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The People Who Vaccinate the Least are the Most Educated and Affluent

Jim Stone

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Here is a quote from Prevent Disease

Studies Demonstrate The More Educated You Are, The Less Chance You Will Vaccinate

More educated parents are less likely to vaccinate, which contradicts the misconceptions of many health professionals who profess that parents don't vaccinate because they are under-educated, poor or misinformed.

One publication of medical research linking the MMR vaccine to autism in The Lancet in February 1998 sparked a decade-long controversy about the triple jab. Following the initial publication, the uptake rate of the MMR vaccine dropped from 92% in 1997/98 to 80% in 2003/04.

A report examines how the response to the MMR controversy varied between parents with different levels of education. It revealed that:

Before 1998, highly educated parents were up to 8% more likely to take up the MMR vaccine than parents with lower education. By 2002, this gap had not only closed; it had actually been reversed, with highly educated parents being 2-3% less likely to accept the MMR vaccine.

Most of the relative decline in the MMR uptake by highly educated parents occurred soon after the controversy broke when the media coverage was still relatively low.

After the increased media attention in 2001 and 2002, there were no discernible differences in trends across educational groups. The controversy also appears to have had effects on the uptake of other childhood vaccines: after 1998, highly educated parents also reduced their relative uptake of other non-controversial childhood vaccines.

The relative decline in uptake by highly educated parents also potentially has wider significance. Generally speaking, individuals with more education have better health. This is possibly because they are better informed about how to achieve better health outcomes. The finding that highly educated parents were the first to react to the information that the MMR had potential side effects is consistent with this hypothesis.

More encouraging for anti-vaccine advocates is the finding that highly educated parents also reduced their uptake of other non-controversial childhood vaccines, a good sign that most of the hidden toxins in vaccines are slowly being discovered by parents and the public in general.

My comment: Low and behold, the fact that the more educated and affluent you are, the more likely you won't vaccinate your kids has been reported widely:

Experts Say Those Who Don't Vaccinate Their Kids Tend to Be Wealthy and White

Parents who don't vaccinate kids tend to be affluent, better educated, experts say

Highly Educated Parents ‘Far More Likely To Not Vaccinate Children

Why Do Affluent, Well-Educated People Refuse Vaccines?

Obviously, people who are well educated and affluent are more able to observe the obvious - that the vaccines are destroying the children, and (oops, did I say it) Educated does not cut it, Affluent does, and those permitted to become affluent are FAR MORE likely to be Jews, who know damn well what the shots are really for. OMG, I think I nailed it! Experts Say Those Who Don't Vaccinate Their Kids Tend to Be Wealthy and White.

Jim Stone

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