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Freedom Without Fear A Historically True Story of the «Income Tax»!

Drunvalo Melchizedek

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our United States Constitution is in great jeopardy.

When America realizes the nature of what our government has done to its citizens over the last 90 plus years, it may take a very long time before trust is reestablished, but it will heal, if we make the right decisions. This story will be hard to believe at first because it is so outrageous, but we can prove and document every word we say in or out of a court of law. Of this there is absolutely no doubt.


Most people who become involved with the tax system do so when the IRS asks for an examination or audit of their records. In my case, however, the IRS didn't really care about my records. They were attacking me politically because of an article written in the Spirit of Ma'at Ezine about President Bush and a lie that he told the world. We proved Bush was lying, and they didn't like that, so the IRS was sent to shut down the Spirit of Ma'at's web site. (

If it had not been a political attack, I would have gladly cooperated, since I have paid all my taxes and all tax forms have been filed on time. I have no IRS problem on that level whatsoever.

But because it was political, I began to ask around about some form of defense to fight them. I knew that what the government was doing by sending the IRS to stop my 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech, was illegal and criminal. This is easy to prove in a court of law, for it has already been determined in previous court cases.

I told a friend of mine, a Native American medicine man, about my situation and he introduced me to a man named Wayne Bentson. According to my native friend, Mr. Bentson is on the List of Who's Who in the world as "The person who knows more about income tax and the Internal Revenue Service than anyone alive."


Mr. Bentson is a quiet man of 73 who was a Marine in Korea, with a wall full of decorations and medals. He may be getting older, but he's still a fighter who fought for his beloved country in the fifties and today fights for its Citizens.

In the early 70's, Mr. Bentson testified for now Chief Justice William Rhenquist, and that testimony brought down the wrath of the IRS, which was violently opposed to the nomination of Justice Rhenquist to the Supreme Court.

He was forced into fighting the IRS just as I was. Mr. Bentson took the IRS threats very seriously, and began to read all of 26 USC, 26 CFR (the regulations), several additional Titles, including 5 USC, 27 USC, 31 USC, 42 USC and 48 USC, plus several IRS and Department of Justice (DOJ) manuals.

So for almost thirty years, the IRS has been trying to put Mr. Bentson in prison, but they have been unsuccessful because he knows the law exceptionally well. After many decades of study, Mr. Bentson can now actually see the whole truth behind the IRS. He is one of the few people in the world, who doesn't work for the US government, that holds this knowledge.


"I was indicted two and a half years ago for "willful failure to file" and "conspiracy". But the indictment, rife with its own violations of law and other additional frauds, failed to identify the return I was supposed to file and there are approximately 300 types of returns. They still, after two and half years of investigation and communication, will not tell me which form I supposedly conspired with others not to file. They basically have arrested me and are holding me without telling me what my crime was. This is illegal."

In court Mr. Bentson submitted evidence that shows that the IRS is a fraudulent and illegal conspiracy on the American people. He sited the law precisely with his great knowledge of the income tax law and the IRS has no way to disprove his evidence.

"To avoid simply giving up and looking stupid, which has huge legal ramifications, the DOJ filed several motions with the court for an extensions of time in which to prepare for trial, using the same "we are not ready" excuse. Hence, two and one half years has passed since the original indictment and the IRS is still delaying, and I still don't know what it is I have done wrong."

The DOJ and IRS know that if they actually go to trial, it will be over for the IRS. The DOJ/IRS have boxed themselves in with this man. This man is the source of the following amazing information."


The following story is Wayne's understanding of the secret history and the IRS tax law that is far beyond what is normally taught to us in our public schools regarding the 16th Amendment. It is the same story that the government has no way to honestly refute for it is the truth, and will be proven in the following discussion.

But realize that the so-called "income" tax is far more complex than presented in this story. For example, income tax is only a few chapters published within the Internal Revenue Code, 26 USC, and yet Mr. Bentson had to study many related documents to get a full understanding.

To be sure, there are far more examples where the government is lying, committing fraud, criminal conspiracy and coercion within the IRS. And if the IRS wants, we can show that too. But this is enough for you to "see" this great fraud against the American people.


