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Something Very Strange Is Going On And Alternative News Readers Are Being Targeted - Have You Noticed Any Of These Symptoms

Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

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Aug. 2, 2016

Three days ago a very interesting and disturbing series of comments were noted here at ANP, unrelated to the actual article itself, but that in and of itself is not abnormal as debates progress and lead into other areas of discussion, but the originating question that started the side-topic and the responses, as well as how many of the comments automatically went into moderation, pending approval before they could be seen when ANP does not moderate comments before they post, all led me to the conclusion that there is something very strange going on.


(Note -Each comment shown will be linked to the comment itself because clicking over to the original comment only shows a small fraction of the discussion that stemmed from it unless one goes to the article and scrolls to the end of the comments and continues to reload until they hit that segment of the thread)

The original question was "Have a question for you all. Anybody else having trouble thinking? I have been speaking English for many years, but just the last few days my vocabulary is having 'holes'. I am almost 45, we try eating healthy, no fluoride or meds."

Another commentator, Dar,  noted "Almost everyone I talk with as in friends, customers, etc have memory problems. Not just elderly but all ages."

In response to the first question, Tyler stated "Actually, yes I have. Like a lot lately. I've had a really hard time formulating thoughts over the last about 2 weeks, including things I know a lot about. And came out of nowhere too. Even right now, my mind feels very like clouded."

Others mentioned dizzy spells, ringing in the ears during periods when it is more difficult to think, irritability, multiple readers hearing a "low frequency pulsating sound," accompanied by vertigo, and other strange symptoms.

In the midst of the discussion, others were weighing in with possible causes, stress, cell phones and towers, chemtrails, with one commentator noting specifically they had "two gwen towers" located close by.

Another reader detailed an experience from just days before:

Driving home after work down the freeway, it appeared that all vehicles I all lanes in front of me were...drunk. In the same area, they all drifted across the right marker into other lanes. When I got to that area, it felt as if my mind was zapped, strongly I might add, by what felt as microwaves. My brain instantly felt numb, swollen, back of my neck hurt...and I felt very strong vertigo and dizziness. Then I felt like I was going to pass out while driving. I had to physically change my position, straighten up in my seat and practically slap myself to maintain. The rest of the trip home felt a little better, but I had something like hot flashes just wave through me (I'm not a woman, so can't speak to exactly how those feel). Also strong ringing and "plugged" feeling in my right ear only. When I got home, I explained what happened and was told that she didn't feel right all day as well...... Read the rest here. 

Another point of interest - In that same portion of the thread, the original poster noted that when trying to post her comments she was being given the message that they were pending moderation. When we noted that, we checked the moderation dashboard and sure enough, only comments related to that topic we being listed as "pending" and not showing until we manually approved them.... again, we do not moderate comments before they post and have a very limited "filter" set up to try to catch spammers and nothing in those "pending" comments contained anything in our filters, nor any type of spam.