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The REAL aggressors attacking humanity are the vaccine pushers, covid propagandists and governments that terrorize their own citizens

Mike Adams

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The financial sanctions Biden has announced against Putin are nothing compared to the Canadian government’s own financial terrorism that it has unleashed against its own peaceful citizens. Donate just $20 to the freedom convoy and all your bank funds can be stolen without notice, completely outside of due process. But we’re told that Putin is the worst villain on the planet. Yet Putin hasn’t stolen anyone’s bank accounts in the USA or Canada (for starters).

For the record, I don’t see Putin demanding Americans and Canadians be injected with spike protein bioweapons that have already killed nearly one million Americans right here at home, either. Those demands came from our own corrupt governments, media propagandists, fraudulent science institutions and pharma-infiltrated Big Tech giants.

Similarly, when the fake Biden president decries Putin’s violation of Ukraine’s “sovereign borders,” the corporate media is utterly silent about America’s invasions, attacks and military violence committed against Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria and dozens of other countries. Over the years, the media cheered those attacks, never once caring about how many innocent people would be “displaced” in those countries.

When America attacks innocent nations, it’s never described by the western media as a “brutal onslaught that’s killing innocents.” It’s always described as an effort to “defend freedom.”

Funny, isn’t it, how America’s violence is dressed up as “peace,” but when anybody else does it around the world, suddenly it’s a “brutal onslaught.

The corporate media is so dishonest in its coverage of conflict that if Ukraine were being invaded by Black Lives Matter with the exact same weapons as the Russian military, we would all be told the incursion was “mostly peaceful” with only “rare” episodes of bombs or missiles.

The lying media has been complicit in the vaccine holocaust that has already killed millions around the globe

Missiles and bombs aren’t the only forms of violence that kill people. Vaccine violence is another concept that’s become crystal clear these days as literally millions of people are now dead from the covid vaccines that were pushed onto innocent people by pharma-controlled governments and complicit corporate media giants over the last 18 months or so.

Thanks to a bombshell “smoking gun” analysis of the covid-19 spike protein, it turns out that Moderna actually patented a particular genetic sequence three years before the covid outbreak… and that sequence is found in the covid-19 spike protein. This is proof that Moderna helped synthesize the virus that got released onto the world, which in turns generated tens of billions of dollars in revenues for Moderna.

In other words, the entire covid outbreak and all its damage — lives lost, economies destroyed, liberties demolished — was done on purpose and was engineered by powerful corporations and governments (NIH, Fauci) in order to deliberately harm humanity. In the world of pure evil, Putin doesn’t even hold a candle to Fauci.

That crime against humanity dwarfs the current events in Ukraine, as devastating as they are. While Putin has launched missiles at targets in Ukraine, global governments and pharma corporations launched a deadly biological weapon against the entire planet, causing untold death, suffering and destruction on a scale that has never been witnessed in the history of human civilization.

Big Media, Big Tech, Big Science, Big Government and Big Pharma all went along with it. They pushed the false narrative that “vaccines are safe and effective” while deliberately conspiring to destroy the reputation of ivermectin and other interventions that could save lives. In a world where Joe Biden claims Russia is “attacking the people of Ukraine,” it was actually Biden’s own government (and Trump’s before) that attacked the people of America with a biological weapon and a fraudulent “vaccine.”

So to anyone that’s going to scream about Putin and Russia, get your crisis hierarchy sorted out correctly so that you at least recognize that Putin’s attack of Ukraine pales in comparison to the USA / CCP attack on the entire world via biological weapons and deadly jabs that transform the bodies of innocent people into spike protein weapons factories.

For the record, we are opposed to all forms of violence against innocent people. That includes kinetic violence, of course, but it must also consider vaccine violence, medical violence, hospital homicide and gain-of-function biological weapons development. Yes, war is bad. Kinetic war is horrible. But so is biological warfare, economic warfare, censorship, government propaganda, journo-terrorism and everything else we’ve all been subjected to under the fraudulent covid narrative.

Putin didn’t make our children wear masks and lock our elderly in nursing homes and hospital beds where you’re not even allowed to visit them. America’s own medical tyrants did that. And they tried to force deadly spike protein shots on everyone, all in the effort to achieve global depopulation and extermination of the human race.

Remember that when you’re watching the propaganda media whine about Russia. CNN has killed far more Americans than Putin has Ukrainians, just from the network’s vaccine propaganda alone.

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