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Codex, GMO and Vaccines - Corrected link!

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June 17, 2008 - Corrected Link below.


Please take the time to read this long, and very important Health Freedom eAlert




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The link to the body of this important eAlert, in the original emailing, did not work. Here is the corrected link:
In this eAlert:
1. Codex meeting in Geneva

2. Weaponizing Food

3. Moma Bear goes to Codex
4. "Darth" Codex
5. GM Foods fit Codex to a "T"
6. NY Compulsory Vaccination Threat
7. What's the Answer? YOU are!
8. Natural Solution: Sustainability

Click here ( to make your tax deductible donation to cover airfare, hotel, food, etc.  We'll be there to tell you what is really happening there: not the official story and not the white-washed story.
In fact, we will be reporting live from Geneva to let you know the real facts on who, and what, is impacting your food and your health.  We will be talking with Alex Jones' and Jeff Rense live from Geneva.  Check out their schedules to hear these updates.
Early in June, General Stubblebine and I did two shows with Alex Jones on susccessvie days and a two hour show with Jeff Rense.  They don't pull any punches, and neither do we. 
But you already know that if you've been a subscriber to the Health Freedom eAlert for several months or more. You know that Codex is an international commission created at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry...
To read the rest of this eAlert, please go to:
Our latest eAlert was too long for the system we use to communicate with the subscribers, so here is the full eAlert (only a summary was emailed to the list)... Not only do the threats "never sleep" but there are so many about which we need to tell you, that we have to ask you to please read this entire important message!
Some of the important links in the main body of this eAlert include:
1. Vaccine Exemption eBook:
2. Message from Kathy Greene about Community Organizing and the new Community Organizer's eManual:
3. International Decade of Nutrition and the Panama Demonstration Project:
To read the rest of this eAlert, please go to:


Yours in health and freedom, 

Dr. Rima 

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director 

Natural Solutions Foundation