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Jewish Genocide Of The White Race – CASE CLOSED

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March 1, 2015

This is a fantastic article, and obviously took a long time to put together. . . many thanks to Andrew for his fine work in this area.


The white race no longer has any racial allegiance to their own kind, and hasn't had any for a long, long time, "most recent case in point",  The American Civil War, WWI and WWII, whereby whites gleefully and with great resolve of purpose, slaughtered millions upon millions of their own kind, without so much as a moments reflection as to whether or not there might have been something inherently wrong about murdering fellow whites, who'd they'd never known or met previously, with today's samplings of white recruits, would reassuredly, if called upon to do so, gladly participate in murdering their own racial brothers and sisters, without a moments hesitation.

As far as the long term longevity of the white race is concerned at this point in history, considering the state of mind in which most white people occupy, it is looking more and more as though they are going extinct via miscegenation, sterilization, feminism, abortion, murder by injection, suicide, chemical poisoning, and war.


Against this obvious back-drop of the white race hurling head-long onto their own smartphones, you have the jew looking on, snickering with delight, and with much pride, knowing that He no longer needs to do much more to destroy an entire race of people when they're doing such a splendid job of it to themselves; seemingly needing no further encouragement to get the job done and over with.


The last white family in existence will be placed on display at a local human zoo -- which will become quite popular as over-all world populations are further reduced -- as a reminder to all, of the most hated race in all of history, and ironically, hated the most by their own kind.