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Famous Holistic Doctor and Wife Allegedly Jump to Death Off Manhattan Office Highrise Leave Typed Suicide Notes

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Saturday, July 29, 2017 0:34


(Before It's News)

Source- Erin at Health Nut News

Update: Neighbor testifies they heard screaming just before the ‘jumps’.

Very early yesterday morning (Friday, the 28th), a well known holistic Manhattan doctor and his wife jumped to their deaths, allegedly leaving typed, double suicide notes in their pockets in ziplock bags. (You get to decide how you feel about that. Also, can you think of the last time the news published a picture of a suicide note? Me either. Not cool).

They were found on the street shortly before 6am by a shocked woman who worked at a nearby store.

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to their children they left behind who were upstairs when they allegedly jumped from their deaths from the holistic clinic building in Manhattan.

We find it interesting and sad that the few mainstream outlets who reported the news initially stated that they had killed themselves over Obamacare (I’m so sure)…then we watched some of the headlines change (ours never did) as they switched the narrative to say it was because of financial woes.

One of the initial headlines (which was commonplace) as many scrambled to change their titles: