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Report: Ernst Zündel died on Saturday, August 5

Carolyn Yeager

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I was just alerted by Don Advo at Stormfront that Forum member "IchBinSchwabisch" posted today at 9:40 a.m. --

It is with GREAT, GREAT sorrow., that I bring the VERY tragic news., of the TRULY heroic German "Hollow-Caust" investigator, Ernst Zundel (with 2 major court-trials in Canada, back in 1985 & 88)., as I just got off the phone with his sister in Germany, that he is in fact., and had VERY unfortunately., just past-away yesterday, Saturday, August 5th...

May God bless his soul for his life-long struggles in the defense of his people / folk, AND my God protect his loving wife, Ingrid.....

Unfortunately., as of this moment / day., I have NO details as to the cause of his passing., but will do my best to find-out (without over-stepping my bounds with his family) as to what transpired to bring about such a GREAT loss to the / our cause.


Ernst was born in 1939 in Wildbad, Germany. Since March 1, 2010, when he was released from prison in Germany after his long, long persecution for telling the truth, he has been living (under certain restrictions) back in his Black Forest homeland in Baden-Wurttemberg, prevented from entering the USA.

We will keep you updated here when any further news breaks.

UPDATE: Günter Deckert confirms:

Ernst Zündel (April 29th, 1939, Bad Wildbad/Black Forest) passed away yesterday: cardiac arrest... – Thus runs the message below.

From Peter Weik: (translated from German):

Hello All:

I have just learned that Ernst Zündel died last night and think you should know that too.

According to his sister, who will stay in his house until the burial, his heart simply stopped, and attempts to reanimate it were unsuccessful.

Best regards


My further comment: It is summer, the temperatures can be high, and depending on how much Ernst exerted himself it could have been too much for a 78-year old weakened heart. But it appears he died peacefully in his sleep. He was a native of the same area in Baden that my ancestors emigrated from - they were from the Kraichgau, a farming area just north of the Black Forest.

God bless and trememdous thanks to a true hero Ernst Zündel - his work was complete. -cy