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Christopher Story

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That ‘sudden death syndrome’ experienced by a creature fond of making satanic hand signals called Michael Jackson: was it an accident? His body is evidently to be buried in a $15,000 gold-plated coffin encased in concrete. Now why on earth would this be necessary?

The increasingly scurrilous and revolutionary London Daily Telegraph carried a photograph of this ghoul on 28th June (page 9), sticking his left hand up with the two index fingers making a variant of the familiar devil’s salute so favoured by George W. Bush Jr., Mrs Laura Bush, Elizabeth Taylor, Dan Quayle, General Tommy Franks, Silvio Berlusconi, King Abdullah, and now Sarah Palin.

But Jackson, this repulsive, decadent paedophile, a protégé of Elizabeth Taylor, wasn’t just a ‘pop phenomenon’ that erupted out of nowhere, bamboozling and depraving millions of ignorant and gullible sheeple with his overtly pornographic, paedophiliac and filthy narcissism.

No. He was ‘an operation’: and who do you suppose was his ultimate ‘controller’? Think of someone who stands for wall-to-wall depravity and the Works of Darkness to whom we refer in every report. You got it in one: George Herbert Walker Godfather-Satan Bush Sr.. This fact is quite well known among Los Angeles area showbusiness cognoscenti, who point to certain real estate connections.

Michael Jackson was also reported as having 'assisted the CIA' with 'Operation Clydesdale', which was ostensibly concerned with exterminating criminal paedophile gangsters operating in Eastern Europe. This 'line' implies a further 'connection' with the Bush Criminal Syndicate, and would have been intended to cover Mr Jackson's active participation in paedophile operations run by a cadre within the corrupt and depraved Intelligence Power, motivated by the notorious CIA objectives of (a) furthering depravity and (b) generating streams of 'Black' CIA funding in the process.


Michael Jackson was a creature of the Bush-CIA/DVD Crime Syndicate, a money-making 'platform' operation which – like the later J. K. Rowling Harry Potter committee-written, witchcraft-teaching, child-depraving operation directed by a filthy revolutionary cell inside the ‘Black’ components of British counterintelligence – was framed with just two objectives in mind:

To maximise the revolutionary potential for calling good evil, and evil good, in order to generate mass multiple personality disorder among our children and young people so as to satisfy depraved revolutionary mind-control objectives and to enlarge the pool of children 'available' for abuse.

To establish a money cow and a consequent flow of funds for 'platform' trading purposes.

As for Jackson, let’s revert briefly to his experience of ‘sudden death syndrome’. It has been put to us by the informed sources who made us aware of Jackson’s ‘Bush dimension’, that those forces who are engaged in warfare behind the scenes against the CIA-DVD Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate, eliminated Jackson in order to close down the ‘trading platform’ potential that was associated with this manipulated, depraved paedophile. Recall that tickets for exhibitions of narcissistic Jackson depravity to be launched from the epicentre of geomasonry, London, were being sold for venues throughout the world, out to next spring: a nice depravity-spreading little earner, hey what?

Now despite assurances that the fools who rushed to buy tickets to ogle at this devil will get their money back, what do you think will happen to their money?

If you imagine they’ll be getting it back, keep imagining. Also, there’s an awful lot of loot to be milked from the death of a devil who’s to be buried in a gold-plated casket encased in concrete. And where have we ever read of bodies being buried in cement? Plus: we WONDER WHY he needs to be buried in concrete. No doubt George Herbert Walker Paedophile Bush knows the answer.