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Surprising Benefits Of Naps

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Naps have gotten a bad rap. But it turns out that naps offer many health benefits. And if you're not taking advantage of naps, you could be causing yourself to miss out on things like improved learning and creativity as well as a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. Plus, as an added benefit, naps can improve your mood. So read on and I'll share with you both the benefits of naps and how you can take naps to meet your individualized needs.

The History Of Naps

Although naps aren't especially popular in our culture today, that's a recent change. For all of recorded human history we have evidence that people have napped frequently. And in some places in the world napping is still common place. For example, in Spain it is common for people to take a siesta after the midday meal. Similarly, in parts of Italy people take a riposo. These naps are so much a part of the culture that in many such places shops close during those midday hours.

History is also full of famous nappers. Examples include John F Kennedy and Winston Churchill. Napoleon Bonaparte was famous for his negative attitudes toward soldiers who slept long hours, but he was also famous for napping. He could nap in the middle of battle if necessary. And Thomas Edison was famous for napping and crediting naps with much of his success.

We can also take some cues from non-human animals who nap frequently. Cats, for example, are famous for napping, and how often do you hear of cats having heart attacks? In fact, the high stress conditions that are so common place among modern humans are unheard of among animal populations who regularly nap.

Heart Health

One of the most well documented benefits of naps is improved heart health. For example, study after study shows that men who regularly nap have significantly lower risk of developing heart disease or dying from heart disease.

Reduces Stress

One of the ways in which naps may improve heart health is... (continued here)

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