Before the United States of America was born, Britain was one of the most powerful countries in the world. Their military power was justifiably feared everywhere on the globe, and even at home in jolly olde England, this power was feared just as much.

Why? Because the British government devised a plan to control their own population using this awesome military/police power. It was so simply. They created the seemingly ordinary "income tax". And through this income tax, if any British citizen did not pay his or her taxes, or even if the government failed to approve of what these honest citizens were doing or saying, the government could use this "income tax" law and their military force to stop that honest Citizen by putting them in jail. Sound familiar? From jail, there was nothing the Citizen could do. There were no more unapproved speeches, and no unapproved written words. It was so simply, and so very effective.

As time when on, the British government used this power of income taxation so ruthlessly, that many citizens chose to leave their home country of England and leave in mass to escape this terror.

The discovery of America was the perfect answer. British citizens left to go to America in groves to get away from their own brutish government and the manner in which the monster called "income tax" was being utilized.

Britain was originally a place for harboring freedom but because of the fear of governmental control created by the "income tax", Britain became an island prison that darken the soul of FREEDOM.


When the United States of America won the war against Britain and created the Constitution of the United States of America in 1776, it was stated in Article I, Section 9, Clause 4: "No Capitation, or other direct Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken." This original law was intended to keep individuals from ever being directly taxed on their income.

They didn't mean for just a short time - they meant forever and ever because in their wisdom they knew that the Citizens of the United States would lose their FREEDOM the moment the "income tax" was applied. They knew clearly where this would lead: to oppression, undue control and fear - the very thing our forefathers came here to get away from.

The history of direct "Income Tax", even though it was illegal, went through many changes, mostly because of war and the need for revenue to fight these wars. The first "illegal" direct income tax was passed by the Senate because of the War of 1812 but it was never implemented. The first full year of an "illegal" direct income tax was in 1862 but the entire tax was repealed in 1872.

Then the U.S. Supreme Court, by a 5-4 decision, declared in 1894 income tax unconstitutional because it was a direct tax and could not be assessed according to state population. This became known as the "Dred Scott decision of government revenue", and now it was crystal clear that the direct income tax was definitely illegal according to the US Constitution.

In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt said that an income tax would be "a desirable feature of federal taxation". But, after two years it was realized that the income tax could not be created because it was illegal and would require a constitutional amendment.

In 1909 two different income tax bills were written even though both were in direct violation of the Supreme Court's ruling of 1894. At one point the two bills were combined and presented for approval, but Senator Nelson Aldrich delayed the vote until he could speak with President William Taft. The two agreed that the only way to solve the situation was to propose a constitutional amendment - the 16th Amendment - that would allow "an income tax without equal apportionment among the states".


Again it was war that brought the threat of direct income tax to the American people. Earlier, on July 5, 1909 the 16th Amendment was introduced to the Senate and House and was passed, but now the states had to vote to approve this 16th Amendment by two-thirds for it to become law.

The exact wording of the 16th Amendment, referred to as the Amendment XVI, is:

"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

It was clear that the states did not want this law for in 1909 when the several states voted, only one state approved it. That state was Alabama. Interestingly, it was not until February 3, 1913, almost four years later, that supposedly two-thirds approved the 16th Amendment.

Realize that in 1912 and 1913 it was becoming more and more apparent that a world war was brewing and that it was about to affect the United States of America directly. (The First World War began in 1914) But the United States did not have the money to create a significant and necessary military force to defend itself. Tax money was derived mostly from customs, duties and excise tax and the government had no way of simply getting its citizens to purchase more goods to create more taxes. They had to find a way to create large amounts of money quickly so the 16th Amendment that had been pending before Congress, was ratified and signed by the President of the United States just before the First World War. This was all based on the "supposed" legal passing of the 16th Amendment by a two-third vote of the states.

However, what is not known in our history is that in fact the several states overwhelmingly voted down this 16th Amendment seemingly bringing it all to an end. But no, it was just the beginning.

When the US government realized that the states voted down the 16th Amendment, the government decided to push forward, and illegally and criminally changed the states' voting results so that it appeared that the 16th Amendment had passed successfully. Please understand that it was a long time ago, before instantaneous communication, email and television, and no one knew the difference, except for a few. (Later in this article we will prove that the 16th Amendment did not pass the two-thirds vote of the several states).

It was publicly announced that the 16th Amendment passed, but the government people behind the scenes knew a fraudulent and criminal conspiracy was taking place. In their minds, I'm sure, they saw themselves as patriotic and believed they were saving the United States and the means justified the end. But they obviously had no idea how far reaching this illegal act would stretch into the future.

The passing of the 16th Amendment seems so simple and forthright, even though it was illegally achieved. But because it was illegal and in fact a criminal conspiracy, something had to be done without the American people's knowledge to write the "income tax" law codes around the 16th Amendment in a secret an equally fraudulent manner to keep the government employees and the President out of jail. Therefore, a second secret fraud was instituted against the American people - a fraud that has been hidden from almost all Americans until now.

You see, the president and his administration knew that the 16th Amendment voting results were illegally changed and that the 16th Amendment was fraudulently passed. But what they didn't know was when someone would find out the truth. It could be while they were in office, or it could be many years later. They didn't know. And more important to them, they didn't want to go to prison for this crime, so they wrote the wording of the 16th Amendment tax codes is a very special way to protect themselves. Even as the tax codes have been amended in the years since, they are always hiding this 1913 criminal conspiracy.

In the simplest of terms, the US government wrote the wording of the income tax codes so that the bottom line seemed to say that "a ‘US individual' had to pay ‘income' tax'". It was written so ridiculously clear that no one looked carefully into the other separate law books that were used to define what the words "US individual" and the words "income" tax meant in the these tax codes.


Let's explain how the fraud was constructed. In law, words can have meanings other than what would be found in a dictionary. This is normal practice. As long as the word is defined in conjunction with the written law, all is acceptable.

For example, in the 16th Amendment the United States are referred to as the "Several States", while in the tax codes the US Territories, US Possessions and Washington DC are referred to as "The United States". A separate law book exists which defines these terms.

One can see how the utilization of these definitions could easily effect how the tax codes would read to a normal person. All references to the United States are actually speaking about the US Territories, US Possessions and Washington DC.

Please realize that if the 16th Amendment was legally approved by the several states, the tax codes could have been written to mean individuals who live in the several states, but because it was illegally approved, they had to find a way to write the tax codes to make people like you and me believe they were talking about us, but if fact, they had to create a diversion. This the United States government did through criminal conspiracy and fraud by manipulating the tax codes.


Here, in a nut shell, is what the government did fraudulently, and it may be hard to believe. According to the present-day actual US tax codes, a "US individual" is defined as "a US citizen residing in the US Virgin Islands!!! or one of the other US Territories or its possessions.

We are, according to definition in these "separate" law books, "Citizens of the Several States", (with a capital "C", little "c" means something else) completely different than a "US individual", meaning a citizen residing in one of the 50 states in the United States of America, and we are "non-taxable" (except under certain very rare conditions). In other words, the 16th Amendment has nothing to do with a Citizen of the "Several" States residing within the 50 States except under certain rare conditions having to do with alcohol and tobacco in the US Territories or its possessions.

Why the US Virgin Islands? Because the 16th Amendment tax codes only legally apply to certain "income" created within the US Territories and its possessions. It does not apply to money generated within the United States of America (Several States) or, for that matter, anywhere else in the world. So if the IRS says you reside in the US Virgin Islands or one of the other US Territories then the 16th Amendment applies to you, and you could possibly be taxable. This is the fraud or "trick" they used.

The only way they could get us to pay "income" tax was by tricking us (legally called fraud and conspiracy) into believing we were supposed to pay this "income" tax. Its often called the Great American Tax Fraud by those who know. If the IRS were a normal American corporation, they would have been indicted long ago, but because they are part of the government, these illegal practices continue to go on just under the surface.


