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LV gunman Stephen Paddock ranted about FEMA camps, Waco before concert massacre, witnesses say

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Next, we have the Texas shooting that will result in the following. All mainstream coverage will now be focused entirely on the school shooting, and the fact that IG Horowitz send Huber a document that indicates a reasonable person could conclude there was a criminal conspiracy, by government employees, in both the FBI and DOJ, to cover up the Hillary Clinton E-Mail server scandal will now fall of the edge of the media universe. I will say again: this is classic deep state modus operandi, or method of operation. The Deep State has done this exact same method multiple times over the last few years. It works for them, and so they use it again, and again. I will also say people who don’t understand this, or think it is “conspiracy theory,” or “woo, woo,” just don’t understand how the Deep State manipulates the American people.

I will also note that as of right now, 1120 AM, The Drudge report does not have a single link to the Horowitz criminal referral story. Like I said, the modus operandi is to overwhelm the news cycle and take damaging stories, like a criminal conspiracy  by the FBI and DOJ, off the front pages. If you want information about this criminal conspiracy, you will have to go to alternative news sites.


The link to the Horowitz/Huber story is here.  (Note:  This article is posted today on Fourwinds)