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People Are Acting Very Strange As Shown In Road Rage Violence , Public Brawls, And Bloodthirsty Crowds - Yet Another Reason To Stay Away From Large Outdoor Gatherings

Susan Duclos

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As news of Afghanistan, vaccination mandates and restrictions, food shortages and more are dominating the news, some of which the MSM has reported on, and other topics Independent News has addressed,  I have been noting an increasing number of stories of weird and strange behaviors.

Road rage where a guy throws a literal tomahawk/axe at the windshield of another, public brawls, mind fogs, uncontrollable anger and much more.

Over the course of the past year-and-a-half we have seen stress levels rise considerably. 

Public lockdowns, the ruination of businesses deemed "non-essential" by state leaders, talk of mandated vaccines, and vaccine passports, along with banning those unvaccinated from dining out or visiting the gym, or attending entertainment venues, have all contributed to the stress levels as well as the rage at state and federal leaders (just look at the F Biden chanting trend).

Most of those that spend a significant amount of time online have noticed the change in "tone," of those commenting, or the uncontrollable anger and rage being spewed on social media or chat forums, but usually those were big talkers from behind a keyboard, yet now we see this strange behavior translating to offline actions.

We'll discuss a few of the weird incidents and actions below.




Let us start at the axe/tomahawk wielding freak that, in an act road rage, pulled in front of a car that had a dash cam, stepped out of his vehicle, threw the weapon at the windshield of the car blocked in, then simply got back into his truck and went on his merry way.


Released by the King County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Washington, the video shows the culmination of an incident that started as the dashcam vehicle merged onto the NE 145th St I-5 ramp, when the SUV’s driver started honking at them, according to incident reports seen by Q13 Fox Seattle.

The dashcam car’s driver then took the Ballinger Way exit in Shoreline to avoid a confrontation, but they were followed by the SUV’s driver, who eventually passed them, blocked the road, and threw an axe (!) at their windshield. Thankfully, no one was injured.

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The man is facing charges for felony hate crime, felony eluding and theft, as well as an outstanding felony warrant for first-degree robbery in King County, according to reports.

Since we are discussing tomahawks and/or axes, another man was reported to the police for brandishing a tomahawk.

What, is this the new weapon of choice??


At about 3:40 pm on Thursday (9 September), ACT Policing received multiple calls regarding a man brandishing a tomahawk and threatening people at the Hawker Shops.

Police are seeking witnesses to the incident.

Just before police arrived, the man left the scene in a silver Toyota Camry.

Shortly after, he returned to the location and police engaged with him. He was removed from the vehicle and taken into custody. The 22-year-old has since been charged with possessing an offensive weapon and breach of parole.


Reported by CBS Sacramento via MSN 10 hours ago, another act of road saw a bullet narrowly missing a woman in another act of extreme road rage.

A female driver was targeted and shot at over road rage on Interstate 80 on Sunday night, say police.

Things could have ended much worse for the driver after, police say, a reckless driver followed her off the highway and shot a bullet through her driver’s side door. It ended up lodged in her steering wheel but didn’t hit her.

Just a few more very recent headlines to make the point:

September 10, 2021: Pedestrian killed in Santa Fe road rage incident

September 11, 2021: Man arrested in connection to road rage incident

September 12, 2021: Police looking for suspect after road rage shooting

September 13, 2021: Man hospitalized after road rage shooting on Northeast Side, San Antonio police say

September 13, 2021: Tarpon Springs police searching for driver who fired shots during ‘road-rage’ incident

September 13, 2021: Family searches for answers in death of Salem man shot during 'road rage' incident


There are too many more to list since we have other types of strange behavior to discuss. 


A search for road rage using the time range of the last month will show how many incidents we are seeing and how they rapidly increasing in frequency.  



An overabundance of headlines and links are not necessary for this category as these days, almost everything is caught on camera.

Some samples out of the hundreds of videos in just the last months show Antifa and Proud Boys in outright brawls, compilations of street fights in 2021 (age-restricted so not watchable with embed), a town having to break up a fight in Casper Wyoming, and more compilation street fights.

Just look at the YouTube search for public fights and brawls, posted in the last month, to get a good idea of how angry most of society is becoming.


Another very telling aspect of the street and establishment brawls is the people watching, cheering, rooting, and videotaping the fights.

In over 50 years I have never seen such a large percentage human beings this bloodthirsty outside of a boxing arena.



Other weird behaviors we have heard described include neighbors and family members acting strangely, friends becoming belligerent, tensions felt when simply running errands as people that interact with each weekly almost seem like strangers.

The examples never end, but we are sure almost anyone reading this has experienced some type of behavior changes in the people around them.

Many blame it on the overly partisan divisions in the country, but that explanation ignores the mental stress of being locked down, and for the unvaccinated, being treated like lepers for a personal medical decision.

Include the millions of jobs losses, the inability to pay the bills because those jobs were deemed "non-essential, the lines at food banks and worrying about how to feel their families, fear of the government becoming a dictatorship as we watch liberal politicians attempt to out-do each other with their tyrannical decrees.



We appear to be rapidly becoming a nation of crazy people, even more than what used to be considered "normal."