In the IRS tax structure every Citizen of the Several States has what is called an IMF or Individual Master File. This file contains all pertinent information about this "US Individual". But this file is mostly written in code, and can only be interrupted from a secret tax book that the IRS hides from the public. Of course, Mr. Bentson has a copy of this IRS code book and can read and understand this code.

In my IMF, the government used the secret code of "150", which places me a resident of the US Virgin Islands, and another code that says I earn my money in Guam. This is absolutely not true, and of course I have never been informed that the government placed me living in the US Virgin Islands. In fact on my IMF they have listed my permanent address as Arizona for the last eight years or more, which proves they know that I am not residing in the US Virgin Islands. This probably true of your IMF as well with slight variations.

The government knew that income tax was illegal according to the Constitution of the United States of America because they knew the voting results were illegally changed. The government then had to make the tax codes read in such a way relating the "income" tax only to the US Territories and its possessions. Can you believe it? And our government knows this!!! President Bush knows this!

The word "income" does not mean what we think it means. "Income" is money that is generated from within the US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico or America Samoa or the US possessions with very restricted conditions. There is no "income" within the Several States by definition. If you make all your money inside the Several States, you are not allowed to file a 1040 ever, by law.


Further and equally outrageous, the income Tax laws, Title 26 U.S.C. Subchapter A, Chapters 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7 that pertains to the "income tax" were repealed by the US government. (Yes, you read right) These are the very laws (which are NO LONGER LAW!!!) the IRS still use today to collect taxes and even put people in jail. But since the government is making billions of dollars per day, they have decided to continue collecting this money from Citizens of the Several States without any enforceable legal law whatsoever.

From the Internal Revenue Code we read:

"(26,894 (I.R.C.), Subchapter B-Effective Date and Related Provisions – Sec. 7851 APPLICABILITY OF REVENUE LAWS (a) General Rules – Except as otherwise provided in any section of this title —

(1) Subtitle A—

(A) Chapters 1, 2, 4 and 6 of this title shall apply only with respect to taxable years beginning after December 31, 1953, and ending after the date of enactment of this title, and with respect to such taxable years, chapters 1 (except sections 143 and 144) and 2, and section 3801, of the Internal Revenue Code of 1939 are hereby repealed.

(B) Chapters 3 and 5 of this title shall apply with respect to payments and transfers occurring after December 31, 1954, and as to such payments and transfers sections 143 and 144 and chapter 7 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1939 are hereby repealed." (Underline is ours)

Chapter 1 and 2 are repealed. Chapter 1, 2, 4 and 6 are "ended" immediately "after the date of enactment". So they are no longer law.

Sections 143 and 144 and Chapter 7 are repealed. So they are no longer law. This means that only chapter 3 and 5 are still law at this point, which apply to payments and transfers.


Now we can even show that the entire Title 26 U.S.C. is not positive law and never was by reading from U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division, (Actual Manual and page(s) numbers will be used in court) where it reads,

"The titles of the United States Code that have been enacted into positive law are as follows:"

(OUR WORDS) It begins with 1 U.S.C. and moves to the end. You will see that it jumps from 23 U.S.C to 28 U.S.C, showing that 24, 25, 26 and 27 U.S.C were never passed by Congress or signed by the President!!!! This makes sense since they were hiding the conspiracy and knew it would be better to never make it positive law.

TITLE 26 U.S.C. was never an "Act of Congress"!!!!


This means that any person put into jail using Title 26 U.S.C. has been put in jail illegally and legally should be released immediately and compensated. According to law, no person can be put into jail except under an Act of Congress, which is a law that was ratified by Congress and signed into law by the President. The income tax laws contained in Title 26 U.S.C. never were.

From Title 18, USCS section 4001 it reads:

Limitation on detention; control of prisons

(a) No citizen shall be imprisoned or otherwise detained by the United States pursuant to an Act of Congress.

