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8 family members killed ‘execution-style’ in Ohio, shooter likely still on the loose

Aaron Josefczyk

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  April 22 2016

Eight members of the same family have been killed in four Ohio locations, according to the state's Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The shooter is either on the loose or one of the deceased, law enforcement said.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader described the shootings as “execution-style” in a statement Friday afternoon.

“This is not an active shooter situation, however no arrests have been made,” the statement read. “The investigation is in its very early states, and authorities are still investigating to determine a motive, identify the deceased, and determine if the gunman is among the deceased individuals or on the loose.”

The preliminary indications are that none of the shooting deaths were a suicide, and it is increasingly likely that the shooter is not among the deceased, DeWine told WLW’s Bill Cunningham. Some very young children, including one or two babies, were removed from the four homes.