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Demonstration Today 11/8 at Sen. Brad Hoylman's office

Autism Action Network

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Fed up?
A group of constituents of State Senator Brad Hoylman have called for  a demonstration today, Friday, 11/8 at the office of Brad Hoylman, the State Senator who brought you the repeal of the religious exemption yet poses as an advocate for civil rights. Hoylman has a bill (S298a) to make flu shots mandatory to attend school (which we estimate is worth about $55 million per year to the flu shot cartel), and a bill (S2276) to mandate HPV to attend school, worth an estimated $114 million per year to Merck, the manufacturer of the only HPV shot available in the US. 
And he is a co-sponsor of a pedophile protection bill (S3899a) that would allow children of any age to get shots for hepatitis b, and children as young as nine to get Gardasil for HPV without parental knowledge or consent. What possible circumstance other than sexual abuse of a child could there be to explain why a nine-year old would request a shot for a sexually-transmitted disease and not want his or her parent to know? 
3:30-6:00 pm
322 8th Avenue (at West 26th Street)
New York, NY
Bring signs. Wear White. Bring your kids, he'll be terrified. 
3:30-6:00 pm, 322 8th Avenue (at West 26th Street), NYC[capwiz:queue_id]