Further, it is illegal for the IRS to summons third party records without your written consent, and the IRS is especially unauthorized to put liens on your money or property. It is illegal for them to do so and the IRS law clearly proves this. (We have this documentation, but are using it in court)

Citizens of the United States (Several States) have no legal requirements to pay "income tax" or tax on any money they make in the 50 States or anywhere in the world for that matter, unless they make this money in the US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico or American Samoa or one of its possessions and (something we have not talked about) have been served a .6001 notice. This is a legal fact, and this is why the IRS has lost (dropped or suppressed) the last 250 plus cases that Mr. Bentson was a consultant for where this legal information was presented. (But of course the IRS has never allowed this information to move through court for they know that it would end the IRS and income tax.)

You see the US government of 1913 knew that "Income Tax" was illegal, so they made the law read in such a way that the average person would never figure it out, and at the same time worded it in such a way that the government would never be held liable for the original fraud concerning the state voting results we mentioned earlier. (I know we keep saying this, but all references to IRS law must have this knowledge to understand why the wording is the way it is.)

The IRS is operating in the United States fraudulently when they ask you to pay "income tax", and any IRS agent that knows the truth can go to prison if they continue to work for the IRS. This is because the IRS is illegally using their authority on the US Territories and its possessions on Citizens of the "Several" States. Even the official badges that almost all IRS agents utilize prove that that IRS agent is actually under the jurisdiction of the Internal Revenue Service of Puerto Rico, not the United States of America.

This is the truth folks, so you might as well get used to for it is about to be made known to the entire United States (Several States) and the world.


Further, because Citizens of the Several States (The United States) are "Non-Taxable", and the government is receiving "income tax" illegally obtained by fraud, another law was made so the IRS employees will not go to jail. This law states that all money received from "Federal income taxes" is instantly converted to a "gift". By law, we are gifting our "income" tax money to the IRS. This makes the government safe from prosecution.

From 31 U.S.C. we read:


31 U.S.C. section 321

(d)(1) The Secretary of the Treasury may accept, hold, administer, and use gifts and bequests of property, both real and personal, for the purpose of aiding or facilitating the work of the Department of the Treasury. Gifts and bequests of money and the proceeds from sales of other property received as gifts or bequests shall be deposited in the Treasury in a separate fund and shall be disbursed on order of the Secretary of the Treasury. Property accepted under this paragraph, and the proceeds thereof, shall be used as nearly as possible in accordance with the terms of the gift or bequest.

(2) For purposes of the Federal income, estate, and gift taxes, property accepted under paragraph (1) shall be considered as a gift or bequest to or for the use of the United States.

When reading (2) above for clarity leave out the words "estate, and gift" and see that it reads "Federal income taxes, property accepted under paragraph (1) shall be considered as a gift or bequest to or for the use of the United States.

Further, by converting the "income tax" to a gift it also does something else. It allows the government to use your money in any way the government sees fit because it is a gift and there are no laws regulating gifts to the government. If it is actual "income tax" coming from the US Territories or its possessions, then there are strict laws on how this money can be used.

The lie goes on and on. Will we change this?


A group called "WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION" has been legally looking into the fraudulent passing of the 16th Amendment, and has taken the time (many years) to go to each state and search back into the records to find the original voting results. Once these true results were obtained, it was proven beyond a doubt that the voting results were tampered with to illegally to pass the 16th Amendment. In fact it did not pass. "WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION" proved this to be true once and for all. Click here and to read a past Spirit of Ma'at issue on the IRS where this is explained. Please understand that at the time we wrote this past issue, we did not know fully what we are discussing here.

The proof that the 16th Amendment states voting was illegally changed was presented to the US Supreme Court in 2003, and was legally recognized as true and correct. However, it was such a huge issue it was passed on to the US Congress for their decision. However, Congress decided to put off ruling on this case until sometime in 2005.


Our forefathers set up the Constitution so that all taxes would come from purchases, such as customs, duties, excise or even luxury tax, etc. This never included the idea of taxing income or incoming money. All governments need money to operate, but our Constitution and the US Law at this moment in 2004 says that operating funds cannot be taken from money that a "Citizen of the Several States" makes each year. But there are provisions in the Constitution of the United States of America so that the same amount or more of taxes could go to the US government, but they are collected in different ways other than by income taxation.

During 2003, President Bush was filled in on the truth around the fraud and conspiracy committed on the American people by the 16th Amendment that was pending in Congress, (At least as President he should have been.) and it obviously influenced his speeches during last year.

Bush thought that the 16th Amendment was going to be thrown out since the voting results were illegally changed and the income tax was going to be dropped forever. So in order to look like a hero, Bush began to talk about rescinding all income tax laws in favor of a federal VAT tax or Sales tax. But when Bush realized that Congress was going to delay the ruling until 2005, he quit speaking about it until just recently.

First Bush said in 2003 that a 10% federal sales tax could replace the income tax. Then, on second thought, he increased it to 15%.

Let's think about this for just one minute. What we believe is that if the income tax were dropped and a 10% sales tax were established, far more money would come to the government. Why?

Besides the obvious fact that the considerable cost of collecting taxes under the IRS would be eliminated, the real reason to establish a VAT or sales tax is that it would be imposed on everyone who makes purchases. However, most models that I have seen suggest that the very poor would be exempt.

Not only would "taxpayers" have to pay this "sales" tax, which would drop their total tax by about 25%, but so would Citizens who do not pay taxes now. This amounts to about 60,000,000 people according to IRS statistics. But that would be only the beginning. All off shore and on shore trusts, the wealthly - many who utilize the current tax laws to avoid paying taxes, drug dealers and their illegal money (this is huge), and even foreigners who visit us would have to pay this tax. This would result in a huge increase in funds going to the US government because the tax base would be increased dramatically. At 15% it would be astounding how much the government would make, yet not effect the average person very much.

Another reason why a sales tax would work now in 2004, but didn't work in 1913, is because our countries buying habits have changed dramatically since the beginning of this century. We spend vast amounts of money consuming products today whereas in 1913 the amount of goods was much lower. A sales tax would not have worked nearly as well. Today it would replace the income tax. All we have to do is find the right amount to charge.

This is also why the rich have opposed the VAT or sales tax idea so strongly because they buy more goods and would have to pay their "fair" share. At this moment they absolutely do not have to pay their "fair" share because Bush's tax laws are designed to help the rich. People buy products according to how much they make. Obviously the rich purchase more, and they would pay more. It is only fair.


Other countries, such as Germany, England and Canada use VAT tax in addition to sales tax. The Value Added Tax taxes the vast products coming into their countries. VAT tax is another possibility that President Bush is suggesting separate from the sales tax.

Don't think that by dropping the income tax it will hurt the United States of America. On the contrary, it would dramatically strengthen the United States financially, and stop the fear that people have for the IRS.


The US Congress had on its agenda to rule on the voting conspiracy of the 16th Amendment in 2003, but for some reason said that they didn't have time. They have now put off the ruling which was supposed to occur in 2004 until 2005. You don't suppose that the procrastinating of this ruling has anything to do with the November Election do you? I'm sure Bush does not want to be the President that is in office (especially right before an election) that takes the blunt of this criminal conspiracy.


But so what if Congress makes the 16th Amendment law. The tax codes never applied to Citizens of the "Several" States (you and me) for we are non-taxable according to the tax codes. It only applies to resident (aliens) residing in the US Territories or its possessions. And if Congress does somehow approve the 16th Amendment, it would still be illegal because the states have never approved it by a two-thirds vote. It would have to be voted on all over again.


In 1918, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the 16th Amendment only permitted the government to extend the Puerto Rican income tax to the Philippines because both countries were "without enumeration". In other words if a census was taken, the 16th Amendment was not applicable.

There are many groups who know the truth. Some of them are groups of former IRS agents, some are lawyers, and some are like WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION - vast numbers of ordinary Citizens of the "Several" States, who are simply fighting for what is true and right. And, the effect of so many people knowing the truth is finally about to reach out to all of America.


Then on September 2, 2004, on the night of his acceptance speech at the RNC, President Bush again brought up the subject of the income tax again. He said to the American people:

"Another drag on our economy is the current tax code, which is a complicated mess -- filled with special interest loopholes, saddling our people with more than six billion hours of paperwork and headache every year. The American people deserve -- and our economic future demands -- a simpler, fairer, pro-growth system. In a new term, I will lead a bipartisan effort to reform and simplify the federal tax code."

Notice he didn't mention that it was fraudulent and illegal even though he knows it is. It is a good thing if he changes the law, but he still cannot have an income tax. It is illegal. It was never approved by two-thirds of the states. The new law would have to be written around Bush's suggestion of a VAT and/or sales tax. And this is why the Republican Party is pushing for a Federal Sales Tax, which seems to mystify the Democratic Party.

It is perfect timing for total tax reform because of the revelation brought to the Supreme Court and Congress last year by WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION. The illegal income tax must go! Our forefathers originally wanted and demanded this in our constitution. If we have to go to the Supreme Court and Congress, we will. But even in US courts there is an IRS problem you need to be aware of.



To show how corrupt and above the law the IRS is, there is an IRS "law" on the books that is constantly and secretly used that will absolutely blow your mind. The IRS, by their own law, can go to a United States judge, talk to them about your case, even before the case is filed, and bribe them by saying that if they get a conviction in your case, they will pay them up to $5,000.00 US dollars and that it will be in pure green cash.

From the Internal Revenue Manual ‘Handbook of Delegation Orders' Page 1229-91, Exhibit 2 Cont. (7), Delegated Authority to Other Personnel Matters:

"Are Delegated Authority to: Approve monetary awards and exceptions to monetary award scales up to and including $5,000 for any one individual or group, and incur necessary expenses for the recognition of contributions. (Our underlines)

For the Position of: 1. Employees under their jurisdiction, including field employees engaged in National Office projects (except centralized positions as defined in IRM 0250 and positions centralized to Executive Resources Board); and contributions of employees of other Government agencies and armed forces members." (Our underline)

Read carefully, "and contributions of employees of other Government agencies", such as judges. Obviously "armed forces members" are not part of the IRS also, and the IRS can bribe them too.

Further, if you try to show this law or talk about this law in front of the jury, or ask if the judge is accepting money from the IRS, the judge will not allow this information to be presented to the jury. Amazing but true! One of our attorneys has seen this happen several times.

This means that our right to a fair trail is subverted in a tax related court.

Do you think this could not possibly be true? Let's read from an IRS Memorandum dated Feb 26, 1973. It is to: Participants in Conference on Tax Rebellion Movement. From: Regional Commissioner Western Region, Subject: Tax Rebellion in California. It was received by the Intelligence Division, Los Angeles, California on Feb 27, 1973. The following is from the minutes of February 9, 1973. We have a full copy on file.

"Mr. Croasmun, (Regional Commissioner) reported on his discussions with Assistant U.S. Attorney Couris and Judge Crocker, Fresno, (California) and of their interest in enforcement of the law in tax rebel cases. Mr. Hansen commented on the problem of federal judges appearing to be anti-IRS based on a belief that IRS is "highhanded". Mr. Howard reported on a change of attitude in federal judges in San Francisco after he met with a number of them and discussed the gravity of the Tax Rebellion Movement and the importance of giving prison sentences as deterrents."

In other words, the IRS is talking with the judges in secret convincing them to give prison sentences as deterrents to tax rebels. This is against the Constitution of the United States since the IRS is the one suing these "tax rebels". And from the Handbook of Delegation Orders, this law allows the IRS to actually give the judges money (cash up to $5,000) if they convict the "tax rebel" and give him a prison sentence.

We must change this! This is so wrong it is ridiculous.


Since all the proof regarding the 16th Amendment voting results was put on hold by Congress and the review of this subject could be suspended for many years, WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION now has a class-action suit filed against the US Government asking for the government to show precisely in the tax codes where Citizens of the Several States (the United States) have to pay income taxes on their labor (income). This is something the IRS has refused to do simply because they cannot.

Nowhere does this information exist, because the government long ago knew the 16th Amendment was fraudulent, so they only made the tax codes read to include the US Territories and its possessions. There are no tax codes saying that you and I have to pay taxes on our labor (income) and the government knows this. For this reason, the government will not come forth and show this law, which they are required by law to do. All they will do is remain silent and continue to illegally collect tax from American citizens.

To join this class-action lawsuit go to It is free join, and you could help to change the way the US government relates to its citizens. Also reading this website will open your eyes about the war that is going on between the IRS and the American people.

I believe the reason that President Bush made the above quoted income tax statement at the RNC, is because of this class-action lawsuit with over 3000 people involved and about 15,000 more joining. He had been silent for sometime about the income tax after Congress in 2003 didn't seem to have time to address the issue, but started speaking about it again just recently after the WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION class-action law suit was filed on July 19, 2004. I doubt if it is a coincidence.


On July 19, 2004, to open this lawsuit, there was a meeting in Washington DC with hundreds of citizens from all over the United States. The IRS was supposed to be present to answer questions from the people about the tax codes and to show the law which states that we are supposed to pay income tax - questions the IRS has been refusing to answer and the "law" the IRS refuses to reveal. It was televised on C-Span with over a million people watching, and broadcast on radio with over 500,000 people listening, but the IRS, as usual, refused to make an appearance obviously out of fear. What can they say. What they are doing is illegal and they know it.

At an IRS conference on Sept 16, 2003 concerning tax "scams" and tax "evasion", the lead tax reporter for the New York Times, David Cay Johnson directly and specifically questioned IRS commissioner Mark Everson about what laws require Americans to pay income taxes. Mr. Everson evaded his question by saying that the answers are being given through the court system. This is a lie. Mr. Johnson replied to Mr. Everson by saying, "There's no law that requires us to pay taxes. People are tricked into paying taxes."


We are going to join the WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION class-action lawsuit, but this is only one of the actions we are going to take.

In addition, we are going to attempt to initiate another class-action lawsuit against the IRS and the government based on a different point of law. The IRS tax codes have one especially vulnerable point. By simply obtaining the IMF of each person in the lawsuit and showing that they do not reside in the US VIRGIN ISLANDS, and they are not making their income in the US Territories, it would expose this government fraud and the IRS would have to place the people in this class-action lawsuit in a non-taxable category for the rest of their lives. Hopefully this would lead to the changing of the income tax laws of America.

But, after a great deal of thought, it has been decided, in addition to the two cases above, to follow Michael Moore's example of dealing with powerful government agencies, to create a major Hollywood documentary proving this article beyond a doubt and to get it on American television and possibly in the theaters for all of America to see, as well as the whole world. This is our primary goal.

Once America know the truth, the rest will be easy. Bush or whoever is president will have to respond and stop this fraudulent collecting of income tax from Citizens of the "Several" States. We already have one major Hollywood studios that is extremely interested. Michael Moore will also get his chance to be part of this too because of the IRS's illegal threat on the Disney Corporation.

If you would like to help in some way, either with funds, time or expertise, especially if you're a good tax attorney please email us. We will talk to each one of you personally.


I am so sure, so positive, so absolutely certain that the above statements are legally true and correct, that I challenge and even dare the Internal Revenue Service to prove that this article is not true.

I know they cannot do this, but let's see if they can. Since the IRS is supposed to know their own law, it should only take a few minutes or perhaps a day to gather up the evidence to disprove this article. So let's give them 20 working days. That's what the IRS gives us. Plenty of time! But if they do not answer in 20 working days, then all Americans will know this article is true and factual and the IRS is in a criminal conspiracy with the American people. The IRS will admit it by being silent.

If after 20 working days the IRS does not respond, then we give you the permission to send this article anywhere you wish or to post it on any web site. Especially send it to our Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen. Many of them already know of this IRS fraud, but when they see this article pouring in, it will put pressure on them to act. Send it to the media and let them realize the truth so they can let Americans know. If you have friends or loved ones in jail for tax evasion, send it to them. Boy could they use this information. Send it all over the web so everyone finds out the truth.

America we love you. Don't be afraid of the IRS, they are the ones that are in the wrong. Fear is what keeps the IRS alive. Let's finally have FREEDOM WITHOUT FEAR.

In Love and Service,

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Dec. 28, 2010

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