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Mat STaver

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A state just swung far-left this week. Virginia’s election results mean that we will have a hard fight in front of us to save the lives of preborn and newborn babies.


The stakes are really high. Governor Northam took to the radio to publicly support infanticide before this election. And you’ll be disgusted by his source for talking points.


Now, pro-death radicals control the Virginia House, Senate, and every high-level office within the state. But God knew this fight was coming. And I see his hand preparing for it. I already have staff in Virginia, and they are passionate to try to save every child that they can.


We have existing relationships with allies in the legislature. And my team is creating a plan to respond to this new threat. I see exciting developments that God orchestrated months ago to help us get ready for today’s challenges.


If you can join with us and help us prepare for this juncture, I would be deeply grateful. Please prayerfully consider your best donation to LCA as we’ve seen significant changes already happening this week.  -Mat





Just twelve hours after the polls closed in Virginia, God miraculously opened the doors for us to expand our presence in Virginia. This is especially exciting because this expansion is perfectly suited to bring in additional volunteers and interns to help us fight these battles. This enables us to multiply our impact on a fight that is mushrooming before our eyes.


Last legislative session, Democrats introduced VA-HB 2491 known as The Repeal Act. That legislation would have allowed third trimester abortions all the way up to 40 weeks. It included loopholes to kill a child during or even AFTER delivery. The Repeal Act would have removed hospital requirements on clinics and providers, laws that mandate informed consent, a combination of mandatory ultrasounds, literature, the 24-hour waiting period for abortions in Virginia, and additional doctor requirements for late-term abortions.


Virginia’s Gov. Northam made a shocking declaration defending that bill. He said:


“If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother,” about the child’s future life.


Can you guess exactly where these talking points came from? An email chain from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia to the governor’s office shows the same phrases.


Now this legislative session, radicals will have complete control over both chambers and the governor’s mansion.


This fight is about to get very intense. Will you help us be ready for it? At this exact same moment, we are continuing the battles for the soul of our nation that are still raging on Capitol Hill. We need friends to come alongside and help us with expenses so we can be a powerful voice in both places. Click the button below to give today.



Today’s fight for innocent life is a fight against selfish human nature which will always be with us. That means that while we fight for today, we must also prepare for tomorrow’s battles too. We must leave our children with the tools and the understanding to raise up a shield to continue the fight for these little babies.


My staff is passionate about raising up the next generation of leaders who will take their internship and turn it into a calling. We hope and pray that the people who come through our doors will be the next Joshuas, Calebs, Nehemiahs, Josephs, and Daniels. We hope that they will become like my client, Sandra Merritt, who exposed the reason we must shut down millions of dollars flowing to Planned Parenthood. Like her, we hope that these young interns will make their own impact across America.


This is the vision that LCA has in Virginia and I hope that you will partner with me to help make it a reality. There will be additional costs to try to save these precious little ones, but we are uniquely situated to be able to stretch every dollar that is donated in order to have the greatest impact across the state.


Already this week, we have interviewed and accepted additional interns to match this new reality. And I am excited about the opportunity we have to impact our nation moving forward.


Every time you donate to Liberty Counsel Action, it helps us raise up a standard higher. Together with God we can take a stand for these precious babies. Partner with us today.


This growth is a walk of faith and I would love to have you standing beside me in this battle. I ask for your prayers and your support in this life-and-death battle.


For these little ones,

Mat Staver


P.S. I am grieved that Virginia is continuing to swing pro-death, but I want to leave you with this verse from Isaiah, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lord will lift us a standard against him.” I hope that you will join us to raise up a standard to protect the lives of these innocent children.


If you are able to, please donate. Your support bolsters our team in the fight for these lives. Then help us spread the word about the dangerous future for children in Virginia by sending this email to your friends.



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