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How Much Should You Exercise?

Less Can Be More, Research Shows: Maximizing Health Benefits of Exercise By Finding Your “Goldilock’s Zone” [Updated 8-12-19]

Study: Consider Racket Sports and Swimming to Help You Live Longer [Updated 7-18-19]

A prescription you can afford: A 30-minute walk every day can reduce your blood pressure as much as a pill

Take a walk, but just for a bit: Research shows that it helps with creativity, problem-solving

Research shows exercise helps keep cancer in remission

New study has found exercise to be the best way to prevent falls among elderly [Updated May 25, 2018]

Even simple household chores can counteract the health effects of long sedentary periods

Researchers find just 7 minutes of exercise a day can prevent loss of mobility in the elderly

CONFIRMED: Desk jobs and lots of daily sitting lead to an early grave

15 Health Benefits of Barefoot Running Shoes, According to Science (+8 Tips for Beginners)

Doctor Broke Law to Create Better Nursing Homes and Death Rates Plummeted

Leading sedentary lifestyle just as deadly as smoking, say researchers

Autophagy — How Your Body Detoxifies and Repairs Itself

5 Movements That Reveal Your Fitness Weaknesses

Breathing to Live Longer

One-third of people over 90 can retain and recall new info just as well as young people

Back Pain - Treatments ---What Works and What Doesn't

The Dangers of Sleeping Too Much

The Hidden Health Dangers of Sleep Apnea

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