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A Resentencing of Schaeffer Cox

Angela Clemons

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Resentencing of Schaeffer Cox

For those who haven't heard yet, Schaeffer Cox was resentenced on November 4, 2019. His new sentence is 188 months. He has already served 104 of those months. He will be appealing before the 9th circuit court to get the remaining charge dropped, this appeal has already been filed. The 9th circuit court dropped the solicitation charge so let's hope they drop conspiracy. We are expecting Schaeffer to be moved to a different prison and will update his address as soon as we know.

See for the full story and summary of the court hearing:

Hello Everyone,                                                                           


I’m siting here, one day post-resentencing, pondering the experience. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I had to sit and watch as Schaeffer’s life was ripped open, top to bottom, examined, cross examined, criticized, misunderstood, and twisted. Schaeffer was strong during the whole thing.

I have so many things I could say, but the questions I have today are, is it a crime to think for yourself? Is it a crime to be a Christian? Is it a crime to homeschool? Is it a crime to be a leader and influence people to be their best selves and live a great life? These are the things that Schaeffer Cox is guilty of and nothing more. 

The truth DID NOT win in this hearing. Many new truths were presented. The truth has always been on Schaeffer’s side and we know it will have the final word. Let’s hope that is soon. Let’s hope that he doesn’t have to serve the next six years in full. Let’s hope he doesn’t go back to the black site, CMU prison. Let’s hope the new 9th circuit court case will DROP the remaining conspiracy charge. Let’s hope Schaeffer walks free before six more years is served.

Of course, 188 months is WAY better than the original sentence of 310 months. Mercy, not justice, would have been time served. If he does serve the next 5-6 years, it means he will not get the chance to raise his children while they are so young in these precious years. We all know, you do not get those years back. 

It was admitted in court that Schaeffer never had a plan of violence, that the only plan was made by the informants and you cannot have a conspiracy with a government agent. It was admitted in court that Schaeffer is a prepper, NOT a terrorist. It was admitted that IF nothing changes in Schaeffer, he is NOT likely to ever commit violence.  However, he was still sentenced to 188 months.

What’s next? The charge of conspiracy is going before the 9th circuit. They dropped solicitation so let’s hope they drop conspiracy. Michael Filipovic and Schaeffer's legal team has done an excellent job.

In closing, this experience was surreal. This got me wondering, what is real? Truth is real. Love is real. And we know a God who will have the final word. We know a God who will get the glory. We know a God who will win. We know a God of Victory. May we all dream and hope beyond what looks practical. May we be the guiding light in the darkness. May we be the beacon that guides the lost to love and truth. And, may we live in peace.

Schaeffer, we love you. We will never stop fighting for your freedom.

Angela Clemons

Schaeffer's Angels

Here is the link to invest in his legal defense.

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