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Judge Anna Von Reitz

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Please Inform Mike Pompeo


By Anna Von Reitz

May 31st 2019

Dear Mr. Trump,


This is my second letter this week. I will make it very brief.


Please inform Mike Pompeo about the basic history of this country?


The entities "held in abeyance" after the Civil War were nothing but Federal Contractors, not the actual American Government.


We are still here. Still Texans. Still Wisconsinites. Still Montanans.


These are our nationalities. Our states are our nations.


We are not either species of "United States Citizen". We don't belong to the Queen, and neither are we "Citizens of the United States" --- not chattel properties of the Municipal Civil Government, either.


Our political status pre-dates the Constitutions.


Our Federation of States, The United States of America, is unincorporated and still in business.


And both the Queen and the Pope owe us Good Faith Service.


Thank you, very much.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary