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February 5, 2015 2 comments




By: The Unhived Mind – January 4th 2015

As I was reading the original article I posted yesterday I thought the exact same things as Stone minus the tribe takeover of Walmart. I have to remind you that GNC is controlled by Holland & Barrett which itself is controlled by NBTY Inc that also supplies the Target company in question. Now ask yourself who controls NBTY Inc and you will find that it is the very evil private equity firm known as the The Carlyle Group tied to former Central Intelligence Agency directors Frank Carlucci (Order of Malta) and George H.W Scherff [Bushfraud] (Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath) not to mention its head and founder William E. Conway Jr who lives in of all the places McClean, Virginia (which was always the true home of the Central Intelligence Agency not Langley which finally became part of McClean) and last but not least the Former-Prime Minister of Great Britain, Sir John Major (Most Noble Order of the Garter). You might find some of the 2003 privatization of the British Secret Intelligence Service via QinetiQ of interest especially when you note how The Carlyle Group control a third of QinetiQ.

I’ve been highlighting since 2010 how The Carlyle Group was controlling Holland & Barrett and a whole host of health stores and supplements via its NBTY fork, I’ve also highlighted what the agendas would be in doing so. The agendas are to take as much profits as possible from a very profitable alternative health market which is now one of the few markets today that has a big following especially since people like David Wolfe and Jack La Lanne have come along with super-food, supplement and juicing crazes. On top of this I always said they would eventually pull-the-plug very quickly on the alternative products when their slave-masters at the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries/Barbers give the nod. So what these nefarious pirates had to do was to take over all the different natural health based companies and then they could milk their profits before the planned destruction of the market gets executed. The Livery of London cannot afford for people to become detoxified and healthy because then the prior agenda executions based on Bertrand Russell’s (Impact of Science on Society) work would become invalid and worthless to these Zeusian slave-masters trying to hinder the inner Promethean expansion. When the elite own all the alternative health stores and the same elite want to pull the plug on alternative healing via the likes of Codex Alimentarius then what do you think will happen? There will be no fighting against the legislation they bring in simply because the legislation masters are the same owners of the companies you use for your health aids. Not only do the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries/Barbers elite now own the distribution stores but they own the manufacturing of both herbal supplements along with natural and synthetic vitamins. If they pull-the-plug and you currently use vitamins then tell me who will make your supplements then on or more to the point who will be allowed to make them? There will be no one and if any are to stay they will be highly regulated and Apothecaries/Barbers owned pharmaceutical companies only!

Controlled Health food stores have been dropping many useful natural products that became popular so even today they are reducing the range of very effective products and instead increasing the ranges of mediocre or useless products. As soon as the fascist post-democratic European Union wanted colloidal silver banned then what happened with Holland and Barrett? The company immediately removed their colloidal silver product from the shelves never to be replaced or seen again. Now as Jim Stone has previously pointed out before me it is very easy for them to taint batches of vitamins and set-up an investigation. When the nefarious pirates at the top want to do such a thing it is so easy because they covertly and overtly own absolutely everything, the idea of choice is an illusion as just one example would be to take a look at how just four mostly unknown companies control all the vast array of front companies with the Whiskey alcohol trade (not to mention how the Kennedy family make a fortune from each bottle of Scotch sold in the Americas). I could also highlight how the Zionist Warburg family of pirates control most of the internet hosting companies via the Endurance Inc fork. Lets not forget how the forks of the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries purposely tainted enzymes with a form of Anthrax known as Bacillus cereus in order to seriously hinder the anti-cancer work of Dr William Donald Kelley.