey, there is nothing to worry about. I have been sterile since I had mumps as a teenager." If so, then WHO fathered daughter Chelsea? Some point to her lips being much like that of Webster Hubbell, the federal jail-bird who had been at one time Chief of the Arkansas Supreme Court, and Mayor of Little Rock, and law partner of Hillary and Foster. He had been sent to federal jail on charges he embezzled large sums from the Rose Law Firm.

[5] In the summer of 1992, we taped and caused to be cablecast a one-hour program of our public access Cable TV program, "Broadsides", about Diane Lewis and Channel 38 TV. Up on the screen we put samples of the numerous secret records, telexes, secret n otebooks and such. In September, 1992, the New York Times reported that Diane Lewis was arrested on federal criminal charges that she caused shipments of missile parts in violation of U.S. Export provisions. Her address, however, was not shown as Chicag o but rather, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She apparently had links to CIA firms in Lancaster, making secret technology items.

"A self-made millionaire and defense contractor, (James) Guerin founded International Signal Controls in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which manufactured exotic fusing devices and other highly secret technology. He had business associates such as onetime (Re agan administration) Secretary of State Alexander Haig, and when ISC merged with Ferranti, the British arms and electronics firm, Admiral bobby Inman, the former deputy director of the CIA (and top National Security Agency, NSA official), joined the Fer ranti-ISC board of directors. Presumably to keep an eye on American secrets." (Guerin was tried for massive fraud in the U.S.)

"THE OUTLAW BANK---A WILD RIDE INTO THE SECRET HEART OF BCCI", by Jonathan Beaty and S.C. Gwynne, 1993, Random House, New York, page 360.

Diane Lewis's criminal case came up about the time her business partner Hillary Rodham Clinton became the new First Lady, upon the January inauguration as President of Bill Clinton. Ms Lewis's case was heard by a federal judge in closed session. Ms Lewi s's attorney, invoking White House and Justice Department clout, told the Judge that Ms Lewis is a business partner of the new First Lady. And further, the judge was told Ms Lewis and her three business partners, including Hillary, listed as un-indicted co-conspirators, agreed to becoming snitches for the American CIA.. Ms Lewis was turned loose. [Thereafter, Hillary put me and my tv associates on an "enemies list" to be unlawfully harassed. Our lawsuit against Hillary was dismissed in Chicago's feder al district court without us ever being allowed to actually be in a courtroom for a hearing.]

Hillary Rodham Clinton's apparent links to the Royal Bank of Jordan and related enterprises and entities as well as Royal Jordanian Airlines, continue to this date. Hillary privately profitted from supplying nuclear components to North Korea where that airline reportedly shipped in, for her, to North Korea, items forbidden by U.S. citizens to be sending to North Korea. Further, Hillary has apparently used that bank and related enterprises and entities, to launder massive amounts of paper currencies sh e and others had reason to believe were superior quality counterfeit versions of U.S. and other currencies. [Visit prior parts of this series.

Knowledgeable sources contend the January, 2003, Associated Press story was fraudulent and misleading, in dealing with the burglary of the residence of Alan Greenspan, Commissar of the Federal Reserve. The wire service asserted that the purpose of the b urglary, with the burglars having purportedly long cased the place, was to get at the jewelry of Greenspan's wife, Andrea Mitchell, Washington whitewasher for NBC, owned by General Electric.

Our sources contend the break-in was carefully planned and executed, to get at the secret notebooks of Greenspan as to some of the following

===How much gold the Federal Reserve will have to somehow procure from Canadian and South African mines, to carry out an expected or intended dealing with a financial meltdown. Namely, this by way of a gold standard/gold exchange policy which Greenspan of late has been promoting. Prior to becoming Fed boss, he promoted gold. Upon becoming head of the sinister PRIVATE central bank, upon orders, he downplayed gold and promoted paper money. The monopoly press ignores what was shown in the 1970s, namely t here is no actual world bullion grade gold at Fort Knox. The bulk of the gold depository was quietly shipped in 1968 to stem a run on the gold of the Bank of England.[Hard-hitting independent journalist Tom Valentine and his then publication, National T attler, now defunct, documented the absence of real gold at Fort Knox. At the time, his publication had a campaign demanding the Fort Knox vaults be opened for auditing.]

===Details in secret notebooks of Greenspan as to the North Korea dealings in forbidden nuclear components by Hillary Rodham Clinton, now a U.S. Senator from New York. Reportedly implicated are enterprises and entities linked or part of the Royal Bank o f Jordan, and reputed shipments arranged through Royal Jordanian Airlines. Release of the secret Greenspan notebooks would give an additional motive why in July, 1993, shortly after becoming Clinton White House deputy counsel, Foster was murdered and c overed up by Bill and Hillary Clinton as a supposed "suicide".

During 2002, our tv program put on the screen documents relating to Hillary and supplying nuclear components for her apparent profit to North Korea.