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Obama's 'war on whites' … and every other American

Alan Keyes

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Aug. 7, 2014

For the past several weeks I’ve been thinking through and writing about the goal that comes first in the order of those listed in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution: “… in order to form a more perfect union.” One sign of the elitist faction’s commitment to discarding the Constitution lies in the fact that none of the candidates and politicos fabricated and hyped by the elitist faction media on either side of the sham partisan divide speak in terms of the union. This is true despite the fact that there are more signs of political and social dissolution in the United States today than at any time since the decade that preceded the Civil War.

The disunion also arises from a crack in the moral foundations of the country that is deeper than ever before. Phony hype led some benighted people to vote for Obama in order to signify and confirm the country’s progress toward healing still festering racial and ethnic wounds. But these days there can be little doubt that life-threatening infection is setting in instead. Instead of fighting the infection, the Obama faction has, throughout his tenure, willfully exacerbated it.

From the first, they have leveled false charges of racism against anyone who undertakes to oppose Obama’s policies. Obama himself has, with disdainful contempt, dismissed the faith and constitutional loyalty of working middle-class Americans. His policies, from Obamacare to the promotion of homosexual marriage, have callously disregarded the views and conscience of churchgoing craftsmen, professionals, entrepreneurs and mid-level corporate managers.

His callous exploitation of illegal-immigrant children has dramatically escalated the already grave crisis along our southern border. Having lit that fire in the country’s backyard, he is now battering at the front door with blunt instruments of tyranny, pretending they are necessary to deal with the emergency his own actions have created. In the context of that bold move toward dictatorship, elements of his wing of the elitist faction are speaking as if securing our borders is a racist act, and anyone who will not accept their collapse must be a hate mongering would-be terrorist who deserves to be punished for his “crime.”

In the face of all this comes the report of Alabama GOP Mo Brooks’ comment that Obama’s Democrats are “part of the war on whites that’s been launched by the Democratic Party.” Now, the La Raza cohorts of the Democratic coalition can slander opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants as part of a tea party war on Hispanics, Mexicans and minorities in general. But when the congressman decries the slanders of such Democrats as a war on whites, he’s immediately decried as an incendiary. Better look out. Before we know it, elitist minions like Karl Rove will be “joking” behind closed doors (as he did about Todd Akin) that “if he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!”

As in Todd Akin’s case, there’s more than a little truth in Mo Brooks’ remark. I’m tempted to suggest that it would be entirely true (as far the Obama faction slanderers are concerned) if he had said “conservative whites,” or maybe just “conservative whites who still think of themselves as Americans.” But as I consider those possible amendments, I realize that there is a fundamental flaw in Congressman Brooks’ remark.

The Obama faction is not making war just on whites. When Obama colludes in the exploitation of hapless youngsters as pawns in the elitist faction’s war on America’s borders, he’s making war on them. He pretended that illegal immigration is about compassion for job seekers. Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans, as well as all other workers began to wake up to the damage that implied for their job prospects. So he manufactures a “crisis” that focuses attention on youngsters too young to work. Yet his deceit camouflages the truth, which is that his elitist faction corporate masters are mainly interested in cheapening labor in America, no matter what group has to be damaged and exploited to do so.

This kind of thinking forces us to realize that when we consider the whole range of Obama faction policies, it’s simply inaccurate to say that the Obama Democrats are just waging war on whites. His drive to socialism has driven millions out of the marketplace for jobs. His attack on the integrity of America’s borders is already draining billions from the treasury, even as it increases the burden on state and local communities being forced to receive the resulting influx of dependents, including possible terrorist cadre, and even possible carriers of catastrophically communicable diseases.

Moreover, Obama’s energetic pursuit of the elitist faction’s offensive against the U.S. Constitution threatens the most basic rights of every inhabitant of the United States. It threatens the constitutional sovereignty of the American people as a whole. It’s not just a matter of whites, but of people from every race and ethnic group who were born into, or came to America to participate in, the historically unprecedented experience of government of, by and for the people. America’s founding generation consciously chose to found the United States on a basis that made that experience possible, and American patriots lived and died for it in all the generations that followed.

More than anything else, the United States of America is about the union of individuals and peoples made possible by the common commitment to live by the principles that made it the most successful “nation of nations” in the history of humankind. Other nations have been forged by molding many nations into one. America has been and is being composed, like a symphony of all humanity, by weaving its many distinctive strands into one fabric of right, justice and decent liberty, respecting each as it fulfills the common hope of all. In their willful assault on the premises and institutions of our constitutional self-government, Obama and his cohorts are making war on that hope.

The answer to their assault is not to let them isolate whites or any other group as the preferred target of their assault. Rather their attack on all of us requires a response that recognizes the damage they do to our society itself. As our founders prepared it, that response is to impeach them for their constitutional offenses, and to remove them from office for the sake of America and the standard it is supposed to raise for all humanity. This is what the pledge to impeach mobilization is about. Have you joined the effort? Are you encouraging everyone you can influence to do likewise?

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