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Mike Lindell Pulls All MyPillow Ads From Fox News

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July 30, 2021

Mike Lindell has pulled his MyPillow company’s advertisements from being aired by Fox News. The pro-Trump businessman made the decision to cancel any upcoming ads from being aired on the network after it declined to air an ad promoting his cyber symposium.

According to The Washington Examiner:

The ad he sought to have aired promotes his cyber symposium event that will discuss the 2020 election. Lindell has repeatedly asserted the election was fraudulent, claiming Dominion Voting Systems machines were manipulated to steal votes from former President Donald Trump. Election officials and the company have rejected the claim

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Lindell has chosen to pause his commercial time on FOX News given the level of success he’s experienced in building his brand through advertising on the number one cable news network,” the network said of Lindell’s decision.

The ad pull could hit Fox News where it hurts, as MyPillow shells out a lot of cash for ads on the network. The company spent nearly $50 million on Fox programming in 2020 and has spent $19 million already this year for ad time on the network, according to Lindell.

Over the past year, Lindell and Fox News were both hit with lawsuits by Dominion Voting Systems after the 2020 election. Dominion claimed both parties willfully defamed the company after speculation of voter fraud sparked criticism of the company.