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Nearly All Americans Are Drinking Cancer-Causing Water-EWG Study


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 July 29, 2017 7:46


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Nearly All Americans Are Drinking Cancer-Causing Water-EWG Study

Americans are supposed to consume half their body weight in water on a daily basis. This is easy to do because, for the most part, water is plentiful. However, is the water safe? What is in the water? Does the water cause cancer? The answers to these questions are no and our water contains cancer causing elements.

The non-profit watchdog, the Environmental Working Group, released a searchable database, by zip code, that clearly demonstrates that nearly 50,000 American water systems, are contaminated with a multitude of cancer-causing chemicals.

When one goes to this website, and put in their zip code, they will discover that many of the chemicals found in the water supplies includes  arsenic, uranium, radiation, Bromodichloromethane, and Barium, not to mentioned unfiltered medicine such as anti-depressants.  The nonprofit watchdog group states that they found over 25o dangerous, often cancer-causing chemicals in almost 50,000 public water supplies. The data was collected over the past two years and results were complied by tests on the water from 2010 to 2o15.

A grand total of  500 different contaminants were found in Americans’ public water supplies.

The following video describe the scope of the problem:


The Air Force Admits to Contaminating Domestic Water Supplies

Recently, the Air Force admitted to polluting the water supplies of various communities such as the eastern part of Colorado Springs. The damage in Colorado Springs, was perpetrated by a local Air Force Base. Although the base admits complicity, they have not followed through on their pledge to reimburse the City of Colorado Springs the $80o,000 spent in mitigating the problem.

This kind of event is not just taking place in Colorado Springs, it is happening all across the country. The following video provides more details on the Air Force’s complicity in poisoning America’s water supplies.

What’s An American to do?

When I present problems which impact the public as a whole, I like to offer suggestions. In this case, I have no fool-proof suggestions. Certainly, water filters are in order. However, we don’t know how many of these chemicals are actually filtered out. And then there is the problem of showering. Does the water penetrate the skin and have similar health effects as if one was drinking the contaminated water? I am told that there is no effective way to protect oneself from the dangers.

In the comments section, tell us what you think we should do?