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Sherman H. Skolnick

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t of the White House. In view of the extraordinary manner he was installed by a five-person, Military-style Junta of the U.S. Supreme Court, I do refer to him simply as the "occupant and resident of the White House", not as elected "president". [His opponent won the popular vote nationwide and had the Electoral Vote stolen in Florida as outlined in previous of our website stories.]

Read Parts 14 through 17 inclusive of this series, to understand how George W. Bush is being blackmailed by the Red Chinese using him to get U.S. military secrets.

And read how the secret court and secret appeals court dealt with this issue, to obstruct some websites carrying the story.

[2] Some weeks prior to the posting of this story, I discussed on a major Canadian radio talk show the following topics [thereafter, the secret court ordered that voice and data transmission be blocked between U.S. and Canadian media outlets and similar obstructions. See part 17.]

That the Bush White House was negotiating with Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. He is reportedly being offered Two Hundred Billion Dollars to find an acceptable excuse to leave his position in Baghdad and go into exile in Portugal. To understand the situation, you have to know a lot of related facts.

You have to understand the ins and outs of "The October Surprise". Daddy Bush running for Vice President on the Reagan/Bush ticket in 1980, feared that incumbent Jimmy Carter, running for re-election, would pull off an "October Surprise" (the term apparently originates with Daddy Bush). Namely, that Carter would show he is not a wimp and was able to get the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by the Iranians. Getting their release in October, 1980, just before the November, 1980 Presidential Election, would, Daddy Bush thought, give Carter an edge to win.

Late in October, 1980, in a Paris suburb, Daddy Bush arranged to bribe top officials of the Teheran government (a) with 40 million dollars Bush had siphoned off the GOP National Committee when Bush held a key position and (b) with guarantees of supplying weapons to Iran in the war Iran was having with Iraq, that started in September, 1980. (The French CIA secretly taped the treasonous dealings and has been ever since, blackmailing certain advantages out of the Bush Crime Family.)

In return for these pay-offs, the Teheran government agreed to keep the 52 U.S. hostages as prisoners until the Reagan/Bush team was successfully inaugurated. This arrangement by Daddy Bush constituted treason pursuant to the U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3, "in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort".

In January, 1981, just as Reagan raised his hand to be sworn in as the new President, the 52 U.S. hostages were released by Iran. The promised weapons shipments, which began in November, 1980, promised and guaranteed to the Iranians by Daddy Bush, were sent as follows

U.S. arranged ships, with false shipping documents, carrying the weapons, stopped first in Portugal to pick up more items. From there, they went to Israel which, in turn, agreed to trans-ship the same to Iran. [From time to time, thereafter, when Israel needed to blackmail funds out of the White House, whether under Daddy Bush running the Presidency actually from 1981 to 1993, or through Bush pal Bill Clinton, Israel referred to their direct knowledge of the Daddy Bush treason.]

Knowing about this arrangement was the Prime Minister of Portugal and other top Portuguese officials who very reluctantly went along. With all his links to the American CIA, Daddy Bush later reportedly arranged to have the Prime Minister and another official snuffed out, by way of a sabotaged airplane crash.

[To understand how this method has been used historically, visit our website series, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage".]

In the Spring of 2002, details of the assassination of Portugal's Prime Minister and related matters came up in their Legislature in Lisbon. The sizeable news outlets in Portugal, to their credit, carried the details how Daddy Bush assassinated the top officials. Naturally, the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press and their lap-dogs were silent.

[3] Some weeks ago, I mentioned details of the 200 Billion Dollar Saddam Hussein exile deal on a major Canadian radio talk show. Thereafter, was the action of the secret court and secret appeals court mentioned in Part 17 of this series.

[4] As a result of his secret private business partnership with Daddy Bush, Saddam Hussein become one of the richest men on the planet. Saddam owns, among other things, a sizeable portion of MATRA, the French, Paris-based firm that through a satellite arrangement, operates at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, the People Mover System. That Matra-controlled system on a light railway, moves people and baggage from the terminals to the airplanes.

On tape, I interviewed the woman city official, in the City of Chicago agency that supervises O'Hare Airport. Here is a summary of the dialogue

Skolnick I understand your agency is greatly concerned about possible terrorism at O'Hare Airport.

City Official Yes, we certainly are.

Skolnick And because of your title and position, you are authorized to comment on this?

