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Sherman H. Skolnick

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he White House, the Elder Bush, as the puppet of the American aristocracy and the oil cartel, appears to be giving the orders.

The Bush family are certainly well aware that if something goes wrong, they are all subject, suddenly and with scandal commotions, to be thrown away into history's junk-pile. Among those who oppose their policies are some sixty U.S. Admirals and Generals. They do not simply go along with the Establishment parade, awaiting their military retirement and their pensions. [More about them later.]

A growing number of thinking people are becoming aware that the whole September 11, 2001, violence is just another step in making common Americans docile, to the point that the U.S. Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, could easily, bit by bit, be suspended and the American Republic ENDED.

>From the Establishment's standpoint, an ideal happening is that the American commonfolk, beset with orchestrated fear and terror, will absolutely DEMAND that the American organic law be scrapped in favor of SECURITY. Some of the steps

{1] To consolidate the American secret political police under a Homeland Security Chief to serve at the right hand of the "president" installed himself by highly questionable and controversial means. Not everyone has forgotten December, 2000. The ideas behind this, both mentioned and unmentioned, are similar to the Nazi Gestapo and the Soviet KGB.

[For a federal official to dare mention the word GESTAPO is a removal or death warrant. Some years ago a more-independent-minded California U.S. District Judge, a latino, was hearing evidence in his court as to the bad practices of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS, and the FBI. After considering the evidence thus elicited, the Judge dared pronounce from the bench that these agencies are the American Gestapo. When I first read it in some newspaper, I said ought-aw, he is a goner. Shortly thereafter, the INJUSTICE Department tried in vain to send the Judge to prison on frivolous and foolish charges that he had a distant cousin, a mafioso. Scarred and battle-worn, the Judge beat back the muzzling efforts, an unsung hero.]

Tom Ridge, the new American Gestapo Chief, head of Homeland Security, is tightly aligned with Charles Zogby and his cousin, James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, considered by some a militant pro-Arab lobby. Is this part of a route to manipulate Mid-East affairs, enriching and empowering the oil cartel, by putting Arabs against Israelis, and vice versa? Some think so. The British, after all, installed the State of Israel to act as an irritant against the oil-soaked Moslem nations surrounding the tiny nation. Thus keeping such nations perpetually off-balance and subject to Anglo-American oil financial control.

[2] The liars and whores of the press continue to escalate the terror scenario against the often poorly informed people. Stories scream out at us, ANTHRAX! soon to be followed by hollaring SMALL POX! BUBONIC PLAGUE! BOTULISM! To their credit, some scientists, not those acceptable as paid consultants to the newsfakers, point out the difficulties in using anthrax against large numbers of people all at one time.

The pharmaceutical monopolies, set to heavily profit, see this as a great opportunity. For some time, they have been promoting their prescription-required nostrums on the television, to have those with vague aches and pains disregard medicinal side-effects, and bombard their doctors with demands for such supposed cure-all pills and capsules.

One magazine head-lined it, "PRIMETIME PUSHERS---Freed from federal restrictions, pharmaceutical companies are flooding television with ads for prescription drugs. What does it mean for our health care when serious medicine is marketed like soap?" Mother Jones Magazine, March/April, 2001.

As the article stated in another headline, "Direct-to-consumer advertising has paid off for the drug companies, often turning solid earners into blockbuster drugs". The highly political and corrupt U.S. Food and Death Administration, FDA, has turned loose the airwaves with these pill and capsule factories.

The drug companies, financially interlocked with the television networks, and their affiliates, are set to promote their expensive remedies for anthrax, and such, just like soap-drugs they already push on us. The drug factories violently oppose those who could produce the same so-called remedies as generic drugs. Also, some contend there are simpler, less expensive, already known ways to combat these poisons.

[3] So far, the monopoly press studiously avoids discussing prior knowledge of the Bush White House and others, as to the September 11, 2001, violence. To brainwash youngsters with little knowledge of the debacle at Pearl Harbor, Mickey Mouse came out with a movie omitting the prior knowledge of the Roosevelt White House in allowing us to slip into a World War, first with Japan, and then Germany, now fully documented. We had to go to war with Japan first, so that Germany, who did not want to fight a huge population, industrial giant like the U.S., would feel compelled to Declare War on us pursuant to their Axis pact with Japan. Pushing the U.S. falsely into World War Two was to save Great Britain without the means to fight off Hitler on their own.

