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John Friend/ Rocky Montana

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NOv. 23, 2014

John Friend

Nov. 18, 2014
[ Emphasis and comments added by R. Montana ]


Anyone who contracts to travel to foreign lands to assist in the invasion, occupation and subjugation of people FOR MONEY AND "BENEFITS" is a mercenary TERRORIST and should not be honoured or rewarded by ANY civilised society for doing that. The only difference between mercenary Death Squad members in places like Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine, and members of the Anglo-USraeli and NATO military who go to those countries to kill and subjugate the people there, is that the latter are FORMALLY hired as killers [ and their support personnel ] by their respective state governments.  Moreover, suggestions that Muslim or other TERRORISTS' killing methods like beheadings, are much worse than blowing people's arms and legs off or blowing them to bits while YOU are seated in a plane or helicopter, or at a drone console dozens or even thousands of miles away, is [ hypocritical and ] ABSURD !

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How can vets who fight in illegal wars of aggression based on lies be "honored"?

How can we, as a country, "honor" American military members who have fought or are currently fighting in illegal wars of aggression based on lies? What "honor" is there in invading and destroying entire countries thousands of miles away from America, murdering millions of people in the process, who pose absolutely no threat to the people of the United States?  Since 9/11, American foreign and military policy has essentially consisted of invading, occupying, and destroying a number of formerly sovereign states in the Middle East, which has been justified by a series of egregious and quite obvious lies, particularly the official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11. 
[  Have we Americans been so deceived and manipulated for so long under the guise of American Patriotism and National Security by the evil Elite, who control our country, that we are constantly and consistently duped into fighting their battles and their wars in order for them to rob, piliage and plunder foreign countries of their riches and their natural resources, to seize and control of the opium trade for them (Vietnam war, Afghanistan war) and to seize and control the cocaine trade for them (Panama, Columbia, Guatemala, etc. "campaigns"), and to steal and control foreign oil for them (Iraq war)?  Does this shock and offend you?  If so, you are not alone in your thinking.  If only those brave American men and women who sign up to fight, become maimed and die in the Oil wars, the Opium wars and the Cocaine wars of the Elite (and the balance of patriotic Americans) would release their false-pride and open their minds long enough to realize the truth of who and what they/we are fighting for, we should realize that there is NO honor in this.  And just perhaps we patriotic Americans who love this country and profess to love our fellowman might have a chance to turn the geopolitics of this country around with a peaceful revolution and stop the state sanctioned murder of, and aggression against our brothers and sisters of our human family, by choosing to not participate in those evil actions and by choosing to expose the Elite's lies and deception at every opportunity.  This should say it all brothers: WAR IS NOT OF GOD, with the exception of defending ones land from foreign invaders.  All must decide whether they are WITH God or AGAINST God on this crucial subject.  So be it.  ]  

It is time we start asking these tough questions [ and speaking out on what is really going on ], rather than blindly supporting and "honoring" our military and its members.  In San Diego, the tough questions and ugly realities will be ignored yet again this Veterans Day.  The San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

And, finally, they get a parade.

As the last U.S. Marines return home from Kandahar this month, the San Diego Veterans Day Parade will for the first time be a tribute to veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Tuesday's celebration won't be the tickertape New York City parade that Desert Storm veterans got when they returned enmass from that 1991 battle.

But for combat survivors who have trickled home in bits and bunches since 2001, it’s something.

“I think it’s extremely fitting, given the last 14 years of what we’ve been involved in,” said John Szczepanowski, 45, who retired from the Marines in September after serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and Desert Storm.

“It’s a good tribute because our era of war was one of the longest,” said Ryan Panganiban, a 30-year-old former soldier who did 18 months in Iraq from 2004 to 2005.

Rocky Montana