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Knowledge & Intelligence is down to observation, experimentation, study & parental guidance. What one is told is something else….

Michael Aydinian

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Sept. 21, 2015

Don't be a rocking horse.

I’ve received a bit of stick lately because I dared to question Religion & the Holocaust. To this I say – GOOD! You guys inspire me far more than any compliment can. Gratifying as compliments are, they often serve to pile on fat & massage the ego. I’m lucky – I’m not into that shit! Criticism simply spurs me on to put pen to paper with added zest & little more relish. This piece is about how some become smart while others have the brains of a rocking horse. There are 3 ways we obtain the furniture that enters our brains. Two are tried & trusted methods of understanding the truth. The 3rd is an abomination.




1). OBSERVATION – sadly as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once wrote in one of his superb Sherlock Holmes novels – too many see but fail to register what they observe!


2). EXPERIMENTATION & STUDY – this incorporates what we’re taught or what we choose to learn – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Music, Art, Languages & Philosophy. These subjects hold true. That’s not to say we cannot learn things which later are proved to be wrong. This is the beauty of science – it’s parameters extend to the unknown & importantly any new discovery, once fully tested & understood, is always unanimously embraced.


Isaac Newton theory of Gravity propelled him to the status as the greatest scientist ever. He held this honor for 200 years until a patent clerk formulated a theory in 1916 which stated Newton’s theory of gravity was not quite right! Back then, the mere notion Newton had erred hardly sat well with the scientific community. Bad enough but some of the predictions of General Relativity actually confounded beliefs which were universally accepted. At first no one believed it! Then slowly but surely physicists & scientists began to realize Albert Einstein was right! General Relativity would replace Newton’s intellectual masterpiece! It is now widely regarded as the single greatest intellectual achievement!


Chinese proverb


3). Then there’s WHAT WE’RE TOLD – so sad so many acquire their knowledge this way! Much of what we’re told regarding History & Politics hardly encompasses the whole truth & often furnishes our minds with lies. Worse still, each day we’re bombarded with a concoction of baloney courtesy of the TV, radio, newspapers & magazines. For the vast majority, if squeaky clean newsreaders say how it is, that’s good enough! Don’t though for minute think this method of systematically brainwashing the public is a result of technological strides mankind has made in the last 150 years. Oh no. This trick was learned 1000’s of years ago!


Mankind may have surged to dominate its surroundings but its imagination conspired to concoct an entity that would become an indelible stain throughout history – Religion! From the very beginning of the very earliest civilizations – Kings, Emperors & the wealthy naturally cared first & foremost about maintaining their status. The threat of rebellion always loomed large, what with the impoverished masses. The option of feeding them was a costly one, so what better way was there than to instill the masses with a belief that if they prayed to their God, they’d be looked after, if not in this life, definitely the next one! It may sound simplistic, even daft but the plain truth is for 1000’s of years minds were corrupted for the sole purpose of control.



Think for yourself


Why else is our history so? Soon woe betide if you were a non-believer. For the vast majority, Religion became the be all & end all. Goodness knows how many were tortured & then burnt at the stake just because they chose to think! Early civilizations resorted to sacrificing their animals or even their children, perish the thought, in the forlorn hope of satisfying their God. In the Middle ages one word in the wrong ear & suddenly you could be branded a heretic. Even geniuses like Galileo & Darwin were fearful of publishing their findings! This madness has continued to this day. Religion is the one domain void of evidence yet the one domain above reproach!


Small wonder the modern day power-brokers understood the necessity of maintaining this mental stranglehold over the populace. They have indeed fine-tuned this brainwashing process to such an extent, few have any idea they’ve become the perfect product, the proverbial puppet on a string, played at will. It’s not so much that everything the corporate media says is believed. It’s more the case we refuse to question or analyze what we’re told. Most crucially, scant few of us realize the real news is what we’re not told!