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Mat Staver

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After months of silence, this morning the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee broadcasted a hearing specifically about the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. This testimony was full of powerful truths ... and despicable lies that I'll share with you next.


But first I hope that you will greet these legislators with a fax on their desk as they consider the Born-Alive Act today. These legislators need to hear an outpouring of support for these innocent children today. - Mat





This morning, shocking testimony was given that only eight states require reporting when a child survives a botched abortion. Within this small fraction of our nation, more than 170 children were reported as having been born, alive.


It is absolutely shocking that across all 50 states the Born-Alive Act could affect 1,000 children or many more. Despite the huge number of children who face infanticide, radicals are still stuck in their old, worn-out talking points.

  • This is a ploy to restrict abortion (no, it's about infanticide)
  • It’s already illegal (not in 15 states)
  • This is a personal decision (only if the child gets to make it)
  • We should trust the mother and her doctor (after documented proof that they both just tried to kill this child!)

Radical Ms. Fatima Goss Graves even stated that this bill about infanticide "would take away from women important decisions about their pregnancy." But this bill has ZERO effect on pregnancy! It is physically impossible for a mother to be pregnant with her child after that child has been born, ALIVE! But they fail to see that their words are as empty as their hearts.


Ms. Graves goes on to say, "the legislation would instead take the decision away and tie the hands of healthcare professionals." But what she sees as tying the hands of doctors, really means doctors are no longer protected if they neglect, abuse or kill a newborn baby who survived an abortion.


Tomorrow, the U.S. House will hold their own hearing like the Senate did today. You have the opportunity right now to make your voice heard in both the House and the Senate to answer these lies today with an urgent fax to those most likely to change their minds to pass this bill. Take action now.



This morning, testimony mentioned abortion survivors like Melissa Ohden and Gianna Jessen. When one of these beautiful ladies was born, as a newborn baby, a caring nurse had to fish her out of the trash so she could be given life-saving care enabling her to be alive today!


Our society can no longer rely on a Good Samaritan to save the lives of these children. They must be protected by law. It is time to make our legislators take a stand for—or against—life.


Take action right now to partner with Liberty Counsel Action to hold our legislators accountable and expose this evil in our nation!



Please continue to pray! We are fighting to save these innocent lives. If you haven't already, GET YOUR FREE COPY OF OUR DAILY PRAYERS FOR LIFE.


You are a powerful ally for the lives of these unborn babies. Thank you for making an impact in our nation's future.



Mat Staver




P.S. I hope that you will get involved today. Send an urgent fax right now. Then help by signing our petition to protect newborn babies from being harvested for research. If you are able, please donate directly to LCA to help us show up and fight these powerful battles.


Your support bolsters our team in the fight for these lives. Then help us spread the word about these legislators' dangerous blockade against the Born-Alive Act by sending this email to your friends.



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