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Banks may be going into surveillance mode

The Unhived Mind

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March 12, 2016

If you've seen Jim Stone's comments on his website mentioning this website you may be wondering what is happening. Right now a certain Wall St too-big-to-fail bank has initiated lawyers against this website. Do you want to know what I think? Immediately reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act and completely shut down and remove Wall Street from both New York City and the U.S. mainland. Wall Street is a fork of the New Venice Empire headed by New Venice (City of London/Westminster) vermin with a Satanic history going back to Venice and ancient Samaria. Long live the BRICS New Development Bank as Prometheans Vladimir Putin and Xi JinPing start to free the world from the New Venice Zeusians. Wall Street is now totally bankrupt and it's irreversible. Wall Street will soon be renamed Collapse Street. I'm calling on all American patriots to demand the U.S. joins the BRICS and removes Wall St proxy Obama using the 25th Amendment.


Banks may be going into surveillance mode

I do not know how this particular piece of information got through the message window, other than that the Unhived mind is a regular contact and perhaps they let it through because of that . . . .

There is more than this, if I can post it, please let me know.

I am not going to give out the details of the message, but I will post one sentence of it to give you an idea of what is going on - "I have no idea what has rattled them to getting lawyers against me except maybe their logo in an old banner against the headline of raping oil from the middle east."

Here is what is going on - This alternative media web site is getting probed by the banks for whatever reason, (my guess is because of what is published there) and because of his geographic location is within their legal reach and how he left his info open.HEADS UP: It appears there are backdoor methods underway right now to attack alt media, and they are not using the regular channels to do it. As anyone who is aware would know, the tribe has left countless ways for them to get people.

This web site has been in war mode since day 1 fukushima report, I locked down everything tight as a drum and have avoided this type of problem and I am not giving out details beyond that . . . . . but HEADS UP: If you are in the alt media, get every stinking innocent piece of information possible that might be on your server for people to read, such as addresses, names, and phone numbers and EXPUNGE THEM ENTIRELY. I actually think Unhived mind is having problems right now because that site works against the secret societies, and they are pissed with everyone who laid the ground work for Trump to kick @ss even if they never mentioned Trump's name. The "elite" are probably, because of Trump, ramping up their efforts to destroy all of us.