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NLP Is Very Dangerous Stuff (videos)

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NLP is very dangerous stuff. You can say one thing and mean another, and knowing the right verbal and nonverbal cues get even the suspicious to do your bidding. It ought to be outlawed but everyone's using it; your church, your kid's teachers, corporations and government as well.
NLP is a sort of mental hypnosis or seed planting used by magicians such as Derren Brown. If done correctly the NLP operator can use hand gestures or word patterns to make you believe anything they want.
I attended a NLP training class in 1995 for my company. It was designed for sales people to be able to read customers better and then close the sale by planting the suggestion they wanted to buy or do business with you.
Do a search on NLP to read more about it, or take a look at the Derren Brown videos on you tube.
So this guy put together a very nice video showing the NLP trademark signs Fox News was using during an interview of a 9/11 truth topic.
Interpreting Media (NLP) - 1 of 3:
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Interpreting Media (NLP) - 3 of 3: