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More Truth About the Misconstruction of our Government

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Feb. 18, 2016

Lee and the South  "surrendered" to the Grant and the North.  There never has been a peace treaty signed, the North is still at war and at this point at war with US citizens as per the TWEA.

There was no "change" of the old Republic Trust pre-Lincoln government.  The Constitution "for" the United States government was vacated sine die.  The Republic is vacated not obliterated and the offices of the Republic can be re-seated.

Lincoln created a new entity with a new set of by laws.  Lincoln incorporated DC and used the trust indenture for the Republic for the framework.  The Republic itself used the Articles of Confederation as the framework to establish the Trust Indenture Constitution "for" the united States.

Your presumption that Lincoln went in and tampered with words and laws of the existing Republic is improper.  I can and do still mail first class mail using a 3¢ stamp as per the laws of the Republic 1840.  The old laws are still there and for the most part still be stood upon.

Recipient Name

c/o non-domestic

111 Main Street

Hometown, California


Zip Exempt

as per

First Class Mail Fully Pre-Paid

Statutory Non-Domestic

12 Stat. at Law, Ch. 71, Sec 23

I add these notices to the back of the envelope

Notice to Postal Carrier:

This envelope is “1st Class Non-Domestic Mail”.  As such, it does not require the postage you are normally accustomed to seeing in you business activies.

Caveat: You are not authorized to make a legal determination as to the proper amount of postage affixed to this envelope.  Doing so has to potential to make you liable in your personal capacity under the following Criminal Code. [Let your Postmaster make that determination]

USC Annotated

Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure

Part I– Crimes

Chapter 83–Postal Service

Sec. 1726. Postage collected unlawfully

Whoever, being a postmaster or other person authorized to receive the postage of mail matter, fraudulently demands or receives any rate of postage or gratuity or reward other than is provided by law for the postage of such mail matter, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.