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Attorney General Barr FIRES Bureau of Prisons Director Following Epstein Suicide


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Attorney General Bill Barr has fired the acting Director of the Bureau of Prisons in response to the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein while in federal custody.

According to The Daily Mail:

The acting director of the federal Bureau of Prisons has been removed from his position more than a week after millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein took his own life while in federal custody.

Attorney General William Barr announced Hugh Hurwitz’s reassignment Monday. Hurwitz had served as the agency’s acting director since May 2018.

No reason was given for the reassignment, but the move comes as the bureau faces increased scrutiny after Epstein’s suicide Aug. 10 at a New York jail.

The FBI and Justice Department’s inspector general are investigating.

Kathleen Hawk Sawyer will succeed Hurwitz. Sawyer was the director from '92-'03.

Hurwitz was also the director of the agency when James 'Whitey' Bulger was famously killed while serving prison time in West Virginia.