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Cathy O'Brien ~ MKULTRA Survivor

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Jan. 29, 2015
 Widespread use of  MKULTRA mind control technologies explain much about US politics and society. But apart from vicious programs like MKULTRA, the Techma (Jews) and their agents also use the educational, media and entertainment systems in the US and the global matrix generally, to mind control almost everyone to some degree.
Awareness of mind control techniques, methods and effects, and there widespread use, is necessary to an understanding of ourselves and our world because they are fundamental influences that shape mental and psychic responses to life, the universe and everything.
They have been, and are, used to dumb down US and other populations and to induce robotic responses in huge numbers of people. Arguably, given the nature and severity of the physical and psychic trauma used on MKULTRA subjects before they have any ability to understand what is happening to them, they are not responsible for what they do.
IMHO, similar consideration also mitigate, to varying degrees depending on circumstances, the culpability of people in Western society today who fail to adequately respond to the moral and socio-political challenges facing them.
Breaking the mind lock induced in most people growing up in the Techmas' global control matrix is not easy. I recommend this video talk to everyone.
Watch Here: