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Look Whose Dead Body Was Found In Minnesota Hotel Room 10 Days After Exposing HUGE Scandal

Amanda Shea

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Since before Donald Trump was elected, the prospect that he could win the presidency sent liberals into desperation mode to maintain their tightly-held power and hide their deep secrets which could compromise it.  Now that he’s in office, the death toll seems to be on the rise of people who knew too much and were willing to tell, which could destroy the left’s political agenda and land certain people in prison.  Trump isn’t one to let lies slide so with the ramifications of one exposing them were all too real for some seedy people in Washington, D.C. Despite their trying, the left can’t impeach or assassinate the president, so other people are dying instead, in particular, one person who had just spoken to the Wall Street Journal just ten days before his body was found in a Minnesota hotel room with an odd note next to him.

It has become a little too coincidental that anyone with information about Hillary Clinton seems to suffer a sudden death not long after talking about it. Over the last few years, the bodies have piled up around the Clintons with people who had damning secrets of Hillary’s that she’s been desperate to hide. Peter W Smith was one such unfortunate Republican operative who was found dead of supposed “suicide” in his hotel room exactly ten days after telling the Wall Street Journal that he was trying to obtain Hillary Clinton’s missing emails from Russian hacker.  However, that’s not all that seems strange in this case.