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Mike Kign

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New York Times: Former Presidents Recall Brzezinski's Influence


During our computer-less Memorial Day escape, we were pleased to hear about that son of hell Zbigniew Brzezinski following his recently-departed master, David Rockefeller, out of this world which they had mangled so badly. Good riddance! Unfortunately, there is always a fresh new crop of Globalists to replace the ones who leave "the world stage" TM.

In the vast power scheme of things, Brzezinski's role was more similar to that of a Henry Kissinger, rather than a Rothschild, Rockefeller or Soros. He was a high-level "consigliere" in Mafia-speak -- a strategist, an adviser to the Mega Mafia Dons, but not an actual billionaire power mogul. In that advisory capacity, the cunning counselor compiled an impressive list of  foreign policy "accomplishments" -- none of them good.

Shortly after he and Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973, Brzezinski recruited Jimmy Carter, the nationally unknown Governor of Georgia, for membership in the elite Globalist group. By early 1976, St. Jimmy the Pious - the "peanut farmer" and "outsider" who came out of nowhere - was rocketed to victory after victory in Democrat Presidential Primaries. He went on to unseat Gerald Ford (also a Trilateralist) to become the 39th President of the United States.

1- The logo 6-6-6 of the Trilateral Commission.  2- Brzezinski and Rockefeller on left (3rd & 4th from the wall)

2- Jimmy Carter, the saintly "Christian outsider" confers with his Trilateralist advisers; Brzezinski and Vance (Secretary of State)


In 1977, Carter appointed his Polish-American handler to the position of National Security Adviser. Brzezinski's Georgian bitch then proceeded to stack his administration with Trilateralists.  Carter/ Brezinski's one-term record of destruction has since been whitewashed and forgotten by many. Time for a brief review of some of the more memorable "mistakes":


    Carter & Brzezinski pressured the White government of once prosperous Rhodesia to step aside and allow Communist thug Robert Mugabe to be elected President. Mugabe's motto was "one man, one vote" -- to which we can now add, "one time" because he is still the undisputed master of what is now known as Zimbabwe. The wretched land has since experienced the brutal oppression of White farmers (those foolish enough to have stayed), hyperinflation, crime waves, widespread hunger, soul-crushing poverty and a flight of desperate Blacks to slightly the less shittier "new" South Africa.

    Carter & Brzezinski allowed Cuban Communist Fidel Castro to dump his criminals and mental patients in Florida in what was known as the Mariel Boat Lift. The escapees all claimed to be "political refugees", and many were indeed, but the subsequent crime wave indicated that plenty speciemens of human scum was also being pumped into Carter's America (Think 'Tony Montana' of 'Scarface').

1- Brzezinski's boy Mugabe is still alive and dangerous. The beast has unleashed 100,000% hyper-inflation.

2- Brzezinski / Carter to Castro: "Send me your killers, rapists and psychos. I lift my lamp beside the golden door."


    Carter & Brzezinski created a proxy army in Afghanistan and deliberately provoked the 1979 Soviet invasion by staging a CIA coup in what had been a "non-aligned" country on Russia's Asian border (much like today's Ukraine)! Though the long and drawn out "Afghan Trap" contributed to the ultimate demise and break-up of the USSR, Carter & Brzezinski were not at all motivated by "anti-communism." They only sought to destroy and destabilize Russia so that it could be swallowed up into the New World Order.

    After deliberately engineering the Soviet War in Afghanistan, (a fact which Brzezinski has since admitted to!) Carter & Brzezinski ruined the 1980 Moscow Olympics by organizing a boycott. Sixty five nations accepted Carter's request, demand to boycott Moscow. The hopes and dreams of 1000's of athletes were thus cruelly sacrificed on the altar of NWO geo-politics. Naturally, the Soviets later responded in kind in 1984. The talented Soviet team and those of various allies did not participate in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics - leaving many American medalists with a feeling of empty victory.

    Carter & Brzezinski back-stabbed the America-friendly Nicaraguan government of Nationalist Anastasio Somoza - falsely portrayed by the New York Slimes and the Piranha Press as a "brutal dictator" and a violator of "human rights". State Department pressure ultimately toppled Somoza and brought the Castro-backed Communist Sandinistas to power.,204,203,200_.jpg

1- The deadly Afghan War was a Carter / Brzezinski production, not at all instigated by the Russians!

2- It is said that Moscow put on a great show for the 1980 Olympics - but Carter & Brzezinski ruined it. The putrid pair even went so far as to use Black boxer Muhammad Ali to visit Africa on a mission to persuade more nations to join the cruel boycott.

3- Somoza blamed Carter/Brzezinski and the New York Times (among others) for the Marxist takeover of Nicaragua.


Over the course of the many years that have passed since the Carter fiasco, Brzezinski, as an agent of the all mighty House of Rockefeller (and probably Rothschild) continued to exert his influence from behind the scenes. In his 1998 book, The Grand Chessboard, Brzezinski brazenly set forth an open conspiracy to dominate Central Asia -- key elements of which being a soon-to-come foreign bogeyman and a "Pearl Harbor" type event to come in the near future (9/11 attacks).

In 2008, his sons Ian and Mark served as "foreign policy advisers" for the respective presidential campaigns of McCain the Insane and Homo-Obongo. His psychotic libtarded adulterous daughter, Mika, is the co-host of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. The whole rotten family hates Russia and especially Vladimir Putin, who Papa Zbigniew has condemned as another "Adolf Hitler" -- a damn fine compliment in our book!

Brzezinski's disgustingly arrogant 1998 book clearly telegraphed the manufactured rise of a phantom bogeyman and a coming "Pearl Harbor" that would induce America into direct military involvement all across Asia.


It is not surprising to hear the former presidents glorify this ghoulish Globalist. Rather, it is to be expected. He was, after all, in the grand scheme of things, much further up the power pyramid than they ever were. Jimmy Carter praised him as "an influential voice who shaped decades of American national security policy," and added that  Brzezinski was "a superb public servant .... brilliant, dedicated and loyal." Obongo gushed that he was one of several presidents "who benefited from his wisdom and counsel." And George H.W. Bush said that Brzezinski was an "influential voice in key policy debates."

The International gangsters always glorify their own. To use a sports analogy, if there were such an institution as the Globalist Hall of Fame, Zbigniew Brzezinski would be inducted into it on the first ballot. If there is a hell below us, may the conniving bastard rot in it for all eternity.

Nearly a half-century of high-level scheming disguised as "advice" --- Above with Reagan, with Clinton, with Obongo.