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THE OVERTHROW OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC - Part 15 - Is the U.S. Presidency cursed?

Sherman H. Skolnick

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arting with 1840, so the curse goes, elected in a year ending in zero, will either die in office, or be assassinated or removed. Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980, is not really an exception. In 1981, he survived an attempted political assassination, falsely blamed on a lone nut gunman whose family was in business with then Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush. Take your pick. It was either a scheme to blackmail Daddy Bush or to shove him by murder into the Oval Office.

Seldom mentioned. In the U.S., reporters have to get press credentials from the U.S. Secret Service who checks out their background, not permitting outspoken types to have the same.Without such press passes, the journalists cannot attend important press conferences. To avoid becoming unemployable, no paid press correspondents have dared to criticize those who guard the President and have other duties, such as checking for counterfeit currency and stolen credit cards.

We are not regular, paid journalists, rather, I head a court reform group founded by me in 1963. I would rather not use the whole story to tell all of our travails with the Secret Service. But a few examples.

Prior to Internet, and public access Cable TV, and more widespread talk radio, our only way to "broadcast" our findings was through a bank of thirty telephones hooked together playing a 5-minute recorded message of our work. (We got that bunch of phones in a cheap deal with the phone company using our own phone answering devices.)

In 1975, we began "broadcasting" exclusive details of the suppressed story of three or more genuine plots to assassinate President Gerald Ford, installed, not elected, in the downfall by Watergate charges of President Richard M. Nixon. Itching to be president by such political murder was Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller who was not elected but installed by operation of the 25th Amendment, added to the U.S. Constitution eight years prior by a stealthy campaign by the Rockefeller Family.

In 1975, for a period of time, all of our phones were blocked, without court orders or legal formality, by the Secret Service that did not like our candid details and about their duplicitous cover-up, on behalf of the American aristocracy, of the plots against Ford.

In 1985, two Secret Service agents tried to directly scare us. Without a court order or search warrant, they tried to force their way into my private residence. This was ten days before the second Inauguration of Ronald Reagan. They did not like our outspoken exclusive stories about the criminality of Ronnie and his sidekick, George Herbert Walker Bush.

Standing defiantly at my door on my braces and crutches as a paraplegic, I told them I did not accept the validity of their "Commission Books" (how they describe their credentials) and that false ones were used as part of the trick in 1963 in Dealey Plaza. Further, I said "The only way you are getting in, is to knock me down, break in the door, or use a 'black bag job' (secret break & entry)."

As an alternative to the stand-off, they finally agreed to sit in the back of a car while I and a pal sat in the front. Using a small flashlight, they pointed to an alleged letter they received threatening harm against me. "Look, I am not a candidate for President. Hence, you have no jurisdiction to being supposedly guarding me." They asked, "Who do you think sent this letter to us threatening you?" Sarcastically, I replied, "Oh stop this. You sent it to yourself as an excuse to come here to heckle me."

While I had their attention, I pointed out how agents of their service violated all kinds of their own regulations, failing to inspect and guard while President John F. Kennedy's motorcade slowed down to a crawl while navigating a fatal hairpin turn in Dallas.

Then, I dared tell them, "Look, throughout history, to kill the King you need the aid of the Palace Guard. That is YOU and your agency who have been complicit in every political murder of a President in U.S. history."

So, bet on it. This story is not going to sit well with the U.S. Secret Service.

Since he went to University, George W. Bush has reportedly had sexual liasons with a homosexual pal. This ostensibly went on, for example, all during the years Dubya as he is called (his middle initial, pronounced quickly, Texas-style) he supposedly was in the Reserves; and when he was a business partner with Osama bin Laden's older brother, the enterprise being Arbusto Energy; and when Dubya was Texas Governor; and continues as Dubya is the occupant and resident of the Oval Office. According to some, he was an installed usurper, not elected, who needs some kind of a war to cover up the on-coming financial meltdown.

In its simplest terms, 9-11, Black Tuesday, with the prior knowledge of Daddy Bush a given, was simply a diversion from an expected financial disaster in America in 2001.

Bush's reputed male sex-mate is the local government head in a sizeable venue. Some reporters that travel with Bush and report on his sayings and doings, contend the person in question has often traveled with Bush and has repeatedly stayed at Bush's Texas ranch. The reporters do not find any of this unusual. George W. Bush's father has been accused of being part of a Washington, D.C. pedophile ring operating also through Chicago. Some details started with accusations in a book called "The Franklin Cover Up" by John DeCamp. In the beginning of the book, the author, a Lincoln, Nebraska lawyer, praises his mentor, William Colby once Director of Central Intelligence.

DeCamp asserts he was an assistant to Colby when Colby headed the CIA's "Phoenix Assassination" Program in Viet Nam, for the benefit of the U.S. Military, murdering men, women, and children supposedly part of the Viet Cong infrastructure.

I was on a radio talk show with DeCamp who in answer to my question, Was Colby murdered? DeCamp said he and other close friends of Colby know Colby was murdered and made to look like a canoe accident. As we have pointed out in previous website stories, Colby was the General Counsel of the CIA's worldwide money laundry for covert operations including political murders, the Nugan Hand Bank. [See the book, "The Crimes of Patriots" by Jonathan Kwitny. Up to the time he was snuffed out, Colby was the unlisted General Counsel of Household International and Household Bank, successors and alter ego of Nugan Hand Bank. Household is headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights.]

At the time of his death, Colby's wife held a top position in an enterprise like the World Bank. As former Director of Central Intelligence, prior to his demise, Colby joined with the former head of the Soviet Secret Political Police, the K.G.B., in a business venture to market an espionage board game.

Also, as we have pointed out, Colby since about 1993, was assisting 24 highly patriotic flag officers, Admirals and Generals, who felt authorized and justified, under the Uniform Military Code, in seeking to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton. If he had them arrested for mutiny, they planned, if not assassinated, to defend themselves with documented proof of Clinton's reputed treason giving U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets reportedly to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, who often ate with Clinton from time to time in the White House.

Note these conflicts of interest. Supposed "Independent Counsel" Kenneth W. Starr ran after Bill and Hillary Clinton for four years using up 50 million dollars of taxpayers funds and coming up only with the Monica Lewinsky Affair. Starr had as a PRIVATE law client, Wang Jun. Also, Starr was the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese government in Beijing. Thus, Starr was subject at any time to be arrested by the Clinton Justice Department. Hence, a stand-off..

The Secret Service is puzzled by George W. Bush's reputed male sex-mate. Several times when that person was talking to Bush, that person would start crying hysterically like a woman, apparently beset by some deep dark medical secret threatening his very existence. As the Secret Service and some White House reporters are fully aware, Bush's reputed sex-mate has AIDS. And Bush reportedly has the onset of AIDS in a terminal form not yet fully seen on his face and skin.

Foreign journalists stationed in the U.S., working on their own on this story, contend the story is quite correct. Some of their news editors, however, out of an over-abundance of caution if not chicken-heartedness, demand documents and proof and witnesses that are obviously not at this point public records. Disregarding the known undisputed circumsances, they try to dismiss this all by waving their hands and proclaiming as if they were know-nothings, "How do we know this is not a black ops item?"

The news bosses are not persuaded when someone mentions that criminal defendants have been sentenced to the electric chair on undisputed circumstancial proof, with no actual witnesses.

Notice this Washington byline item. " 'We've got to do whatever it takes if it takes sending SWAT teams into journalists homes to stop these leaks', admonished James B. Bruce, vice chairman of the CIA's Foreign Denial and Deception Committee." 7/28/2.

And notice this opening paragraph in an alternative magazine.

"He wasn't the first choice to rule, and he seemed ill suited to his political position. His awkwardness in public speaking often gave the impression that he was slow and poorly educated. From early in his reign,he seemed determined to repeat and magnify the mistakes of his father, who had governed before him. With his nation facing threats from foreign powers, he insisted on expanding his executive powers, and created special tribunals to try and punish enemies, both foreign and domestic. By doing so he precipitated a conflict---and ultimately civil war---with his government's legislative branch, eventually leading to his trial and execution as a trraitor". New American Magazine, 9/9/02, page 25.

Who are they talking about? Why British King Charles I, hundreds of years ago. Right next to this paragraph they have a picture of the King along side George W. Bush. The King set up the infamous Star Chamber Court where the accused had no rights and was dealt with in secret.

King Charles I, unhappy with the legislative branch, dissolved the Parliament. Does George W. Bush, if faced with a rebellious Congress, have the power to shut them down? The answer seems to be yes, the little-known power called to prorogue, that is to discontinue or suspend a session of a legislative body.

Some months ago, I made the highly controversial statement that Bush, faced with the truth of prior knowledge of Black Tuesday and other matters, would seek to compromise the situation by having Albert Gore, Jr., made an interim emergency administrator of the U.S. Central government. True, there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution for the emergency that some suspect is soon upon us.

What may be coming?

1. That three Electors, members in Tennesse of the "Electoral College", those who on behalf of the voters cast the vote as to who would get that State's presidential Electoral vote; that they have been reportedly fingered that they accepted bribes, knowing that Gore won his home-state presidential vote but they voted the State's Electoral Vote for Bush. With those Electoral votes, it would make no difference what the outcome of the Florida Electoral vote mess was about. Gore would have more than enough Electoral votes, which would include those of his home state, to be declared the winner, Gore having already nationwide won the popular vote by a 600,000 vote plurality.

2. George W. Bush's reputed male sex-mate is reportedly implicated if not directly knowledgeable how the GOP reputed bagmen, James A. Baker 3rd, former Daddy Bush Secretary of State, and Marc Racicot, once Montana Governor now head of the Republican National Committee and once Enron lobbyist/attorney; how they ostensibly heavily bribed DEMOCRAT officials in Southern Florida, to stop at a crucial point, the recount of the Florida vote, thus fraudulently arranging a Bush/Gore stand-off.

3. Bush's male sex-mate reportedly has IRS tax problems arranged to be disappeared by Bush.

4. The tv networks in New York have an almost-secret private huge computer for voting results. Get this. THEY supply the vote totals to the local and state boards of Election Commissioners, rather than the local officials supplying the figures to New York. Thus, opened up is the way for the networks to falsify, for example, presidential voting totals. In Tennessee, by corrupt means, some 300,000 presidential election votes were falsely switched from Gore to Bush, making Bush corruptly the winner in Gore home-state where Gore most always won.

Time will tell, whether George W. Bush will proceed further down the road like a similar apparent misfit, British King Charles I.