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More than 30 per cent of people are more depressed during the winter, according to research into the impact of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) on mental health. After suffering through some of the most adverse weather in decades, no doubt that many are downhearted. But most of us will bounce back, it is only a temporary feeling. Surely, this despair is not the sign of a permanent disorder! Only those who profess crazed political thought need to fear. This is a case study in one such individual, who dared to expound such ideas and became a perennial patient in the process..

Most of this account is taken directly from the source, a political prisoner Stephen Ames, locked up in a Pennsylvania Mental Hospital, an enemy of the state, for steadfastly proclaiming these heretical ideas. You be the judge as to his sanity . . . dissecting the NWO would be a good start:

To make matters even worse, when you don't pay the Internal Revenue Service or a bank, people consider you a criminal or a dead beat. You are then prosecuted by someone who is a subordinate (Pretended U.S. Attorney paid by the IMF in electrons) of the Alien Property Custodian (Pretended Attorney General of the United States, INTERPOL agent, paid in electrons by IMF). I almost forgot: You are the Alien. Read the list below:

1. The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF.

2. The IMF is an Agency of the UN.

3. The U.S. Has not had a Treasury since 1921.

4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF.

5. The Attorney General of the U.S. is not employed by the U.S. But is an Agent of INTERPOL which is head quartered in Lyons, France.

6. The United States does not have any employees.

7. Social Security Numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF.

8. There are no Judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes.

9. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have just been Administrators.

10. According to the GATT you must have a Social Security number.

11. You are an "Institutional Unit" in which your body and labor are pledged to the UN through the IMF.

12. We have One World Government, One World Law and a One World Monetary System.

13. Your Social Security number is your slave number. Just about everyone in the World has a Social Security number from the UN through the IMF.

14. The UN is a One World Super Government.

15. No one on this planet has ever been free. This planet is a Slave Colony. There has always been a One World Government. It is just that now it is much better organized and has changed its name as of 1945 to the United Nations.

16. New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Gulliani stated on C-Span that "New York City was the capital of the World" and he was correct.

17. Social Security is not insurance or a contract, nor is there a Trust Fund.

18. Your Social Security check comes directly from the IMF which is an Agency of the UN.

19. You own no property, slaves can't own property. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant.

20. The most powerful court in America is not the United States Supreme Court but, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.


As a matter of fact the imagined President, imagined Representatives, imagined Senators, imagined Supreme Court Justices and imagined Federal Judges are not paid by the United States Government. Actually the United States Government does not have any employees They are paid by the International Monetary Fund in electrons. You see there is no such thing as the United States Government. In reality there are no Governments. There are Corporations (Fictions) such as the Federal Reserve Inc., and the United States Inc., which in fact are private corporations. The United States Inc., is just a slave management company. Guess what that makes you? If you said property, you are correct! You are Human Capital. The shares that were issued for the Federal Reserve when it was created back in 1913 only cost $100.00. That was quite the bargain.

To verify the facts in the preceding paragraphs see (5 U.S.C. 903, 12 U.S.C. 95, 18 U.S.C.A. 914, 22 U.S.C. 263, 285, 286, 287, 288. Public Law 89-719, Public Law 94-564, Public Law 101-167, Public Law 91-151 Public Law 103-465, House Report 103-826 T.D.O 150-10, T.D.O. 92, 41 Stat. Chap 214 pg. 654, Emergency Banking Act 48 Stat. 1, Articles of Agreement 60 Stat. 1440, 20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2), United Nations Secretariat Revised System of National Accounting, Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Cromelin v. United States, 177 F.2d 275, 277 Tomalewski v. United States, 493 F.Supp 673, 675 Foster v. Bork, 425 F.Supp 1318, 1319-20 FRC v. GE 281 U.S. 464, Keller v. PE 261 U.S. 428, United States v. LePatourel, 571 F2d 405, 410, Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, INTERPOL Constitution Art. 30, Executive Order 10422, Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493. 42 Pa.C.S.A. 502. General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs.

When you see the documents for yourself, your mind will shatter into a thousand pieces. You will have to acknowledge that your entire life has been nothing but a hallucination. You will have to acknowledge that there is NOT, NOR HAS THERE EVER BEEN A GOVERNMENT, COUNTRIES, MONEY, OR CONSTITUTIONS. All GOVERNMENTS AND COUNTRIES ARE FABRICATED FICTIONS CLEVERLY WOVEN INTO YOUR MIND. They are fictions accepted by you because you have been lied to and poisoned your entire life.. What would you do without an external authority commanding you what to do and what not to do? Would you be lost? Did you ever think that maybe you would find yourself? I am not afraid to acknowledge that I am an incomplete 'Being in motion' searching for my reason for existing in this Petry dish commonly called Earth. The evidence in my possession cannot be rebutted. Think twice before labeling me.

The purpose of this story is to illustrate that the progression of uncovering political relationships is a very dangerous venture. You are urged to read the entire series of essays. This segment was selected because it contains citations to review. The significance of Mr Ames conclusions would not be considered by most people, less will understand them and even fewer will accept them to be correct. However, the underlying record of systemic enslavement is the universal sage of all human history. Is it insane to connect the dots, or is the offense in speaking about all the relationships? The study on obedience to authority, mentioned in this source account, carried out by Stanely Milgram, speaks directly to this question.

The “blues” of SAD are nothing compared to the hollow emptiness of grasping the totality of the fraud that has been executed upon mankind. This awareness does not make one sick, it only jolts you to the reality that one is prostrated under the rule of a false system. The power resides in the perpetrators, but the righteousness belong to the people who have the courage to accept the truth. Those who share in the audacity to challenge the scheme of deceit, risk similar confinement as “an enemy of the state”. But are they insane? Are such people demented and should they be institutionalized to protect society from such heterodoxy? Or is mental health defined by the ultimate Sanity Diagnostic Quiz?

If less than a third are despondent because of the winter weather, the overwhelming vast majority are medicated on the most destructive drug of them all - obedience to the STATE. A recent report by the mental health charity - Mind, suggests getting outside as much as possible to make the best use of the available daylight. But when people like Stephen Ames sheds the spotlight on the forbidden relationships, they are labeled insane. The psychotic and deranged are those who refuse to confront the servitude scheme, that the sociopaths have designed and operate. Is this the kind of future that will behold us? It will be unless there is an awakening that the biggest lie of all is the one that most people live. DENIAL that the elites that rule - do so through a bogus legal system, a counterfeit version of capitalism and a command and control system - provides the screen to deflect the rays of real illumination. We are all living in an asylum, a prison that grows each day, named the NWO. So tell me, is Stephen Ames nuts or is he being kept in a sanitarium run by the criminally insane?

SARTRE - February 19, 2003