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Feb. 20, 2012

The petition at Change .org will be closed tonight.  The following will remain on record.  I pray a reactivation will not be needed.....



The South Dakota Senate just tabled HB 1171 [for now]

Good friends in SD just told me that this bill has been tabled for now. Enough of the right pressure responses did flood the political zone there. I thank each of you who signed this petition thus far for doing so.

I will re-activate this petition in the future if needed. In closing, the following article speaks well of the issue and is worth remembering if SD HB 1171 comes back up for air.

South Dakota H.B. No. 1171 would create a huge and comprehensive Super Board with broad powers to decide which natural health practitioners would be licensed and which would not, a function that should only be accomplished by the entire legislature. South Dakota would run the risk of un-elected officials defining scopes of practice and restrictions on thousands of valuable nutritional practitioners to practice their healing arts trades unless they are state licensed...

[from National Health Freedom Action]

Posted By Anton Miller Petition Organizer
February 20, 2012