Will it take another sixty years from 2001, until Americans, if they still have their Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution intact, to accept the prior knowledge of the 911 disaster? Needed to be done LET THOSE KNOWING ABOUT PRIOR KNOWLEDGE BE HEARD NATIONWIDE uncensored.

[4] Demonizing rhe CIA-created devil, Osama bin Laden, is the entire focus of the Establishment. America will have permanent happiness and prosperity, they claim, if only Osama's head could be delivered on a platter to the oil-soaked Bush White House. In a similar vein, the Elder Bush White House asserted the same, 1990-1991, in demonizing his former private business partner,Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman originally installed by the American CIA. Like Daddy Bush, George W. Bush has declared war on HIS former private business partner, Osama bin Laden.

[For more details, visit earlier parts of this website series as well as related stories, such as "The Chandra Levy Affair, Part Two" and "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]

[5] A growing number of better-informed folks understand that the entire Afghanistan Affair revolves around major oil companies, tied to the Bush Family, for some years now planning a natural gas/oil pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan, Red China, and elsewhere. The Kabul government apparently demanded too high a cut of the action, thus interfering with the pipeline plan. Remedy? Simple. Find an excuse, to try to overthrow by force the Kabul government and replace it with one that will NOT question the pipeline deal.

Is the oil-soaked, war-mongering, monopoly press, shackled and hand-cuffed as they are to the American aristocracy, prepared to finger the Bush Family as tied to the oil cartel and their Afghanistan pipeline plans?

What the sixty very brave, very patriotic U.S. Admirals and Generals will do (out of some 600 flag officers), while understanding this treason and dissenting from current policies, remains to be seen. Contained in some of our prior stories are the details of the 24 flag officers, as authorized by the Uniform Military Code, who vowed to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for documented charges of treason. As we have written in exclusive prior stories, if Clinton arrested them for mutiny, if they were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with documents of his treason with Red China and Iraq jointly with the Elder Bush.

Ten of those original 24 flag officers have been assassinated. Some of their names are in a prior part of this series. What will come of the current 60 such flag officers who apparently oppose George W. Bush? History will tell.

A very high, non-U.S. military officer, extremely well-informed, contends that the U.S. is facing a land-war military disaster in Afghanistan. Obviously, if true, it could bring down the American Central Government and with it the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. The 60 American flag officers agree, and assert that a coup d'etat, for the good and not for evil,is absolutely necessary to save the American Republic.

The source asserts that several battalions of Ranger-like U.S. forces were on the ground in Afghanistan. They relied, he contends, on the assistance of the supposed opposition to the Taliban, namely, the Northern Alliance, which either steered them into a trap or knowingly withdrew their guidance at a key moment. Some 250 to 400 U.S. Military was thus slaughtered, according to the well-positioned source. So far, this has not been confirmed by other sources, foreign or domestic. If so, the cover up, the body bags, will not be returned to the U.S., for six months, if ever.

If true, it raises the entire question of land-invasion of Afghanistan as being the fore-runner of possible U.S. Military disaster. A nation that loses a war, soon has their government overthrown, often by evil-doers. The criminal-element that took over the Moscow government after the humiliating Soviet defeat in Afghanistan should be clear to most people. By the way, as we have pointed out, the Russian mafiya operates in the United States, like the Red Chinese Secret Police, with complete impunity and immunity from the FBI/CIA. The Russian criminals, such as in Chicago, operate the Red Light District and circulate, without restraint, superior quality counterfeit U.S. and other currencies, as well as using stolen credit cards and identities. Most of the Russian mafiya in the U.S. are former KGB officers adept at their ways, and the FBI is frightened of them.

Busy with themselves and their families, and worried about their jobs, the ordinary Americans have to be repeatedly reminded of history. With its terrain, secret tunnels developed over centures, and mountains, Afghanistan has always been the graveyard of invaders.

Will the American Republic be saved? More coming. Stay tuned.