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Please review case of Schaeffer Cox. 16179-006, Any honest review will exonerate him. This is travesty of justice


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FW: 6-5-17


Created by M.K. on May 09, 2017

Prosecutors made up charges, lied to jury, and broke laws to railroad an innocent man into 26 years of prison . Information on internet shows how this was done. Any honest review of his case will exonerate him. This happened previously to Sen. Ted Stevens and others, and although cases were reversed, same prosecutors were not disciplined and did this to Schaeffer Cox & Karen & Lonnie Vernon & Coleman Barney. It is not politically correct to accuse Justice Department of wrong doing but failure to correct this behavior will result in a dystopian nightmare for the American people. It could happen to anyone. If Courts can lie and cheat and not be held to account, then there is no justice.

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Francis Schaeffer Cox 16179-006
U.S. Penitentiary Marion
P . Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959
December 17th, 2014
Dear Friend of the 2nd Amendment,
My name is Francis Schaeffer Cox and I’m a thirty year old
political prisoner of the Obama Administration.
My only crime was believing in the Second Amendment and that
the government should obey our Constitution.
That’s all it took for Obama’s feds to take away my fre edom,
widow my wife, and orphan my children.
I’m taking a huge risk sending this letter to you. If it
becomes known, I may be shackled and sent to the “hole for years.”
But it’s a risk I’m willing to take to see my wife and
kids again.
Here they are in the two pictures I sent you. One is of my
sweetheart Marti and me holding our newborn son Seth during
happier times.
The other is of Seth all grown up with his little
angel, Bri. The last time I held them in my arms was over thre e
years ago, and without your immediate help, I won’t hold them for
another 22.
That’s because I’m serving a 26 year sentence in a prison
nicknamed “Little Guantanamo” for crimes I didn’t commit.
It’s my hope and prayer that after reading this and seeing the
hell my family and I have be en through, you will help me with this --
my LAST chance to prove my innocence --and return home to my
This is my cry for help. Not just for me and my family, but for
Americans like you who may be Obama’s next targets.
With that said, here’s my story...
I never thought in a million years I’d be in prison.
After all, I was raised in a conservative Christian home in
Alaska. It’s where my father taught me how to hunt, my godparents
taught me to fish, and where I climbed to the summit of Mt. McKinley.
It’s also where I met my faithful and loving wife, Marti. Even
in my cold 6x9 jail cell I can still smell the lavender perfume she
wore on our first date 12 years ago.
With her blessing, I decided to run for the Alaska State
House of Representatives in 2008. It was a tight three way race
that I narrowly lost with 38% of the vote, but it did position me
for a strong run in the next election.
But that was two years away, and like you, I’m not one to sit
back and watch as my country falls apart So I started campaigning
early and hosting town hall meetings in Alaska and across America.
My platform was simple:
The government needs to follow the Constitution and stop
treading on our rights. Especially our natural right to ke ep and bear
And I guess my message struck a nerve. Not just with the
tens of thousands of patriots like you that poured into the town
halls all across America, but also with Holder, Obama and their
gun-grabbing friends.
These tyrants HATE the 2nd Amendment and anyone who
supports it So when my pro-second amendment speeches gained
momentum across America, the Obama Administration decided they
had to find (or make) a way to silence me.
That’s when my family’s nightmare began...
Looking back as I sit in my prison cell and pour through
Homeland Security documents the government used in my case, I
can see that the government looked high and low for some reason
to silence or arrest me.
But they found none! Like you, I’m an honest man who fears
God and loves his country. I paid my taxes, ran my business
ethically, and followed the law.
But Obama wasn’t looking for...
criminals. He was targeting conservative patriots who disagree with
HIS criminal acts!
So he sent Attorney General Eric Holder and other corrupt Department of
Justice Officials to target Alaska’s conservatives. Conservatives just like me.
Maybe you remember hearing about this several years ago? It
was all over the news. The Obama Administration code-named it
“Operation Polar Pen.” Go ahead and look it up. You’ll be shocked at
what they got away with using YOUR tax dollars!
Their plan was simple:
Use undercover FBI informants to create fake charges and
sabotage political campaigns of anyone on Obama’s enemies list.
They took down our Republican Senator Ted Stevens (who was
also an NRA Executive Board Member), three Alaskan State House
Reps, and dozens of local patriots.
And since I was the main organizer of the 2nd Amendment lobby in Alaska
and represented thousands of conservative voters, I had to go and they didn’t
care how.
So it didn’t take long for Holder’s criminals and
undercover agents to target and harass me and my family.
They started showing up one by one trying to talk me into committing a
crime. Remember... I didn’t know they were undercover federal agents wearing
wires at the time.
Those same audio recordings would later prove my innocence. But
I’ll get to that soon.
The first time one of the undercover agents came up to me he
said... “You need to use your influence to organize a violent attack
on the government That’s the only way you can make a difference.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I told them they were
nuts and to stay away from me. But they didn’t like hearing that
So they got even more pushy and intimidating. These thugs tried anything
and everything to get me to say that I was going to attack the government
But as soon as they realized that I would never say anything