City Official Yes

Skolnick Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein, is a major owner of Matra that runs the People Mover System. The Washington government describes Saddam as a "terrorist", or assisting terrorists. Then how come you do not inquire in respect to the People Mover System being owned and operated by Saddam Hussein at O'Hare Airport?

City Official The subject does not interest us. We are not concerned.

Skolnick So you and your city government agency do not intend to do anything about this?

City official We are not concerned.

Saddam Hussein owns a whole host of other companies operating in the United States. For example, he reportedly has been a major owner of Hachette, the firm that owns and ran GEORGE MAGAZINE, of which John F. Kennedy, Jr., was the Editor. Hachette for some time prior to July, 1999, was planning to shut down the magazine, and JFK, Jr., vigorously opposed the shut-down, claiming it violated his contractual understanding with Hachette. Was this an additional reason for killing JFK, Jr. by bombing his airplane?

[See our website series, "What Happened to America's Golden Boy?". Part 4 of that has the details of a secret FBI report of the bombing of JFK Jr.'s airplane; details that were not to have been made public for 30 years.]

Saddam Hussein also owns a substantial financial interest in an American missile production firm, Fairchild, through their Italian subsidiary. Saddam's personal testimony, if ever elicted in a proper tribunal, could put Daddy Bush and other members of the Bush Crime Family in federal prison for treason and other high crimes.

[Details of Saddam Hussein's ownership of various U.S. enterprises are contained, in part, in articles in the Wall Street Journal, 1991, and were compiled by a New York investigation firm, Jules Kroll & Associates, commissioned by the ruling Al Sabah Family of Kuwait.]

[5] Two-faced hotshots of the Democrat Party, and their financial kingpins, have reportedly agreed to go along with George W. Bush, in a deal offering 200 BILLION dollars to Saddam Hussein to find an acceptable excuse for him o go into exile in Portugal. BUT, will there be a series of strange, unexplained events before, during, and after the 2002 Election? [Are the sniper killings in the District of Columbia-area one such group of strange events?That is, weird happenings calculated to divert attention? Is a secret NSA U.S. government unit involved in the D.C. sniper murders? And do state and federal authorities already know about this but are powerless to stop it? ]

Cowards high up in the Democrat Party have reportedly informed Bush that they would quietly go along with the Saddam pay-off. Likewise reportedly spineless are Holywood money bags of the Democrat Party, such as David Geffen and others.

[6] For some years now, one of Saddam Hussein's relatives in Switzerland has threatened to scandalize the Bush Family if any physical harm befell Saddam at the hands of Daddy Bush and the American CIA.

To show he is serious, this Swiss-based relative has already released the first batch of some 300 authentic secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records. They have been examined and scrutinized by wire transfer experts who say the records are legitimate. The records prove that the Bush Crime Family, through their secret 25 worldwide accounts, launder the illicit proceeds of various treasons and crimes, such as the secret business partnership between Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein.

[Some of these records are attached to our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush".]

These clandestine transactions involve HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. For example, one of the documents shows the joint account of Daddy Bush and his sons, with the Queen of England, at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. As authorized by Greenspan, one of the documents, through Martwell as a front for Bush Family, shows they shared ONE HUNDRED BILLIONS DOLLARS through the joint account with the Queen of England.

Other of the documents show the wire transfers of bribery funds to influence public officials to turn loose Daddy Bush's son Neil who faced hundreds of millions of dollars of federal civil and criminal charges. Neil reportedly stole and misapplied hundreds of millions of dollars when he was Director of a federally-insured financial enterprise, Silverado Savings. About the time that a Denver U.S. District Judge, Richard Matsch, turned loose Neil from the various charges, the Judge's daughter was mysteriously murdered. Did the Judge get the message? Was the same Judge reminded about his daughter when he got the Timothy McVeigh case? [Visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh" as well as earlier items about fraud upon the court and McVeigh.]

If Saddam rejects the exile deal, will his Swiss-based relative release another batch of secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing the money laundering and treason of the Bush Crime Family? Or, have some of those other records been already released and are in the process of being authenticated by some independent-minded journalist?

As I started to discuss the Saddam Hussein exile deal on a radio talk show, a mysterious power surge conked out the radio station and all their phone lines. Later, the radio station engineer told me that these mysterious power surges seem to occur whenever they have a popular and controversial radio broadcast.

So, is there a nameless, faceless Gestapo in the United States?