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Health Ranger warns: Popular survival foods are loaded with chemical ingredients that promote DEATH... MSG, GMOs, pesticides and more

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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June j20, 2016

(NaturalNews) It's time the survival food industry had a wakeup call. Nearly all the popular survival food sold today is loaded with GMOs, MSG and chemical pesticides, and this fact is obvious from looking at their ingredients labels.

Eating survival food in an emergency shouldn't mean poisoning yourself with toxic chemicals, and it's long past time that the survival food industry stopped using chemical ingredients that promote disease and death. Check out the ingredients lists of most popular survival foods and you'll find:

• Corn, soy and canola ingredients (all secretly GMO)

• Hydrolyzed or autolyzed vegetable proteins (hidden MSG)

• MSG or yeast extract

• Artificial coloring chemicals

• Maltodextrin, dextrose and refined starches and sugars

• Sodium caseinate (milk derivative from cows fed GMO)

• Textured vegetable protein (TVP, made from GMO soy)

• Processed, bleached flour that lacks 90% of mineral nutrition

• Refined sugars and corn syrup derivatives

Question for everyone: How is this crap supposed to keep you alive in a high-stress emergency? Seriously!


More poisons that aren't even listed on the labels

Even beyond the listed ingredients, nearly all today's emergency food products are made with pesticide-laden foods grown on conventional farms where crops are sprayed with Monsanto's Roundup weed killer (glyphosate).

These are chemical poisons that aren't listed on labels. Under current U.S. federal law, food that sprayed with pesticides or herbicides does not have to list those chemicals as ingredients. Only by analyzing those foods through a modern laboratory (like my own lab, CWC Labs) can you detect these chemicals.

If you have storable food or survival food meals, check the ingredients label right now and see what you bought. In about 90% of the foods commonly sold today, you'll find loads of GMOs, MSG, pesticides and herbicides. It's not exactly the kind of nutrition that promotes surviving a collapse, is it?

(There is one company I found, however, that sells really honest storable food, although it isn't organic. See my hat tip below for their name...)

Get ready for a revolution in clean emergency food

Sometime in the next two weeks, I'm officially launching the world's first laboratory verified, organic survival meals in partnership with an existing storable food company run by constitutional patriots who despise GMOs and pesticides.

I have worked with this company for almost one year now, formulating their survival meals from organic, non-GMO ingredients while validating everything with lab testing. The result is that we've created the world's first lab-tested, organic, non-GMO survival foods that can be turned into hot, nutritious meals just by boiling in water.

My goal is to clean up the survival food industry by setting an example of what clean, honest food is supposed to be. Watch for that launch here on Natural News in the next 10 days or so... you'll be amazed what we've put together for you.

In the mean time, here's one of the better companies I found...

In researching this industry, I went out and bought storable food products from nearly a dozen companies just to find out what's really in their products (and to test them in my lab).

Aside from the company I'm partnering with -- which I'll announce in a few days -- I found one other company that currently offers what I would consider to be simple, honest dried survival meals. So as a professional hat tip to that company, I'm going to mention them right here even though I don't have any affiliation with them whatsoever. This isn't an official endorsement of their company, however. I won't endorse anything unless it's organic and laboratory verified...

The company is called Valley Food Storage. They aren't organic, but in the realm of non-organic food, they used honest labels and simple ingredients with no added MSG or TVP garbage. Check out their comparison chart at this link and you'll see how they stack up against the total crap of WISE Foods, Mountain House, Emergency Essentials and all the other companies that are selling food loaded with GMOs, MSG and fillers.

I want to be perfectly clear here: I have no affiliation with Valley Food Storage, and I'm not endorsing their product line. But I also believe that honest companies deserve good publicity so I'm giving them a nod right now in the category of non-organic storable food. They've obviously gone out of their way to formulate their meals without all the chemically-laced processed garbage that's sadly very common in other storable food companies. They deserve credit for that!

The only way to make survival meals better is to go all organic, and that's what I'm doing when I announce my new survival food line in the next two weeks. As you might suspect, my organic survival meals are going to be more expensive than non-organic storable foods. But that goes with the territory. Organic ingredients flat-out cost more because all the raw materials cost more, too. (Producing pesticide-laden food is cheap, while producing clean, organic food is more expensive...)

Heads up: I'm going to test all the popular survival foods for pesticide residues this summer

This summer, I'm going to test all the survival foods I purchased for pesticides and herbicides. I'm going to publish all the findings for free in my open source science journal called the Natural Science Journal.

It's time to survival food industry was subjected to scientific scrutiny. It's time that people who buy this food had honest, authoritative information about what's found in these foods.

My lab, you may already know, is an internationally accredited forensic food laboratory (ISO 17025). See for details. All our results can be verified by other laboratories, and all the testing is conducted "blind" (meaning the person running the instrument has no idea what brand or product is being analyzed).

The results we produce are accurate, reliable, honest and scientifically authoritative. I will also publicly publish the LC/MS methodology we use to conduct our pesticide analysis, demonstrating the detailed validation and quality control procedures we use in our testing.

It's time that survival food customers had access to honest, accurate information about what they're buying and eating. And more importantly, it's time that the survival food industry stopped using chemicals in their products that promote disease and death, don't you think?

If you want to survive, you should eats foods that keep you alive and promote health, not disease. Eating survival foods laced with chemical pesticides and GMOs is a form of chemical suicide, not survival. That's why many of today's "survival" food products should actually be called "DEATH FOOD."