like that, they kicked it up a notch by going after the most

important thing to me in the world... Kids.
That’s when the Feds filed a bogus child neglect complaint with
the Office of Child Services and convinced a local judge to issue
a writ of assistance to seize our 1 1⁄2 year old baby, Seth...with a
SWAT team!
Even writing about this tears me apart I’ve never been more.
heartbroken and furious at the same time.
As soon as Marti and I found out, we called our friend and
lawyer, Robert John.
He advised us that we should find a safe place
to stay until he got to the bottom of it.
But before we could get far, one of the same undercover
agents from before confronted us and said...
“See! I told you so! Now the feds are attacking your children.
That’s a line in the sand we can’t let them cross! If they do anything,
I’m going to attack them to defend you! And if you refuse to stand up
and help, I’ll kill YOU for being a coward!”
When Marti and I heard that our hearts sank.
Not only was the government coming after our
son Seth, but now our lives were being threatened
for refusing to commit a crime! And remember, I still
had no idea these guys were undercover FBI agents.
What would you do at that point? I could only think of doing one thing:
getting my family as far away from these people as thugs as possible.
So we packed up our bags and got ready to leave.
But before we could leave, another FBI undercover informant
caught up with us one last time and threatened me not to leave.
I told him I had to do what was best for my family and that’s that!
I had no idea that the feds were listening in at the time and
realized they weren’t going to get me to commit a crime and they
were about to lose me forever.
That’s when they struck...
Obama’s Feds had set an ambush. Out of nowhere masked
agents swarmed in, slammed me to the ground, handcuffed me, and
whisked me away in a black SUV .
Before I knew it, I was sitting in a jail cell charged by
the Feds in State Court with “conspiracy against the government.”
Can you believe that? I still can’t And neither could my
attorney Robert John, when I called him from jail pleading with
him to get these ridiculous charges dropped.
And thank God, that’s exactly what he did! Here’s how:
Remember the audio recordings I told you about earlier? The
one’s that prove my innocence?
Well, Robert John got them admitted in pre-trial
motions and as soon as the state judge heard them,
he knew the case was nothing but lies and threw the
whole thing out.
So after spending nearly a year in jail, going bankrupt, and
missing my daughter Bri’s first words, it looked like my family and
I would be together again soon. Or so we thought...
That’s when Obama and Holder sent their federal prosecutor
named Joseph Bottini --the same man who took down Senator Ted
Stevens – after me!
And you know the worst part? He charged me in Federal Court
with the EXACT same charges!
But it gets worse. Not only was I facing charges I had
already be en found INNOCENT of in state court, now the
prosecutor moved the trial hundreds of miles away so Marti
and I couldn’t afford to fly in my witnesses.
If that wasn’t bad enough, the death blow came when the same
prosecutor filed a motion barring us from playing the government’s
own recordings...
...the same recordings I told you about earlier that prove my
The whole thing was a....
sham. Everybody knew I hadn’t broken any laws. The prosecution even
admitted that I refused to commit a crime, but they argued that
didn’t matter Why?
Because the government prosecutors said that my belief in the
2nd Amendment was “DANGEROUS” and “DISLOYAL” to the federal
They even argued that I may “POSSIBLY someday” harm someone
with my legal collection of firearms and that I was “plotting against
the government.”
Here’s how it went in the courtroom:
: Are there any circumstances where you would
resist the government?
: Yes. But only in the sense that my first loyalty is
to the Constitution and the Rule of Law.
: You see ! He’s plotting against the government!
I rest my case!
And that’s all it took to widow my wife, orphan Seth and Bri,
and condemn me to this tiny jail cell for 26 years.
So I have to ask you...
Is this the America you want to live in? One where the
federal government can say you are “disloyal” if you support the 2nd
Amendment? One where your kids and grandkids can be called
terrorists and sent to prison for legally owning a weapon and
supporting that right?
That’s not the America I grew up in. And it’s not the America
I want Bri and Seth to grow up in.
And as a fellow 2nd Amendment supporter, I’m sure you fe el
the same.
That’s why I’m writing you today. You see, I have one last
chance to appeal my conviction to a three judge panel on the ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals based on the fact that the prosecution
withheld evidence.
The same recorded evidence I told you about earlier that
proves my innocence!
Not only would this allow me to possibly REV ERSE my 26 year
jail sentence and return home to my would also overturn a
very dangerous precedent Obama set when he locked me up and threw
away the key.
My case is the first one like it If you and I stand by and do
nothing, not only will I continue to rot in this tiny cell, Obama will
also have all the legal power he needs to lock patriots like you and
me away for supporting the 2nd Amendment.
And you better believe Hillary would love to inherit that power
in 2016. The only way we can stop this is by appealing this landmark
case right now.
So I have to ask you, one patriot to another...
Will you help me in last chance to overturn this wrongful
conviction and return home to Marti, Seth and Bri?
I pray your answer is yes because I only have until Thursday,
February 12th. That’s my deadline for filing this appeal.
But in order to do that I need a great attorney. And as you
know, great attorneys don’t come cheap.
Fortunately, I have Robert John. The same lawyer and friend
who got the state of Alaska to drop all charges against me and the
same man I am counting on to get me home to Marti, Bri, and Seth.
But in order to do that, I desperately need to raise $56,124
by Thursday, February 12th. That’s the cost of filing my last chance
That’s why I am turning to a select few patriots like you
today. Without your immediate help, I’ll miss my last chance appeal,
Obama will set this dangerous precedent, and I’ll spend the next
22 years locked up as a political prisoner away from my family.
As I told you earlier, my family has lost everything. We don’t
have a cent left to our name.
That’s why I’m praying to God that you will find it in your heart
to support my appeal with a gift of $26 – one dollar for every year
I was unjustly sentenced to serve in prison.
I’ve even included a reply sheet from my legal team you can
use to send back your urgent donation.
If you can send a larger gift of $38, $56, $74 $99, $150,
$1776 or even more, it would mean so much to me and my family. My
legal team would put it to use right away to get me out of this
secret prison.
But, if you can only afford a gift of $26, I won’t ask for a
penny more. I’m just so thankful for your help.
No matter what amount you can give, will you send it right now?
Please...Seth doesn’t understand why the men in masks took daddy
Bri doesn’t understand why daddy isn’t there to read her
bedtime stories and kiss her goodnight.
And my beautiful wife, Marti doesn’t deserve to be a widow
at 27.
I have the evidence, I have a lawyer...and I have the truth on
my side. I just need you and your urgent gift of at least $26 to
help me prove it to the judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
But no matter what you do, please pray for Seth and Bri who are
missing their daddy. Pray for my wife who is struggling to make ends
meet And pray for our country.
My life is in your hands...
Francis Schaeffer Cox
P.S. The Obama Administration locked me up for 26 years in a political
prison nicknamed “Little Guantanamo” widowed my wife, Marti and
orphaned my two kids Seth and Bri because I publicly supported your
and my right to keep and bear arms.
Please...I only have one last shot to prove my innocence to the
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, overturn this dangerous precedent,
and return home to my family. Will you send your urgent donation of
$26 – one for every year I was unjustly convicted to help me
raise the $56,124 I need to make this happen?
P.P.S. I need to hear from you by Thursday, February 12th. That’s the

deadline for filing my appeal. God Bless..