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Pearl Harbor Links

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Dec. 9, 2015


Pearl Harbor


Robert Stinnett, Day Of Deceit: (Video)

The Truth About FDR And Pearl Harbor - May 24, 2000


FDR Provoked The Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor


Sacrifice At Pearl Harbor (BBC Documentary)


Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt's 9/11

by James Perloff


James Perloff On The Truth About Pearl Harbor; New Book: Truth Is A Lonely Warrior

by VisionLiberty


Pearl Harbor Attack No Surprise

by Roger A. Stolley


December 7, 1941: A Setup From The Beginning

by Robert B. Stinnett


Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt Knew

A Day That Will Live In Infamy

by Justin Raimondo


A President Who Should 'Live In Infamy'

Pearl Harbor: FDR knew

by Justin Raimondo


The American And British Governments Knew -  Down To The Day -

Of The Coming Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor …

And Let It Happen To Justify American Entry Into WWII


Exonerating Pearl Harbor's Scapegoats

by John Weir


Robert Stinnett, Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR And Pearl Harbor, On The Power Hour - 1/4


Pearl Harbor

Mother Of All Conspiracies


October 7, 1940: The Day That Should Have Lived In Infamy

Pearl Harbor Was An Inside Job Fdr Not Only Knew About The Attack In Advance, But That His Administration Did Everything It Could To Cause A Japanese Attack On America

by Saman Mohammadi


Pearl Harbor: Case Closed?

by Theodore O'Keefe


The McCollum Memo, Pearl Harbor And U.S. Involvement In World War 2


Did President Roosevelt Provoke Pearl Harbor?

by Patrick J. Buchanan


Pearl Harbor: Fifty Years Of Controversy

by Charles Lutton


Did Roosevelt Provoke War?

by Braveheart


Pearl Harbor 2.0

by John Koster


FDR: Pearl Harbor Inside Job: Declassified Memo


FDR, Pearl Harbor And The U.N.

by John V. Denson


FDR Should Have Been Impeached For Pearl Harbor

by Jacob G. Hornberger


How Franklin Roosevelt Lied America Into War

... American Involvement In War With Germany Was Preceded By A Long Series Of Steps [By Fdr, Including] ... The Orders To American Warships To Shoot At Sight At German Submarines, Formally Announced On September 11 [1941].

by William Henry Chamberlin


The Big Leak

So Big Was The Leak That It Might Have Caused Us To Lose World War II. So Mysterious Is The Identity Of The Leaker That We Can't Be Sure To This Day Who It Was…Or At Least Not Entirely Sure.

Thomas Fleming