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More on Christopher Story's Death


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Anyone who has been reading Story for a number years knows that many a deal have been struck with those holding the settlements hostage & those to whom the payouts are due. You would also know that the hostage takers have reneged every single time.

Also - an avid reader would know that attempts on Story's life have been made many, MANY times before & after the last attempt, those who made the attempt were told to back off or else face full on warfare in which all of their lies, deceptions, etc, would be exposed to all the world

(edit: "warfare" in this sense would be financial which would entail the total collapse of all fiat monies [in particular - the $] & stock exchanges the world over as the exposure of these criminal doings by high level government agencies who would admit that, yes, indeed these things have transpired. this would cause these criminals to lose all their wealth & credibility.

Perform some due diligence. look at Holland. they are already taking measures to go back to a gold standard. there are many other nations who have been performing this fleeing from a fiat monetary system for a long time. This is all in preparation for this possible "warfare" - as well as a way to avoid getting sucked in to "short end of the stick" in fraudulent finances such as derivatives trading ie, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, etc amongst many other issues, but i digress...).

Now, the week of his death - but before the rumor mill started churning about his demise - I had a very interesting conversation with someone regarding the settlements (for some perspective: this conversation happened Friday, the 22 of July. His death was first heard by us that Saturday night/Sunday morning). according to this source, it was disseminated that the settlements have been finalized & would be released beginning of August. I cannot go into details as to how/why this source is impeccable in this regards, but just know it is regarding something that Story himself has reported on many times in the past - a proverbial picking up of the torch, if you will.

During our discourse, i mentioned how very interesting their statement re: the settlements was seeing as how Story's July 10th report has been taken down. Immediately we were thinking, well, maybe he was taken out. also, it could have been because he was asked to remove it until the event of the deadline passing with no action. One thing that is missing in the reposts in these boards I've been reading are the letters sent by attorney hodges. Most of them were reposts by Story. However, I noticed that hodges had also sent one to someone else. Unfortunately, I was unable to print out the report before it was removed so I cannot say who the last letter was to, but I do remember thinking "DAMN! he is no longer pulling any punches!" It basically equivocated to going to the superintendent of schools after the principal ignores your repeated requests - if the similitude can be seen.

The other thought was that he was not going to repost it until he was back in London as it is known he does not post while on north America for a plethora of reasons.

Obviously, our initial thought was most accurate, unfortunately.

The point of the above, long-winded diatribe? Well, you're going to have to make some connections between the above & the below.

First of all - story was not in the U.K. when he fell "ill."

When I first heard the tale of his death, it went that he was summoned (sorry, even though I'm already saying too much, I will not give this detail away but have left a trail for you to try & connect the dots - hopefully) somewhere where he was then infected with this Government viral agent. It was all hearsay - especially with all this "killed assassination style in the streets of london talk"...until I read the telegraph death notice. A "brief illness"?!? Alarm bells went OFF in my head. Obviously, the poisoning aspect of what I heard is true. Therefore, I have to believe that the summoning & the place to which he was summoned is also true.

Let us not think of good guys v. bad guys in this case. there are black hats & white hats in every intelligence community within every government. There are CIA agents & MI6 agents alike who are either pro or con Story.

Knowing these dialectal serpents & all of their past actions - I would not put it past them to make such a ludicrous demand as to be able to take the life of someone who has the protection of the payees in order to make good on releasing the funds. Now, when we examine all of the above as one giant geo-socio-politico chess game, sometimes, yes, you must sacrifice your rook in order to get your advantage. In this entire drama, Story has been quite a strong rook. However, we all know there comes a time when they must be sacrificed.

Seeing as how there has yet to be exposures at the highest levels of these criminals, & yet they've been able to remove Story from the board without repercussions as of yet, it says to me that, yes, a deal was struck & he was sacrificed for the greater good. If you know the full implications of the settlements & what it will mean to all the people & nations & what they will all be able to do - either collectively, individually, or any combination of the two - then you will be able to see this as well.

I will tell you this much - if come close of business EST monday, 2 august 2010 the settlements are NOT released? - get your hands on as much gold, silver, gems, etc. as you can & get yourself some firearms & PLENTY of ammo. the as of yet inflicted repercussions for taking story out will be laid out IN FULL FORCE if this does not transpire - THAT i can promise you.


July 30 2010