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Brain implants used to treat Parkinson's can be hacked and used to control people, scientists warn

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"Do you see the irony here Sports Fans?" People are already being controlled down to a micro level the world over, have been for eons of time, and seem to be just fine with it for the most part. Control is a subjective word, and has a broad usage factor, but when it comes to people, it means what it means, and is absolute."

Humans -- particularly on this planet -- are lab-rats for Their rulers and real owners to amuse themselves with in any manner that suits Them. The ridiculous notion that You, or anyone else, NOT in the ruling class, has some perceived value other than your assigned one from birth, is the very height of deluded wishful thinking and delirium. There is only one construct in this world, and it goes by the name of 'Commerce', or 'Commercial', whereas the business of trading and buying the human commodity is carried out in real time. 

The "Commercial World" We all live in, was designed from the very beginning to give the appearance of inescapable lack and scarcity for those not at the top of the food-chain. Consequently, the underlying fear and constant struggle that exist at the lower rungs -- central to getting and existing -- is by design, meant to keep the masses preoccupied, busy and mired in self doubt, so that Their thought streams can be controlled and managed more efficiently. . .more predictably.

You may have had -- over the course of your own life -- notions of becoming this or that, or doing this or that, in the context of whatever initial value you might have given to those aspirations at the time while serving out your sentence on this Prison Planet. Or, You may have already mastered the art of self-deception, as a way to mask the truth about your own existence here, and the unvarnished reality of just how much you are actually being controlled in this mad-hatter world of reward and punishment, whereas the more astute, ruthless and clever mice, are able to buy back those aspect of Their lives that They traded away from the start for a chance at the big-spin, only to find out that in the process of being pitted and used in such a way, that the only thing They really gained was a little more cheese for Themselves at the expense of the other mice.

"When the Rat Master speaks, the mice freeze in place, waiting nervously for him to finish, ever ready to get-out-in-front of the other mice to garner more favor and cheese from the Master."