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BRAINWASHING PEOPLE: The Ten Steps of Mind Manipulation

Lasha Darkmoon

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If you can get people to believe that Scotsmen wear saris, you can get them to believe almost anything.

WOMEN IN SARIS (left), MAN IN KILT (right)

According to recent research into the “illusory truth effect“,  it is relatively easy to brainwash people into believing a lie even after they know the truth. This is done simply by repeating the lie endlessly until it erases the truth formerly impressed on their minds.

Let’s take an example.

You happen to know what a “kilt” is. It is a tartan skirt worn by men in Scotland. (See above, right). You also know what a “sari” is. It is a long graceful dress worn by women in India. (See above, left). Now imagine you are told that men in Scotland don’t really wear kilts, that they actually wear saris. All this time, you are told, you have been getting it wrong. You have been badly misinformed. Men in Scotland, you are told for the umpteenth time, actually wear saris.

Well, according to the latest research, quite a few people are going to start doubting that Scotsmen wear kilts and are going to end up believing that Scotsmen actually wear saris.

The important thing is to make sure the lie is repeated so often that repetition has the effect of a hypnotic suggestion on their minds. There is an old Latin proverb: Repetitio est mater studiorum (‘Repetition is the mother of studies’). The best way to learn anything is to hammer it into the mind through constant repetitions.

Maybe the young and impressionable will be the first to fall for the lie that Scotsmen wear saris. A minority of stubborn diehards will continue to believe the truth — that Scotsmen wear kilts — but they will now have to contend with an increasing number of strident fanatics who keep telling them they’re “crazy” for believing in the “canard” that Scotsmen wear kilts. Believing Scotsmen wear saris has now become politically correct. If you don’t believe that Scotsmen wear saris you are now in trouble.

If you dare to go on suggesting that Scotsmen wear kilts, you will now face intense hostility: you will be ostracized, you will be dismissed from your job, you will be fined for insulting Scotsmen by using the hated k-word, you will be put in prison for “sari denial”, and you will finally be packed off to a mental institution for psychiatric treatment.

To force an entire population into accepting the lie that Scotsmen wear saris requires  a step-by-step approach. It requires media control and mindbending propaganda on a monumental scale. The initiators of the Big Lie, the core propagandists, will of course be fully aware that they are promoting a Big Lie. But they will need to believe that the Big Lie is necessary and good and serves a noble end: that the end justifies the means. As time goes on, many of these original Lie promoters will come to believe passionately in the validity of their original Lie and see it as an alternative truth. (See The Big Lie)

Organized Lie Promotion will now proceed in ten methodical stages which we may call the Ten Steps of Mind Manipulation:

1.  Repetition of the lie on a daily basis in thousands of different newspapers, books, magazines, learned journals, TV documentaries, movies, and internet forums. Exposed to this deluge of daily repeated lies, the human mind will eventually capitulate and come to believe the lie.

2.  A parallel refusal to allow promoters of the truth equal access to the media and provide them with a space for reasonable debate. The public must on no account be allowed to consider the possibility that the New Truth is actually the Big Lie dressed up in new clothes. All opportunities for considering the pros and cons, for evaluating evidence objectively, for deciding on the merits and demerits of conflicting hypotheses, will be flatly denied to the general public. For the Big Lie to take root in the collective mind, access to the truth must be severely restricted, denied, and finally outlawed.

3.  To promote the lie and discredit the truth, the truth must henceforth be labeled a “conspiracy theory” and its promoters dismissed as brain-damaged kooks.

4.  The next step is to criminalize the truth by labeling it “hate speech”, suggesting that any expression of this truth will lead to public disorder and death. Truth telling now becomes “terrorism”.

5.  Parallel with this process of vilification of so-called “conspiracy theories” is the systematic fabrication of false, far-fetched, and genuinely disreputable conspiracy theories by government agents. The more prolific and absurd these fabricated theories, and the more people who can be persuaded to accept these theories, the better all round. The truth is now murked and buried under a mound of deliberately invented lies. This is all part and parcel of the black propaganda process which depends heavily on organized disinformation.

6.  Since there is no way to prevent Thought Crime—i.e., political dissidence, “radicalization”, and rejection of politically correct lies masquerading as the truth—the next step is invariably mockery, ridicule, and ad hominem attacks on those few valiant souls who persist in questioning the prevailing mendacity disguised as truth. The dissidents will be invited onto radio and TV programs, or interviewed in the press, only to find themselves pilloried there and made into laughing stocks.

7.  Character assassination. The Truthtellers will now find themselves being misquoted, or quoted out of context, with entirely false stories fabricated about them, amounting to character assassination. They will become objects of state surveillance and everything seedy or unwholesome about them, from old compromising emails to explicit photographs taken in their youth, will be presented to the public and help to destroy their reputations.

8.  Organized outrage is the next step. All politically incorrect statements made by the freethinkers—statements that would have been universally approved of by our ancestors or in no way disconcerted them unduly—will now be met by a wall of organized outrage. We have now passed from ridicule to intimidation. The political dissident is no longer a laughing stock, he is now a threat to public order. He must be silenced, he must apologize, he must grovel at the feet of his New Masters and beg for forgiveness.

9.  Punishment is the next step for those who question the prevailing wisdom: ostrac432345-149of employment, banning of their books, stiff fines for expressing their views, death threats, physical violence, and imprisonment. Heretics were once burnt at the stake. We are more civilized. We send our heretics to Germany to be imprisoned for “hate speech”. Others of darker complexion we pack off to torture camps to endure sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation at the hands of female degenerates in our employment, or waterboarding them 183 times in order to extract hidden facts which seldom emerge. It does not occur to us for a moment that our civilized torturers are infinitely more evil than the tragic victims they torture.

10. The use of bribery and blackmail in enforcing the new lie and silencing truth tellers.

Lets recapitulate that. This is important, because these ten principles ought to be kept in mind at all times by truth seekers who might otherwise be sucy by repeahe all-enveloping network of Systematic Lies. Here, in summary and for future reference, are the Ten Steps.


1.  Repetition of the lie ad infinitum.

2.  Maximum media exposure to the lie and minimum media exposure to the truth.

3.  Implanting the suggestion that the truth is an elaborate lie by labeling it a “conspiracy theory”.

4.  At the same time, suggesting that the truth is obnoxious by calling it “hate speech”. Truth telling  allegedly leads to public disorder and the death of certain targeted individuals, and so the expression of unpopular truths must be classified as “terrorism”.

5.  The systematic fabrication of false conspiracy theories by paid agents, in order to create maximum obfuscation and bring the truth into disrepute by associating it with a plethora of discredited ideas and far-fetched, ludicrous lies. 

6.  Exposure of the truth to mockery and contempt.

believe tharacter assassination of truth tellers by a variety of underhand means, including misquoting them, telling lies about them, and digging up the dirt on them. 

8.  Organized outrage at any expression of the truth by a public figure, i.e., systematic intimidation.

9.  Severe punishment for telling the truth.

10.  The use of bribery and blackmail, the carrot and the stick, to reward the promoters of the lie and deter potential truth tellers from speaking out. 

—  §  —

In regard to kilts and saris and their connection to Holocaust denial, the number one heresy of our day, here is an instructive quote from Wikipedia:

“At first, the truth effect was believed to occur only when individuals are highly uncertain about a given statement.

This assumption was challenged by the results of a 2015 study by Lisa K. Fazio, Nadia M. Brasier, B. Keith Payne, and Elizabeth J. Marsh. Published in twikipedia.rnal of Experimental Psychology, the study suggested that the truth effect can have an impact on participants who actually knew the correct answer to begin with, but who were swayed to believe otherwise through the repetition of a falsehood.

For example, when participants encountered on multiple occasions the statement ‘A sari is the name of the short plaid skirt worn by Scots,’ some of them were likely to come to believe it was true, even though these same people were able to correctly answer the question ‘What is the name of the short pleated skirt worn by Scots?'”

Like Orwell’s Winston Smith, after he was thoroughly brainwashed, you can eventually be duped into believing that two plus two equals five — and that men in Scotland wear saris.

“We believe that 2 + 2 = 5 and that Scotsmen wear saris —

and anyone who DENIES this should be EXTERMINATED!”

‘Sari denial’ and ‘Holocaust denial’ follow identical trajectories.

Just as you caion of thih an entire population into believing that Scotsmen wear saris (not kilts), and that two plus two equals five, so too you can brainwash an entire population into believing that six million Jews died in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

All it needs is constant repetition — day after day after day — and the threat of severe punishment for rejecting the New Lie.