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Jim Stone

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20, 000 satellites are soon to be launched for 5g. The tech being used defies common sense. I did not realize up to this point that the antennas, even in the 5G devices, are going to be able to focus their beams the same way Haarp does. Let me explain how a radio beam is focused, using AM radio as an example.

Let's say your broadcast audience is in a narrow corridor (such as a valley in a mountain range). It will make no sense to send your radio signal where it won't be heard (back in the mountains, where only a few hikers are) so in such situations, multiple antennas are used. The tallest antenna will transmit the signal. Then passive antennas, spaced at precise intervals away from the active antenna, will cause the signal to be diverted in their direction. The more antennas in a row there are, the more focused the radio beam will be. The picture below shows an antenna array that will make an AM broadcast directional by 6DB (which will quadruple the effective broadcast power to a preferred zone) these antennas are for 1.52 MHZ so they are shorter than most AM radio antennas.


AM frequencies are very low compared to 5G, and antenna size is a function of the speed of light vs the frequency that will be transmitted at. To do a full wave antenna for an AM signal at 1 MHZ would therefore require an antenna that is 5, 280 x 186, 000 / 1, 000, 000 feet long. That equals 982 feet tall. There is an effect that allows AM antennas to work efficiently at around 62.5 percent of full wave length, so for 1 MHZ the antenna actually only needs to be a little over 600 feet tall. We have all seen such antennas, they are common. That was a very short explanation, there is more to this than that, but it will suffice to explain how the illustration above can be implemented in a much smaller space, only the size of a cell phone


AM radio, which ends at 1.7 mhz, requires very large antennas because the frequencies are so low. And low frequencies of the type AM used were not dangerous to people. But let's say your transmitted frequency is 1 GHZ. That would require an antenna only about 8 inches long. 5G, which operates at frequencies up to 80 times as high as that, requires antennas that are only about 1./10th of an inch long and the entire frequency range is potentially dangerous. You can put lots of those little antennas in a cell phone, arranged like the AM radio illustration above, and therefore cause the 5G beam to become very focused, giving it the power it needs to punch through solid objects (which high frequencies absolutely hate to go through).


PROBLEM: What if the satellite or tower is on the opposite side of your brain, and your cell phone decides to shoot a super focused beam through your brain to reach the tower? It cannot know where your brain is, or someone else's brain next to you. THIS IS A ROCK STUPID TOTALLY NEGLIGENT SYSTEM. I WILL NOT USE IT, THIS IS RETARDED BRAIN DAMAGE TYPE TERRITORY, IT CANNOT EVER BE DONE EVEN AT FRACTIONAL WATTAGE.

AS IF I want a phase array antenna pushed up to my head, shooting out a high intensity pencil beam! Oh, you won't notice the slowly creeping damage as your brain constantly re-assigns new neurons to complete the tasks that were done by the million or so that got wrecked from an hour long phone call. Those calls will only be sent directly through your brain for 50 percent of all calls anyway because sometimes the tower or satellite is favorably placed so don't sweat it. You've got trillions of neurons to waste, your brain "only uses 10 percent of them anyway" RIGHT?

If the current batch of cell phones (which won't kill neurons outright because they don't shoot a pencil beam) were a problem because they caused cancer, JUST WAIT until 5G takes off. That tech is NOT FOR ME, 3g is working JUST FINE and I worry about even that!.


5g is the type of system that goes in when the people making the decisions don't give a damn about you. They'd rather have their back scatter radiation scanners sending back high res images of the inside of your home so they can big brother you real good. That's the real reason why 5g is being implemented, BET ON IT and if you don't think they want you brain damaged, VACCINATE YOUR KIDS, AND GET YOUR DAMN FLU SHOT.


By the way, NO ONE at the golden globes actually accepted the flu shot, it was all a ruse. They know what the hell is going on. If you think the people pushing 5g want to improve your life, think again, they are the EXACT same people pushing the tainted vaccines. Brain damage may well be one of the "positive outcomes" of 5g that they are seeking, especially with them having the audacity to use pencil beams for it to work. Pencil beams are considered potentially dangerous, they are the radio form of a laser. You don't have that in a device operating at any sort of power levels around ANYONE if you care about whoever is using it.


Aah yes, but people get stoned, and that kills brain cells too, -SO- so what?


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