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Sherman H. Skolnick

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t of destroying the American Republic can be divided into two parts.

[1] Ambitious types who want to get up the media ladder and are not that particular how. Especially, if they somehow, accidentally, or otherwise, become privy to data about high-level instigated political assassinations. Those include Dan Rather, Cokie Roberts, and Robert MacNeil owner of the Robert MacNeil/JimLehrer News Hour on PBS Network. They have been part of the Big Lie, that President John F. Kennedy was murdered by a "lone assassin". [Visit our website story, "The Liars and Whores of the Press" and compare that to the lies in Dan Rather's book "The Camera Never Blinks", paperback reprinted 1988.]

[2] Journalists who are in, or have ambition to be in, the monopoly press. One such was Danny Casolaro. He had great hopes of becoming financially well-off from a sizeable media publisher going with his book about "The Octopus", his title to tie together one giant criminal/espionage group of enterprises, including the following

===The Inslaw Affair. There was a company with that name that had developed and owned the exclusive rights to software originally designed for federal prosecutors to manage their caseload, called PROMIS (pronounced PRO-MISS, not like PROMISE). Reagan Administration U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese and other high-level White House officials had stolen the Inslaw software and re-sold it, secretly, to various foreign intelligence agencies, some friendly, some enemies or would-be enemies. In the process, they had built into it a secret "trap door", capable of sending out or up, signals to be monitored by the American CIA. This enabled American officials to spy on, and blackmail other intelligence agencies, including those in Canada, Sweden, Israel, Iraq, among others.

==="The October Surprise". Running in 1980 under Ronald Reagan for President, was George Herbert Walker Bush, as Vice President. Daddy Bush was part of a scheme together with Bill Casey, campaign chief, later to be made Director of Central Intelligence. The trick? In September, 1980, to support the price of oil expected otherwise to decline, the Rockefeller Family instigated a war between two major oil producers, Iran and Iraq. The purpose was to prevent what happened later, drastically low prices for petroleum.

The Reagan/Bush ticket was worried that their presidential election opponent, incumbent Jimmy Carter, would somehow, right before the November election, get the release of the 52 U.S. Embassy hostages held by Iran since 1979. That would enhance Carter's chances of winning in a recession year like 1980. Hence, the worry was about an "October Surprise".

In October, 1980, in or near Paris, France, Daddy Bush worked a secret deal---clearly, treasonous---to reward top Iranian officials there meeting with him, to delay the release of the hostages until the Reagan/Bush ticket won the Election and was safely inaugurated. In January, 1981, at high noon, just as Reagan/Bush were inaugurated, the 52 hostages were released. The Iranian top officials had been paid off even before the Election, with clandestine weapons shipments to Iran via Portugal and trans-shipped through Israel. The Prime Minister of Portugal and another cabinet member there, disgruntled at what Daddy Bush got them into, were later assassinated by Bush's airplane sabotage murder team in the American CIA. (Recently, a hot topic in the Portugeuse press.)

===The Iran-Contra treasonous dealings implicating Reagan/Bush and the new Director of Central Intelligence, Bill Casey. Reputed spy-agency operative, Bob Woodward, supposedly a writer for the Washington Post, posing as a priest, got into the hospital where Casey was ailing and may have had a part in what some contend was the murder of Casey in 1987. [For the spy background of Woodward, visit our website story, "The Grand Dragon of the Washington Post".] Members of Congress later admitted, off the record, that they had sufficient data to impeach Reagan, but hesitated, in view of the Nixon/Watergate example of a commotion.

Danny Casolaro had come up with what he and his publishing industry confidants thought was the "smoking gun" of these and other details of the vast treasonous combine he labeled as "The Octopus". Casolaro's fatal mistakes? He trusted his findings and his notes of his interviews, and the outline of his planned book, too much to friendly-seeming spy-types who were supposedly aiding him in his book venture. Danny needed to be bailed out of his financial woes. He was too proud to continue thinking to get financial help from his brother, a Doctor. Danny Casolaro's mindset was entirely too much like a journalist thinking he was about to strike it rich, nail down his career, within the monopoly media and CIA-aiding publishing field for books and magazines.

Our examination of his notebooks causes us to reach what some might call an unfair conclusion about someone who can no longer respond to what we say. Danny seemed, at least from his notes, not to be sufficiently sophisticated to deal with this type of subject matter. On the other hand, circumstances that argue in favor of the idea that he was on the right track? That in the summer of 1991, in Martinsburg, West Virginia, he was "suicided". That is, murdered and made to look like a suicide. [In September, 1992, a Congressional Report on the Inslaw Affair, agreed that Casolaro was most likely murdered.]

As we have written about the Rockefeller Family, they like to dominate states with sizeable geography and small populations, that also tend to be lawless, and where the Rockefellers can buy out and dominate the top state officials, such as West Virginia and Arkansas. Note that the great grandson of old John D. Rockefeller, founder of the infamous bloody Standard Oil Trust, namely John D. Rockefeller 4th, has been U.S. Senator from West Virginia. Senator Rockefeller's wife, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, plays a key role with NPR, which we call National Petroleum Radio and PBS Network. Once Arkansas Governor was William Rockefeller Clinton [elsewhere we explain why we use that as his middle name]. See our website series, "Wal-Mart and The Red Chinese Secret Police".

So, if you have a business partner you want to get rid of, lure him, so you can conveniently have him knocked off with no investigation expected, some cynics contend, to Martinsburg. Danny Casolaro was embalmed apparently without an autopsy or informing his family of his death by the authorities in Martinsburg. Background data is in the book "The Octopus The Secret Government and Death of Danny Casolaro" by Kenn Thomas [editor of Steamshovel Press and Magazine] and Jim Keith, hardcover, 1996.

Danny Casolaro had come up with damning proof, possibly the smoking gun, showing Daddy Bush committed treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American common people. Danny was likewise tying up the details of the corrupt upper level of IRS officials shackled to and operating with the American CIA, to carry out treachery against the American people. Danny had secretly met in Martinsburg with some of his IRS sources. Did he drink too much while in that town and began bragging to others in a cocktail lounge? Some think so.

To us, a comparable example is Danny Pearl, South Asia bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal. In a post-murder story in the Journal, he was described as "A skeptic of all institutions, from big government to big business...." Wall St. Journal, 2/22/02. Despite that description Danny Pearl was, or obviously had to be, a great believer in the monopoly press. Otherwise, what was he, a supposed "skeptic", working for a known financial industry faker and censorship machine like the Dow Jones & Co. unit, The Wall Street Journal? For example, tied like his brother Raul to major dope trafficking was Mexico President Carlos Salinas. The former Mexican strongman went on to become a DIRECTOR OF DOW JONES & CO. Sarcastic sorts wonder how much did it cost the reputed dope king to BUY such a Directorship? When it became too-well known about the dope cover up, Carlos Salinas apparently fled into exile in Dublin, Ireland. Sheepishly, the Journal tried to explain away his role at the parent firm, Dow Jones & Co. "Carlos Salinas, who is a board member of Dow Jones & Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal, hasn't been charged with any wrongdoing." Quoting from The Wall Street Journal in "Left Business Observer", #68, March, 1995. Also see various Journal stories, such as 3/8/95. Several hundred stories about Carlos Salinas and the dope trafficking, are listed by search engine, See, for example, Also, Time Magazine, 2/10/97.

As the Journal's South Asia bureau chief, Danny Pearl was well aware that the Bush Family were greatly implicated with the massive flow of drug trafficking from the poppy production in Afghanistan to the ethnic Albanian traffickers masquerading as the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, who according to law authorities are flooding Europe with dope. Bush Family cronies in the American CIA have been supervising the KLA. [View our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush" and the attached documents showing hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars being washed through a Bush Family joint account with the Queen of England at her private bank, Coutts Bank London.]

Like Danny Casolaro, Danny Pearl's fatal mistakes included the following ===Trusting the higher ups at the Journal, same ones that covered up for Dow Jones Director Carlos Salinas, to know what Pearl was working on as stories. Such as some of the following---Among the little known details, is that India was the subject of a beginning of the 20th Century pact, with complex provisions, to give up a portion of their territory by the advent of the 21st Century, to Afghanistan. This pact was worked out by the British, experts on divide and conquer. By 1948, the British decided to give up direct control of their colony, India, because ot the activist commotions of Mohandas K. Gandhi. For the benefit of the British, however, Gandhi was assassinated in 1948 and blamed onto "religious fanatics". Carved out of India territory by the British in 1947, was Pakistan, out of predominantly moslem areas of India. In the partition of India, the British created the perpetual irritant, Kashmir, to forever keep India and Pakistan fighting each other.

Because of the century-old pact, removing some of the territory now called Pakistan, expiring more or less at the beginning of the 21st Century, Pakistan had an interest to dominate Afghanistan and their more or less lawless government in Kabul. About 1996, the Pakistan secret political police, Inter-Services Intelligence agency, the ISI, arranged for the Taliban to control Afghanistan with stringent and backward supposedly "religious" mandates. In 1997, Union Oil of California, Unocal, in which the Bush Family has huge financial interests, was part of a consortium of firms planning as a short-cut, to build a natural gas/oil pipeline from Central Asia across Afghanistan, to oil and natural gas-hungry Pakistan, India, and eventually, points east, such as Japan. Unocal invited top Taliban officials to be wined and dined at Unocal facilities in the Houston suburb, Sugarland, with Daddy Bush residing, among other places, in Houston. Unocal was getting set to train Afghans for the building of the pipeline.

The problems that developed included Osama bin Laden and the Taliban demanding a bigger cut of the pipeline deal than Unocal and the Bush Family were prepared to pay. In fact, the George W. Bush White House were continuing to negotiate with Osama right up to within a few weeks of the September 11, 2001 "terrorist" events supposedly instigated by Osama. [Knowledgeable sources believe a faction in the American aristocracy actually created the violence of September 11.]

For related details, visit our website story,"The Pipeline Plots".

===Danny Pearl, no fool, nevertheless trusted the Pakistan secret political police, the ISI, and Danny's bosses, to be in a position to know Danny's itinerary. A further fatal mistake, like Danny Casolaro made with his publishers, was to trust the Journal brass to know about the stories Pearl was developing about the Pakistan-India situation, about the possibility of a Journal story, bylined by Danny Pearl, about the resumed Afghan poppy production to flood Europe to raise much needed cash for the Kabul government.

Danny Pearl, like the mindset of other mass media journalists, was not sufficiently skeptical of what the digging into these matters would trouble Daddy Bush and DUB-YA. After all, Daddy Bush and his cronies in the American CIA have created ISI and continue to dominate them.

The new head of the Kabul government is Hamid Karzai, a consultant for Unocal/Bush on the pipeline deal. The Bush White House has appointed as Special Envoy to Kabul (not yet ready to receive a U.S. Ambassador) another Unocal consultant.

===Danny Pearl trusted the Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal brass to know what Danny was doing which might tend to embarass the Bush White House. Would the Journal even agree to publish such items by Danny Pearl?

===Off the record, some of Danny's colleagues at the Journal blame the two-faced higher ups for what happened to Danny. Outwardly, for public consumption, and to keep their jobs, his pals at the Journal go along with blaming "extremists" for the murder. A few of his pals have confided these matters to just a very few trusted persons pledged to never, never divulge the sources.

Supposedly thinking himself clever, Danny Pearl was nevertheless in a position to understand these things just as Danny Casolaro knew, or was in a position to know, some of the matters he was poking into. Each of them, in their own way, made a series of fatal mistakes to advance, or attempt to advance their careers, financially and otherwise. An entirely independent-minded journalist, despite their talent, cannot expect or plan to have a well-fixed financial career, telling the truth, within and among the news-fakers with their conflicting interests. In plain English, writing and telling the truth would not get you rich.

Can a candid populace expect a large circulation monopoly press Journal to print what is really happening? How many years will it take before the murders of Danny Casolaro and Danny Pearl are rightfully put at the door where the blame belongs, of America's secret political police and their assassin accomplices in the spy-riddled press?